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  • HDD, Hybrid, and All-Flash capacity and performance
  • Optimizing for virtualization, media creation, and other workloads
  • High-Availability and Enterprise Support

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From the datacenter to the home, there’s a TrueNAS system for your needs.

Mini Series TrueNAS R-Series TrueNAS X-Series TrueNAS M-Series TrueNAS F-Series
Overview Low Power, Footprint, and Noise Profile High-Density Performance and Capacity, Value-Oriented Low Power and High Availability High Performance, Large Capacity, and High Availability Maximum-Density, Highest Performance, Power Efficiency
Use Case Small Business, Edge, Home Multi-Purpose Small and Medium Enterprise, Edge Mission Critical Enterprise High performance Media Production, Enterprise, Virtualization, etc
High Availability N/A With Clustering Dual Controller Dual Controller or Clustering Dual Controller or Clustering
Supported Media Hybrid (Disk & Flash) Or All Flash Hybrid (Disk & Flash) Or All Flash Hybrid (Disk & Flash) Or All Flash Hybrid (Disk & Flash) Or All Flash NVMe Flash
Form Factor Mini Tower or Rackmount 1U - 12U Rackmount 2U - 6U Rackmount 4U - 52U Rackmount 2U Rackmount
Capacity Up to 200 TB Up to 5 PB Up to 1 PB Up to 25 PB Up to 720 TB Flash
Bandwidth 1 to 10 Gbit/s 1 to 200 Gbit/s 1 to 40 Gbit/s 1 to 200 Gbit/s 1 to 200 Gbit/s
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