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Hands down, the best way to run nextcloud on TrueNAS. Very well documented and frequently maintained.
Thank you very much Stilez for this amazing guide. It was pretty much trouble free to crossflash. Just a couple of small comments:
1. FreeDOS already creates some of the files and when you overwrite them from the zip file you may get some errors like command not found or something. This could be a bit clearer
2. Booting from a disk within the HBA requires to flash the boot roms. I read the guide multiple times and I didn't find it quite so apparent. So after crossflashing the HBA the disks were not visible in the BIOS when I hadn't flashed the roms. I think it could be stated in a more explicit/clear way.
Thanks for (2), I've updated the section FLASHABLE SOFTWARES ("BOOT ROM/BIOS" AND "FIRMWARE") to cover this, as I agree with you, it could be relevant if booting from the card. Its just that few do, so I hadnt thought it relevant. But I guess some will. Hope you like the update, and thank you!
True. YouTube made recent policy change that affects all videos, allowing YouTube to monetize content previously not available for monetization. I have temporarily pulled them down as I do not want YouTube to profit from a video I created for the community for free. Although the videos are old and now out of date, I will endeavor to find a new home for them.
Useful reiteration of how to separate configs from jails.
Thank you ! Just what I needed. Everyone should try using this first before starting their path into custom jails/ webapps.
Great tool. Definitely it gives quite some level of confidence.
Just be ready, it might take quite some time before it is completed.
Just as a reference: 10x12TB set of disks on Xeon system was up and running for ~7 days before was completed.
But then there is a good understanding about the setup.
Just what I needed. Amazing stuff! Thank you!
Great document. Very informative.