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Open Hyperconverged Infrastructure

TrueNAS SCALE is a free and Open Source Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution. Built on TrueNAS CORE, SCALE adds Linux Containers, KVM, and scale-out ZFS storage capabilities.

*TrueNAS SCALE is in BETA and only recommended for early adopters with a backup plan.

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Open Source

Free to download and use, TrueNAS SCALE welcomes developers and testers to contribute to its Open Source development model.

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OpenZFS and Gluster combine to enable scale-out ZFS capabilities with excellent stability and very efficient compression and snapshots.

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Deploy a single hyperconverged node in a home/office or a cluster with hundreds of compute and storage nodes in a datacenter.

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Containers and VMs

With support for KVM VMs, Kubernetes, and Docker containers, it’s easy to add applications to suit your every need.


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Built on TrueNAS with:

  • Scale-Out ZFS
  • Converged storage and compute
  • Active-Active operation (future)
  • Linux Containers (Docker, K8s)
  • Easy to manage (TrueCommand)
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TrueNAS SCALE Software Features DataSheet