Data Backup and Archival

Affordable Scalability

TrueNAS® Enterprise appliances offer the perfect range of features and scalability to simplify operations and drastically reduce cost for data backup, disaster recovery, and archive. Whether you’re a small business, school, or enterprise, there is a TrueNAS resilient storage solution that fits.

Affordable Scalability
Easy to Deploy and Operate

High-Speed Recovery

Flexible interconnects from 1 to 100 GbE provide maximum bandwidth and simple integration via iSCSI, SMB or NFS into existing environments.

Easy to Deploy and Operate

Backup Flexibility

TrueNAS simplifies storage in any backup software environment, integrating with CommVault, Nakivo, Veeam and many other backup software providers.
Easy to Deploy and Operate

Cost-Effective Scaling

Grow a single system from 10 TB to 25 PB without purchasing additional controller nodes or expansion licenses. ZFS protection ensures you get capacity, speed, and redundancy.
Easy to Deploy and Operate

Trusted Archive

OpenZFS provides long-term, secure retention of critical data. RAID-Z ensures pool protection and global spares. Unlimited snapshots make it easy to travel back in time and defeat ransomware.

Back Up Any Data

Replicate Data for Disaster Recovery

Automatically archive or share datasets to another TrueNAS system with scheduled sync and replication. ZFS replication is based on periodic snapshots which can be taken at a chosen interval. The remote system can be quickly converted into an active system if the primary site or system is down.

Veeam Ready Repository

With multiple models certified as a Veeam Ready Repository for v12, TrueNAS provides top rated performance and affordability with no lock-in.With SMB, iSCSI, and Object support, TrueNAS can handle your toughest Veeam backup workloads quickly and efficiently.

Built-in Cloud Storage

TrueNAS is great for protecting data and backups onsite. Storing important data offsite is also vital in your strategy to recover from a data disaster. With its decentralized network, iX-Storj cloud storage is easy to configure and delivers incredible performance for backups with high multi-region availability.

Use Any Cloud for Backup

If you don’t have a second data center to back up to, TrueNAS includes the tools to back up your data to public or private clouds like Amazon S3, Azure, Backblaze B2, Box, and Google Cloud Storage. Pay for what you use with no upfront costs and no additional TrueNAS licenses.

Trusted By Top Companies

Stanford University
ESG report

“If you’re considering an upgrade…ESG recommends that you consider the iXsystems TrueNAS storage platform with cloud extensibility, deep management analytics, and up to twice the performance at half the cost of the competition.”

-Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)


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