Virtualization and Private Clouds

Maximize your budget

TrueNAS® enterprise storage appliances deliver an ideal range of features and scalability for virtualization and private clouds. All of the major hypervisors and private cloud environments work with TrueNAS. Whether you’re a small business, school, or enterprise, there is a TrueNAS storage solution that helps you stretch your budget.


TrueNAS High-Availability (HA) systems attach to networks at up to 100 gigabit speeds and integrate with virtualization clusters to provide datastore and file sharing capabilities over block (iSCSI or FC) or file (SMB, NFS or S3-API) interfaces. Deploy virtual environments quickly and manage them via vCenter and TrueCommand.


TrueNAS supports hybrid and all-flash performance pools, even within the same platform. ZFS hybrid pools use smart caching techniques to deliver great value with HDDs. ZFS all-flash pools deliver sub-millisecond performance and over 10x the IOPS.


TrueNAS lets you independently scale compute, storage capacity, and performance. Add more compute at a lower cost without having to add storage. Add more HDDs or SSDs without more compute. Each TrueNAS M50 system can support up to 5,000 VMs.


TrueNAS ZFS replication can efficiently back up one NAS to a remote NAS and meet very low recovery time objectives. Use a performance TrueNAS or a lower cost TrueNAS Mini as the backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) target.


Turnkey VMware Solutions

TrueNAS is certified with VMware’s vSphere platform and can be scaled to support anywhere from 10 to 5,000 VMs. ESXi hosts attach to TrueNAS via iSCSI/FC with VAAI or NFSv3. A TrueNAS plugin can be installed in vCenter to automate the management of TrueNAS systems. vCenter then provides the integrated console for managing VMs and datastores. The VMs can also share data via SMB or NFS. The same TrueNAS system can also support non-virtualized workloads simultaneously such as media storage, backup, and databases.

All-Flash VM Performance

Flash has changed the performance expectations for applications and users. User response times need to be sub-millisecond and key applications expect their databases to be fast. TrueNAS All-Flash systems deliver the sub-millisecond performance with a capability of over 100,000 IOPS (32K size). This is enough performance for over 5,000 virtual desktops or simple VMs.

Open Virtualization

With support for several Open Source hypervisors and virtual environments including OpenStack, Cloudstack, and Citrix, TrueNAS is the ideal platform for open virtualization. Hypervisors (e.g KVM, XCP-ng, XenServer) are supported through iSCSI or NFS datastores, and file sharing between application nodes is done using NFS or SMB. TrueNAS also provides REST APIs to support CloudStack and OpenStack controllers.


IT Worldwide Services
The Nevada Department of Corrections
TrueNAS for VMware

Multi-System Management

Take Command with TrueCommand®

TrueCommand is a ZFS-aware platform designed to help teams manage one or more NAS systems while providing improved systems security and reliability.

  • NAS Fleet Dashboard
  • Single Sign-on to All NAS Units
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)  
  • Customized Alerts and Reports
  • Rapid Fault Management and Diagnosis
  • Real-Time Data Collection and Analysis