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Free and Open Source unified storage built on OpenZFS. Install on any hardware or VM.

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TrueNAS Core Overview

Experience Storage Freedom

TrueNAS® CORE (formerly known as FreeNAS®) is the world’s most popular storage OS because it gives you the power to build your own professional-grade storage system to use in a variety of data-intensive applications without any software costs. Simply install it onto hardware or a VM and experience the true storage freedom of open source storage.

Share Files. Serve Media. Store Anything.

TrueNAS CORE can be used from the home to the office to the data center for a variety of data-intensive use cases. IT professionals, photographers, designers, audio/video producers and editors, developers, and any user serious about storing and protecting lots of data can take advantage of TrueNAS CORE. Pair it with your favorite backup software to archive large quantities of infrequently used data off of your local devices and even sync and push data to the cloud.

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Built on OpenZFS

Nothing Protects Your Data Like ZFS

At the heart of TrueNAS is the self-healing OpenZFS filesystem. Previously only available on the highest-end enterprise storage systems, TrueNAS gives you direct, user-friendly access to ZFS. With its built-in RAID, powerful data management tools, and ability to automatically detect and repair silent data corruption (and bit rot), TrueNAS and OpenZFS ensure data integrity from start to finish.

Go Beyond “NAS”

More than a traditional “Network Attached Storage”, TrueNAS is Unified Storage that integrates seamlessly into any environment with a variety of file, block, or object access protocols. You can also expand its functionality with a variety of free plugins, like Plex Media Server, NextCloud, Zoneminder surveillance, and many others.

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Protect and Serve

Manage Your Data Like a Pro

Unlimited snapshots, clones, and replication add additional layers to safeguard your data from human error or external threats like ransomware. Add system memory (DRAM) and flash to supercharge performance. Use built-in data compression to maximize space. Manage it all from a user-friendly web interface.

Join the TrueNAS Community

Need help? TrueNAS CORE has detailed documentation and a global community of over 250,000 to learn from and collaborate with.

If your data is critical or you simply need professional support, TrueNAS Enterprise and the full line of TrueNAS storage appliances provide enhanced features and the around-the-clock support necessary to keep your storage online.

Global TrueNAS Community

TrueNAS CORE Features


Multi-Systems TrueCommand, RBAC, Auditing Single Sign-on, Dataset Management Alerting, Reporting, Analytics
Administration Web UI, SNMP, Syslog REST API, WebSockets API NetData (Plugin), Reports
Systems Utilities Tasks, Cron Jobs, Scripts In-Service Updates Alerting, Email, Support
Clients and Applications Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, iOS, Android Clients Many applications via SMB, NFS, or iSCSI Integrated applications via ZFS and Jails/VMs
Application Services Jails, Plugins, VMs Plex, Asigra, Iconik, NextCloud, other Plugins Linux (VM), FreeBSD (Jails or VMs)
Directory Services Active Directory, 2-Factor Local Users and Groups NIS, LDAP, Kerberos
Storage Services File: NFS v3/4, SMB1/2/3, AFP, FTP, WebDAV, rsync Block: iSCSI, VAAI, OpenStack Cinder Object: S3 Host, Cloud sync, Credentials
Data Management Unlimited Snapshots, Pool checkpoints Space-efficient Clones Replication: Remote, Local, Auto-resume, to Linux ZFS
Data Protection Accelerated Copy-on-Write, Multi-Copy Metadata Built-in RAID: Single/Dual/Triple Parity, Mirrors, Fast Resilvering, Fast Boot Self-healing Checksums, Background Scrubbing
Data Reduction Thin/Thick Provisioning In-line Adaptive Compression Clones, Deduplication, Trim
Data Acceleration All Flash, Fusion Pools, Metadata on Flash Read Cache (ARC/L2ARC): RAM/Flash Write Cache (SLOG/ZIL): Flash
Networking IPv4, v6: 1- 100GbE, DHCP LAGG, VLANs Jumbo Frames, TCP options
Data Security Self-Encrypted Drives (TCG Opal), Dataset Encryption Encrypted Replication, WireGuard, OpenVPN ACLs, IP Filtering
Foundation FreeBSD, Boot Management, SSH Local Jails, Bhyve VMs System logging, NTP
High Availability Fast ZFS Replication Client-based Mirroring Application-level Replication
Hardware Management IPMI Remote Management SAS JBODs, Global Spares SMART, SSD Wear Monitoring
Hardware Platforms Any x86 system (CORE only) Improved AMD support Mini E/X/XL+/R iXsystems Servers
Support Community Support – Forums, Documentation, Release Notes, Bug Ticketing


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