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Enterprise Features and Support

TrueNAS Enterprise is designed for business-critical data, 24×365 operation, and full Enterprise-grade support. It is delivered as turnkey systems with High Availability (HA) options. Enclosure management, proactive support, and integration with key vendors like VMWare and Veeam are included. Enterprise support services with 24×365 coverage and onsite support options are backed by a global spares network. TrueNAS Enterprise makes it easy to integrate the storage into your organization’s IT infrastructure and deliver reliable and performant storage.

TrueNAS Enterprise Quick Overview


TrueNAS M-Series

High-Performance Storage Powered by the Latest Technology

For the last word in performance and reliability, look no further than the TrueNAS M-Series.Backed by NVDIMM and NVMe technology, the M-Series is capable of bandwidth up to 10 GB/s and can grow to almost 20 PB in a single rack, enough to support over 10,000 VMs.

TrueNAS X-Series

Compact Storage with Unbeatable Value

Designed for small/medium businesses, the TrueNAS X-Series is a compact storage appliance that can deliver speeds over 2 GB/s and scale up to 1 PB of raw capacity in 6RU. With high-availability options and top to bottom data protection, the entry-level X-Series ensures maximum uptime while providing the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Built on OpenZFS

The OpenZFS file system provides powerful data protection features including snapshots, replication, compression, and copy-on-write.

Storage Freedom

Free your data and your budget with no vendor lock-in and our all-inclusive licensing model with no hidden fees for future add-ons.

High Availability
High Availability

High-availability options offer full redundancy of all active components to minimize failover time and maximize uptime.

Entreprise Support
Enterprise Support

Every TrueNAS Enterprise system is backed by our US-based professional support team to help you meet your goals.


TrueNAS 11.3 Features