File Sharing

Share Your Data Between Any Operating Systems

TrueNAS makes it convenient for organizations of all sizes to collaborate and supports a variety of file sharing protocols including SMB (CIFS), NFS, iSCSI, SSH, rsync and FTP/TFTP on any platform. Whether your clients are running Windows, Apple (MacOS), or Linux, TrueNAS is OS agnostic and can be set up to work with any operating system.

TrueNAS is easy to deploy and serves in a wide range of file sharing needs, from personal use to enterprise requirements. This includes workflows needing backups, cloud, replication, and general file-sharing. Shares and datasets can be snapshotted and replicated to other TrueNAS Systems, maintaining all of their properties and giving you a Disaster Recovery option in the event of a failure or ransomware attack. All TrueNAS Systems are built on OpenZFS, giving you the most secure and resilient file system available today in enterprise data protection.

File Sharing
Collaborate and Share

Collaborate and Share

Conveniently share between any system – regardless of which operating system your client computers use.

Data Protection and Security

Data Protection and Security

TrueNAS Appliances protect your data against ransomware with many unique features like immutable snapshots, allowing you to quickly recover and keep your business running.

Future-Proof Scaling

Future-Proof Scaling

OpenZFS is a future-proof file system designed for decades of continuous use and unlimited data scalability.

Powerful Features and Exceptional Value

Data Storage Simplified

TrueNAS simplifies sharing data by providing universal storage, and supporting block, file and object access. Every common operating system, hypervisor, and application are supported. Instead of creating storage silos for your various applications, you can use one TrueNAS storage array to manage your data and scale up or out as your needs grow.

Powerful Protection at Scale

TrueNAS protects your data in many unique ways with features like High Availability (HA), Unlimited Snapshots, OpenZFS checksumming and bit rot protection, Replication, Native Backup Integration with 3rd Parties, and up to triple-parity RAIDZ3 protection. This gives confidence that your data is protected at every level. Encrypt at the hardware level, zpool level, and even data set level.

Open Source Economics

We believe that cost and sustainability is key when choosing the right storage solution. That’s why at iXsystems, we build and support our storage and servers right here in the USA. With no vendor lock-in, license fees, or planned obsolescence, you can rest assured that TrueNAS appliances start lower in cost and continue creating value throughout and after their lifecycle.

Trusted By the Majority of the Fortune 500

ESG report

“If you’re considering an upgrade…ESG recommends that you consider the iXsystems TrueNAS storage platform with cloud extensibility, deep management analytics, and up to twice the performance at half the cost of the competition.”

-Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)


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