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Very useful built-in tool, who would've thought? Thanks for posting.
Excellent write up. Really helps. One thing that could be worth adding is, 9300-8i card don’t seem to work with sas2flash. They require sas3flash. Which you can find on the Broadcom website, perhaps include in your resource bundle too?
Using an X12, just had to run:
sudo ipmitool sensor thresh FANA lower 50 100 150
for all my fan sensors and then changed the fans from full speed to standard, my office sounds great again. So grateful
The finer details that can help so much! Good to know the nitty gritty when we want to try and get the most out of our systems.
Perfect with TrueNAS-13.0-U5.3
Very informative for the given hardware
This is a nice small Python script (I really wish I knew Python) to report a few things Multi-Report does not report. It scours the log file for specific error messages and if any new messages are present then it let's you know in an email. Configuration is very simple.
Awesome job man. Lot of thought went into this and the documentation is solid.

Please also consider doing a wiki for this info along with the pdf so we can track changes going forward as TrueNAS updates.

Thanks so much for the hard work!
Great great write up. Thorough documentation and pics are clear and informative.

Please also consider doing this in a wiki (or something similar) instead of a static pdf. Would love to bookmark this and future write-ups as TrueNAS changes in the future.
Works great, thank you.
All I can say is, that it works even on a Synology, it works on Windows (ofc), it works on EMC SANs, on IBM SANs, on Purestorage SANs and on Nimble SANs and probably on many more platforms. AFAIK they are all Unix based and many of them also hyper fast (you stating stuff getting slow if having to choose paths). In 20 years of Enterprise IT this is the first system I encounter which doesn't allow this.

Show us the RFCs which prohibit this, maybe you're reading them wrong.
Purpose-built SAN systems have custom IP stacks designed for high performance direct I/O to minimize latency. As outlined in the resource, general purpose Linux/FreeBSD/Windows/etc have abstracted I/O stacks that allow all sorts of neat stuff like software interfaces for tunnels, but this comes at the cost of complexity. I included a number of references and I don't feel the need to dredge through RFC's right now to prove what is generally accepted behaviour by the major IP stacks.
endgame app ecosystem
16tb drives are fine with -b4096