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Documentation Hub

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Last Modified 2022-09-30 11:29 EDT

TrueNAS: Open Storage

There are some updates to the Docs Hub!

TrueNAS is the world’s most popular Open Source storage operating system and is the most efficient solution for managing and sharing data over a network. It is the simplest way to create a safe, secure, centralized, and easily accessible place for your data. TrueNAS Open Storage provides unified ZFS-based storage for file, block, object, and application data.

Whether you’re looking to protect and share your company data or your family photos, TrueNAS CORE provides a secure, centralized, and easily accessible place for your data. When combined with our high-availability hardware and TrueCommand single interface management solution, TrueNAS Enterprise ensures that your data is always safe, secure, and available. TrueNAS SCALE evolves NAS functionality even further with container support, dual active system configurations, and hyper-converged architecture.

First Steps


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Using the Documentation Hub


The Documentation Hub has all of the information you need to set up and manage your TrueNAS system. Documentation articles follow the latest supported software releases, with previous version documentation available in the Docs Archive:

SoftwareCurrent Documented VersionPrevious Major Version
TrueNAS CORE & Enterprise13.012.0 (Release Notes)
TrueNAS SCALE22.02 AngelfishN/A
Preview builds of the draft SCALE Bluefin documentation are available here!

The navigation pane to the left is sorted into several topics that you can expand to find the specific knowledge you’re looking for:

  • TrueNAS CORE and Enterprise contains content specific to the FreeBSD-based CORE software. This includes a Getting Started Guide, Configuration Tutorials, and reference documentation for the UI and API.
  • TrueNAS SCALE contains content specific to the Linux-based SCALE software. This includes a Getting Started Guide, Configuration Tutorials, and reference documentation for the UI and API.
  • TrueNAS Upgrades documents current upgrade information for both CORE and SCALE, including the active update trains and developer images for upcoming versions.
  • Solutions provides version-agnostic background information and tutorials about general system use cases or integrations with other vendor solutions.
  • TrueCommand contains content specific to the latest support release of TrueCommand. This includes installation instructions, reference information about each section of the TrueCommand web interface, and tutorials for specific use-cases.
  • TrueNAS Systems has content specific to the various hardware platforms that iXsystems builds and sells specifically for use with TrueNAS.
  • Contributing provides guidance for those seeking to contribute to the open-source projects.
  • References provides general background knowledge about concepts and terms and some of the underlying technologies that are used in TrueNAS.

The More menu in the lower-left side of the screen has links to security notices, archived documentation, and the GitHub source repository for this website. An RSS feed is also available here.

You can also use the search bar above the navigation pane if you know specific keywords for what you’re looking for.

Contributors welcome! Anyone can contribute new content or feedback about the Documentation Hub and TrueNAS by Reporting Issues or suggesting updates and new articles.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just want to be part of the TrueNAS community? Join our Community Forums or the TrueNAS subreddit.

What’s New on the Documentation Hub?

Based on your feedback and also to prepare for even more content creation, the Documentation Hub has had some changes for the CORE 13.0 release!

Text Suggestions are Live!

As the Docs Hub matures, we are excited to continue providing more opportunities for Open Source contribution and even further reduce the barrier to contributing documentation! For the CORE 13.0 release, the Docs Hub expanded to allow readers to suggest new text to the content. The only requirement is logging in with a Google or GitHub account.

The website uses Commento to add a Reddit-style comment thread after the content of each article. This allows suggesting new content on that page and readers interacting with each other and upvoting suggestions. A team of moderators periodically reviews the suggestions and integrates them into the content when enough upvotes are accumulated and the suggestion is validated.

Software Release Notes Rework

As part of unifying content, release notes for the different software applications are now available with the related documentation:

These locations now contain all the release notes for each release of the current Major Version the live Documentation Hub is tracking. Release notes and notices that are relevent to previous major versions are available in the Documentation Archive alongside static copies of that version’s documentation.

Each new unified release notes article for CORE, SCALE, and TrueCommand also contains the development roadmap for each major version. The current minor release notes are placed at the top of the article and previous minor release notes placed behind an expandable element, so alleviate vertical scrolling.

CORE and SCALE Next Version Articles

Information about upcoming CORE and SCALE major versions is being placed in two new locations:

These sections are dynamically updated with development notes, early release notes, and instructions for obtaining builds of the next release.

Topical Organization for Software Documentation

To better provide purposeful and direct documentation, CORE and SCALE content is reorganized into three primary subsections:

  • Getting Started Guide (CORE, SCALE): this guide provides some introductory information about the software and provides step-by-step instructions for installing and some initial configuration of the software.
  • Configuration Tutorials (CORE, SCALE): content in this section is written for accomplishing some specific task in the software. Tutorials range from simple procedures to complicated use-cases.
  • UI Reference Guide (CORE, SCALE): This is a descriptive guide of the various menus and options you will encounter when using the software. The structure of this section parallels the layout of the TrueNAS web interface.

No content was removed with these changes, but is now recategorized as either tutorial or descriptive. This is intended to help readers sort and find their desired content faster, provide an improved experience for readers that are looking for either simple descriptive content or specific use-case tutorials, and better organize content for future expansion.

Solutions Guide Rework

The Solutions articles are elevated out of the CORE documentation area and is refocusing on providing version-agnostic background information and tutorials about general system use cases or integrations with other vendor solutions.

Expanded Download or Print Options

Each top-level section of CORE and SCALE documentation also has a Download or Print option. This combines all the individual articles in that section into a single document format that can be downloaded as a PDF, physically printed, or saved as HTML.