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Super easy to follow, much quicker and better than trying to setup OpenVPN (even through the GUI). Thanks a million.
Thanks for the helpful explanation of feature flags by FreeNAS/TrueNAS version.
Great help, but I do have one question. My Noctua NF-S12A fans are rated w/ min. rotational speed @ 300 RPM +/- 20%. So I set lower noncritical to 240 RPM, which the ipmi on my SMC X11SSH-F-O motherboard set down to 200 RPM. Following your instructions, I set *lc* to 140 and *lnr* to 40, and the motherboard reset them to 100 & 0 RPM respectively. Is this right, or should I have set them to 200 & 100?
It's unlikely to make a difference really. I wouldn't worry.
Thank you for the installation script, it made the installation a breeze!
Great guide. It works perfectly. I use it on iOS when I'm out.
Works exactly as expected. Great time saver.
WOW! Awesomely thorough guide - I wish I followed this from the start and didn't waste several evenings running into dead ends wiping, flashing, re-flashing, re-wiping, etc... Thank you for putting this together and explaining the background and reasoning for having to follow the steps so specifically. My Dell H310 is now a LSI 9211-8i P20 in IT mode finally! (I suppose I have to finally start my "real" project now, lol)
Well written guide for beginners. Explains each step in detail to install and maintain nextcloud.
Detailed and structured description. Outlines the idea, then describes step by step.