Choose from two Community Editions

of the World’s Most Deployed Storage Software


Best For New Deployments

Next Generation Unified Storage + Apps

  • Flexible Linux-Based Storage
  • Robust Docker & Kubernetes Apps
  • Virtualize with KVM
  • Broadest Hardware Compatibility

Where Open Storage Began

Reliable Unified Storage

  • Mature FreeBSD-Based Storage
  • Bhyve VMs and FreeBSD Jails
  • Based on the original FreeNAS
  • Broad Hardware Compatibility

Still Can’t Decide?

Legendary Reliability

TrueNAS is built on the ZFS filesystem, giving you unparalleled protection whether you’re a business or an individual. Features include snapshots, replication, and built-in RAID, providing a highly reliable and versatile storage solution.

Universal & Unified Storage

Universal & Unified Storage


TrueNAS (formerly known as FreeNAS) is the world’s most popular storage OS because it’s the only universal and unified data platform, giving you the freedom to use file, block, or object storage plus Apps to scale up or out depending on your needs.

TrueNAS Enterprise Systems


If your data is critical or you need professional support, TrueNAS Enterprise and the full line of TrueNAS Storage Appliances provide enhanced features and the around-the-clock support necessary to keep your storage online.

TrueNAS Storage Appliances

Built on Open Source Technology

Reliable OpenZFS Data Management

Scale-Up with HDDs and Flash

File, Block, Object Storage


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