1. M

    Installation questions

    Hello, I have a doubt to deploy FreeNas in the small company where I work, I have the following configuration: HP Proliant server, xeon processor 3.30ghz, 20gb of ram. My doubt is can I install freenas with just 1 hd and then add another hd just like to perform RAID 1 to mirror the data?
  2. C

    SOLVED "Connecting to NAS...[...]" on clean install

    I just installed another FreeNAS server in my rack (specs below, and I have one running already), when trying to access the Web GUI I get the following message (an image is also attached). Now I've poked around a bit and everything I've found talks about the IP address changing, older beta...
  3. R

    Install 11.2 to Dell R710

    I am trying to install 11.2 to a Dell R710. The BIOS does not support booting to a USB so I am booting to a CD. I followed the article to burn the ISO to a CD and used Win32 Disk Imager. I am incorrect in assuming that the ISO that I downloaded and burned is bootable? The contents of the CD...
  4. jimwise00

    Corrupt file on brand new install?

    Hi! Just performed a brand new install of FreeNAS-11.2-U5, and am seeing a pool error in the install pool from the first boot. Error is this: [jwise@erebor /etc/rc.d]$ sudo zpool status -v freenas-boot pool: freenas-boot state: ONLINE status: One or more devices has experienced an error...
  5. Theapplefuture

    Release 11.2-RELEASE missing, will attempt to fetch it.

    Hello Everybody, Yesterday I wanted to install a Plex Plugin but it showed me the Message "Release 11.2-RELEASE missing, will attempt to fetch it." when it was at 50% of installation. I tried to recreate this on other machines (another Hardware NAS and several VMs on my PC - all with different...
  6. M

    OSSEC agent install?

    Anyone have a "how to" for installing an ossec agent? FYI: any documentation out there, regarding "how to install to linux" is for linux, not Debian and definately not the hamstrung version of debian platforming Freenas.
  7. N

    SOLVED Fresh install on FreeNas compatable h/w - getting the no web gui

    Hi Team, Fresh install on new USB. New storage HDDs (have not had a FreeNAS install on them). All other hardware is the same - I have run FreeNAS (older versions) on it before. I was running OMV up until yesterday. I backed-up all my data then put replaced the OS USB with a freshy and...
  8. discopete

    Install of 11.2 on HP Microserver N40L (Turion Dual Core 1.5ghz) stopped

    hi i'm very new to this so bare with me. HP N40L Turion 1.5ghz 8gb ddr3 ram 120 SSD for FreeNas 2x 500gb SATA3 HDD's for data My installation stopped at the bootstrapper stage, so nothing has been written to the OS SSD yet. I booted from the USB stick created using Rufus and the FreeNAS ISO...
  9. M

    No drives in gui drop down menu

    I tried to search for another thread regarding this, as well as Google... but everything i could find sent me to the web admin tools/disks dropdown list. I know my issue is likely related to an ancient 3Ware card, and that I might also have issues with the other 2 options I have. I'm installing...
  10. Benceking24

    11.2-U1 Install failed multiple times, middlewared error

    I tried to install a fresh clean version of the official 11.2-RLEASE-U1 but ended up reinstalling 4 times and still can't install it properly without errors under a decent time. I made an USB image with Rufus to a USB 2.0 16gb drive and then booted it. I started the install with the USB 3.0...
  11. hiro5id

    How to create a bootable USB for my FreeNAS box

    I have been booting from USB since the days of v8.x I would like to make a new USB. But it seems the procedure has changed since then, and i'm a bit lost. I used to just download the ISO, and create a USB bootable form that ISO and away I went. Now it seems it's not that straight forward as...
  12. V

    FreeNAS 11.2 clean installation. Data Lost

    Hi, I'm new to FreeNas. I decided to give FreeNAS a shot after trying samba on ubuntu server that has really slow read/write speed. Unfortunately, after doing a clean installation of FreeNAS version 11.2 and followed a video tutorial on how to create a pool and a share, I found out that all the...
  13. K

    Grub Rescue

    Greetings, all. I have two FreeNAS boxes, both were running FreeNAS-11.1-U4. I did an update via the GUI and one completed successfully and is happy but the other never came back. I thought perhaps it was a malfunctioning USB drive but that doesn't appear to be it. It seems no matter what I do...
  14. Adrix

    Non riesco ad accedere

    Ciao, ho installato freenas 11.2 su un vecchio PC con buone caratteristiche. Tutto bene finché parte. La cosa che già mi stona è web interface Allora tento di confermare tramite il punto 1 ( Configure Network Interface) e la cosa che mi salta all`occhio oltre a non essere cambiata...
  15. Wimsomnia

    Application won't start

    Hi, First of all, I'm a complete newbie considering FreeNAS. First I put the ISO on a flash drive and let it do the installation on another flash drive. Worked perfectly. When I booted, I got the "normal" set of choices. When I understand the manual right, the URL at the bottom has to be...
  16. T

    First time FreeNAS install - Dell Optiplex 990

    I'm new to FreeNAS, this is one of my first times using anything but windows, so I have almost no experience when it comes to anything linux. I'm trying install FreeNAS 11.2 BETA2 to a Dell Optiplex 990 SFF pc. I am trying to use a 2gb generic usb drive to install it and will be installing...
  17. R

    Problems with getting run FreeNAS - status: 4

    Hey there! About one month ago I had to plan and carry on the splitting of two companies - the one I am in needed an own infrastructure with Firewall, AD, Storage- & Backup-System and so on. So with FreeNAS I found exactly what I was looking for my backup & storage-strategy and I bought a...
  18. N

    Scripts to install and backup/restore Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Sabnzbd, and Tautulli

    I have installed Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Sabnzbd and Tautulli in separate iocage jails as per this Resource. I want to have an easy way to install the apps in a separate jail as per the Resource link, as well as an easy way to backup and restore the separate data directories for them. You have...
  19. M

    FN11.2-BETA1 can't create plugin

    When I try to install any plugin (I've tried sonarr, sabnzbd and couchpotato) I get a dialog box in the UI: Title: [priority,] message string Body: Error: concurrent.futures.process._RemoteTraceback: """ Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  20. mwhite

    CCB request compelted with an error

    Hi all, I am working with FreeNAS for the first time. Doing my first install. Installing from a USB to a USB. The destination USB is a 64 GiB Sandisk fit. Everything started ok, but now it appears to be stalled. The last line written is Error 5, retries exhausted. Before that is CCB...
  21. Svengal


    dlavigne in forum post said in responce to a question regarding version 9.3 STABLE, as it has the latest, verified bug fixes. "Latest" is the latest stuff, but not everything has been vetted as working. Once it...
  22. cmcigas

    First Install Question

    Hi everyone, new to FreeNAS, going to be installing it for the first time tonight and just wanted to confirm one thing. From knowing most operating systems, installing them on a drive doesnt take away the rest of space on the drive. But what it seems like, if you install FreeNAS on a hard...
  23. V

    Help installing mysql

    Hi there, so i'm a completly new user to freenas and have almost no idea in linux system!!! i have installed and started working in freenas 11 and i came in the need of installing mysql in a jail. The reason is i want to run the database for my store so client pcs can access it. I hit throogh...
  24. Eric Schrauth

    Can't add Cloud Credentials

    Fresh install of FreeNAS 11.1. Try to add Cloud Credentials. Get popup that says "Sorry, an error occurred". Want to add Credentials for B2.
  25. T

    FreeNAS 11 VM OS install problem

    Hi. I successfully created VM for test with UI, but i can't install OS (Win 7/8.1/10) via VNC. I added ZVOL to DISK and install.ISO to CDROM. I trying both settings for boot UEFI and UEFI-CSM, but i can't boot from ISO. What i must change or set to start normal instalation like from BIOS on VM...
  26. Simon Mackenzie

    Backup and Erase 9.10 --> Install 11.0 and Restore Backup

    Is it ok to backup my 9.10 configuration and then erase the FlashDrive and then install 11.0 and restore the backup configuration? Is this a safe option as my mirrored FlashDrives are now too small and so I need to upgrade them to install 11.0, or will this cause problems. And clean up some mess...
  27. F

    Hyper-V: FreeNAS Won`t Boot When Adding Processors

    Hello All, I am currently experiencing an issue when adding more than one processor to FreeNAS VM on Hype-v. I am using Hyper V Server 2016 (Standalone) as my HyperVisor, and whenever I add more than one processor, FreeNAS starts to boot but midway through the boot it starts this boot-loop...
  28. A

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi all, Trying to install on my first NAS and struggling. Got a HP ProLight Microserver and the Freenas iso on a USB to install it to a SSD BUT IT always stops at this point and I have no idea why. Any thoughts?
  29. Guinea

    IPMI Configuration to Setup FreeNAS

    I have a NAS I am building. The hardware is a supermicro chassis and a supermicro motherboard. I have a 16G USB stick with the FreeNAS iso (11) burned on it. I have a Samsung 120GB Evo 850 SSD for the boot drive. I want to use my PC to maintain and setup the FreeNAS installation. I was...
  30. A

    Can't start FreeNAS

    I am new. I have installed FreeNAS on a USB drive in an old computer, which worked fine. But now when I start the computer it doesn't boot into FreeNAS. In fact it freezes and soon a an image appears on screen. I have tried different USB drives. I can't get into the bios or anything. At first I...
  31. D

    SOLVED FreeNAS 11 install on a USB stick

    Hi dear FreeNAS Friends, sorry, I am posting quite a bit right now. I wonder if you can install FreeNAS VMs yet, but I guess the VM storage and installation will be on the added storage / pool?
  32. F

    Instalacion en Lenovo no funciona

    Foro buen día, instalé FreeNAS en un sistema lenovo M72e, he seleccionado en varios intentos el tipo de boot, UEFI y BIOS, configuré el BIOS del equipo en UEFI y Legacy BIOS y no es posible arrancar FreeNAS, el equipo marca un error donde dice "Error 1962, no system found". ¿Alguien ha tenido...
  33. T

    9.10 Fresh installation issuse

    Hey guys, Im new to the freeNAS world. I am installing version 9.10 from a USB drive to a USB drive on the motherboard. I have followed the 9.10 installation guide up to "2.3.8 Installation complete" where upon the system hangs on the reboot screen as follows: waiting (max 60 seconds) for...
  34. David47295

    Operating system not found when booting from USB

    Hey everyone! So I'm trying to install FreeNAS 9.10.2 onto my Dell XPS L50X2 laptop, but for some reason, my laptop keeps displaying the message "Operating System not found" whenever I try to boot from my USB flash drive even though the install went on without and error. I'll explain what steps...
  35. A

    SOLVED Disk Is Too Small To Install FreeNAS

    Hi, I am trying to install FreeNAS to my 30gig SSD, but I keep getting the error that's in my title. It used to be a Win 10 disk and I never really formatted it, but should that really matter? Thanks for any help!
  36. Palladini

    What to run FreeNAS on?

    Every video I have watched about FreeNAS, say to put in on CD or DVD, the when you run that you set it run a USB drive. I do understand that totally, but the question I have, instead of a USB Drive, could I run this on a SD card, if the computer has a card reader in it? I have an 8 GB SD Card...
  37. H

    Not booting after install

    I installed freenas via usb to a usb stick. It says everything is fine when it was installing . When booting up it shows a blank screen with the indicator of where you would type, like with a console. If anything is typed the buzzer makes a noise. I have tried this twice, formatting both usb...
  38. P

    No Console Setup Menu after Installation

    I am setting up a new system with a Supermicro X11SSH-F motherboard, 8 sata disks for storage, and two 32gb USB 3.0 flash drives for booting. I installed from the latest 9.10-STABLE iso (mounted as a virtual cd via IPMI), selecting the 2 USB drives (da0 and da1) for installation. That seemed to...
  39. M


    hoi allemaal ik ben nieuw met de omgang met freenas ik ben opzoek naar iemand die mij even wegwijs kan maken in het verhaal met de mappen aanmaken en de rechten voor elkaar te krijgen van sabnzbd want ik krijg er grijze haren van, met een link naar een goede tutorial(liefs in het nederlands)...
  40. T

    GMirror Swap 2 Degraded

    Hi all, I've been having some terrible performance issues over SMB with my FreeNAS server and I haven't found a source to the problem (I just upgraded to 32GB RAM). I tested the ECC RAM for 24 hours, no issues overall there. I'm thinking it's a problem with FreeNAS/USB Install and NOT my Zpool...
  41. G

    Boot issue - Installing FreeNAS 9.10 on HP Proliant G8

    Hi! I installed FreeNAS 9.10 on a Proliant G8, on SSD drive connected to the SATA-ODD port. My problem is: - If booting up without connecting any drive other than the system drive FreeNAS runs as it should be. - If booting up with the drives for storage attached to the system, there is...
  42. K

    System stops during install

    When booted in verbose mode the last line to appear is "PCIe: Memory Mapped configuration base @ 0xf8000000
  43. Dantron

    Requesting "How-To" guide for Installing software on FreeNAS

    Server Info: FreeBSD freenas.local 10.3-STABLE FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE #0 r295946+9bbba48(9.10-STABLE): Mon Sep 26 21:03:32 UTC 2016 root@gauntlet:/freenas-9.10-releng/_BE/objs/freenas-9.10-releng/_BE/os/sys/FreeNAS.amd64 amd64 1) "ethtool" is not installed on FreeNAS. => What is the...