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Thank you great guide and works perfectly

A few things that took me a minute to realize:
- The "allow tun" checkbox is under "custom properties" now
- When port forwarding you use the WAN IP of the TrueNAS server (I am normally used to using the WAN IP of a particular jail or VM)
Useful guidance, could use a link to the fake server cards resource as well.
  • tupui
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2020-08-20, previous one was missing a file
Works great on my X11SCL-F. Thanks for the great work!
Provides a clear and concise report on all of my drives and alerts me to anything I should investigate further.
This guide woefully needs updating. Badblocks was never designed for drives the size we have available now and as such does not run on them. I've been searching for an alternative and have come up empty.
I agree, it could use some updating and I'm more than happy letting someone else provide some good solid facts to update it.

Solonet-Array-Test should test those large hard drives. Here is the resource link.
Despite criticism on the subject and explanation, I found this extremely enlightening.

It's clear look into my problems as I'm having at the moment ( and it's as if a revealed truth were put before me. Even jgreco suggested this post (and we know the Grinch always speaks his mind).

I have EXACTLY the issues that this person dealt with and, with the others who are assisting me in my efforts to get a balanced and under-control server, this article was mentioned more than once.

Looking through it, I have noted more than a few issues with my build that have strangled throughput to a crawl and eventual SMB disconnect. Same with AFP (yeah, I have Macs and tried that approach too while it's still available in TNC 13x.

I'm VERY glad this is out there where blue-sky "research" is still shown to be valuable even when there seems to be no point to it.

Bravo Sir! And thank you.
We followed this guide, and it worked on our TrueNAS-SCALE-22.12.0
Thank you!
It was so confusing to see the option in the UI yet not working out of the box.
Useful to integrate "white label" drives in NAS arrays.
Excellent tips / strategy as not damaging the many little embedded fasteners is very difficult and a "tell" for WD to deny warranty coverage. I stored the "giblets" consisting of the USB-SATA interface, bumpers, LED light pipe, etc. in a sandwich bag alongside the cases (whose laser-etched serial # has to match that of the drive inside the case) in a tote with a expiration date on the outside.

After the warranty period ran out, I recycled the still-pristine cases and contents in the local trash pickup. However, I found a even better use for the innumerable power supplies by sending them to centerclick (, makers of the excellent NTP 200 server. He uses the same type 12VDC power supply.
Wish it had been originally published one week earlier, just before I dismantled a few casings…
It was published two years ago actually, for Black Friday 2020. However, when I went to post my Black Friday 2022 posting in the Deals section, I happened to notice that the link to the shuck article was only a standard forum thread, so I rejiggered it and posted it in the Resources. My apologies for the oversight. I know that there are a number of my older legacy articles posted before we had a Resources section that should exist in Resources as well, I've slowly been hunting these down and reposting them as Resources.
This was super detailed and worked flawlessly. THANK YOU!!
Helped me fix some log spam for one of my fans. Thank you.
Works Great! Read the first few dozen lines of the script.
The link is broken (if you click it)

Just copy and paste to follow install instructions
Great for older TrueNAS versions and perfect instructions!
(if you are looking for TrueNAS 13 build, check out
There should be a link to this article or the content should be included in the storage section of the TrueNAS doc site.

This was exactly what I was looking for. I am migrating from SATA based workstations to a storage bridge bus (SBB) based Supermicro 6036ST-6LR two node system. The SAS2008 based card is in IR mode but running older (11.0) firmware. I didn't want to migrate to the IT firmware unless required because the RAID HBA is packaged onto the motherboard and has proprietary connections to the midplane. Looks like I just need to upgrade the firmware to 20.00.07.

What brought me here? I see all of the disks in `camcontrol devlist`, I get unique serial numbers when enumerating them with `camcontrol inquiry <disk> -S`. I can add disks to ZFS vdev's in FreeBSD 13.0, but TrueNAS 13-U3 doesn't show any available disks. I was nearly confident I was going to have to go to IT firmware to get FreeNAS to show them as available, and I am unsure if I will be able to use the (Supermicro noted as required RAID functionality) without IR firmware when sharing access between the two nodes to the same storage with RSF-1-HA. It now looks like I just need FW 20.0 on the

I will follow up with edits for any issues I run into... just wanted to share my appreciation for this article.
The TrueNAS developers have always been resistant to draw lines in the sand for what hardware can be used with TrueNAS. They aren't tasked with the job of day-to-day support, which is unfortunate. It leaves us here in the forum holding the bag, so to speak. I'm more interested in providing pragmatic documentation on how things work and what's expected to work, because I'm pointing users at my resources multiple times per day.

While I cannot promise any particular result, I would note that historically, it's been fine to use true LSI IR firmware -- not vendor hacked-up firmware -- in place of the IT code. I have machines as recent as TrueNAS 12 running IR cards and they're fine. I would just try running IR fw and see if that works out.
These scripts are excellent. Phenomenal work.

I am currently adapting the script to work with A2SDi motherboards running TrueNAS Scale, which is Debian, and does not have `camcontrol` installed by default. Please contact me if you are interested.