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What is TrueNAS?

TrueNAS is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) software that shares and protects data from modern-day threats like ransomware and malware. TrueNAS makes it easy for users and client devices to access shared data through virtually any sharing protocol.

How Does TrueNAS Work?

TrueNAS protects data in several different ways depending on your home or business needs. TrueNAS combines RAID redundancy, OpenZFS, Replication, Snapshots, Automatic Corruption Repair, and optional High Availability, to deliver datacenter data protection.




Should I Build or Buy?

TrueNAS Open Storage has a data protection solution for everyone. Hobbyists can use TrueNAS CORE completely for free, while enterprises and organizations can buy a fully-supported storage appliance, with High Availability, to ensure data is always safe, secure, and available.

Meet the TrueNAS Family

Choose the Edition That Fits Your Needs


logo TrueNAS-Core

Open source, community edition that brings enterprise-grade storage features and functions to home users, offices, and small businesses that prefer to administer and support their own data solution. Free to download and use.

Single Node Edition

Scale-Up Unified Storage

Free to Download & Use

Plugins and VMs


Best for: Non-Critical Storage Applications

TrueNAS Enterprise

logo TrueNAS Enterprise

TrueNAS Enterprise is designed for critical storage applications and available as hybrid and all-flash storage systems that provide high-availability, ecosystem certification (VMware, Citrix, etc), enhanced performance, and full enterprise support.

Dual Node Edition

Scale-Up Unified Storage

High Availability

Professional Support

Best for: Enterprise, Campus, Business


logo TrueNAS Scale

TrueNAS SCALE is a new Open Source edition that brings scale-out storage and hyper-convergence to enthusiasts, businesses, and data centers alike. TrueNAS SCALE is in the Alpha development phase and can run on any TrueNAS system with higher than 10GbE support.

Multi-Node Edition

Scale-Out Unified Storage

Hyperconverged Compute & Storage

Containers and VMs

Best for: Development Labs, Data Centers