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TrueNAS Open Storage is a universal data platform with three Editions to choose from: CORE, Enterprise, and SCALE. For recommendations on the right Edition for you based on software maturity, visit the Software Status Page.

TrueNAS EnterpriseEnterprise
(Appliances + Software)
Where to Use Enterprise storage appliances and support for data that must always be available Build your own self-supported storage on third party hardware Build your own self-supported storage w/ Apps and VMs on third party hardware
High Availability Dual Controllers Not Available Not Available
Scalability Scale-up (All Protocols) Scale-out (Object Scale-up Scale-up (All Protocols) Scale-out (Object)
Apps Yes (K8s or Docker) No (FreeBSD Jails Only) Yes (K8s or Docker)
Support Enterprise Support up to 24x7 Community Supported Community Supported
Enclosure Management Yes Only on iXsystems hardware Only on iXsystems hardware
Supported Hardware F-Series, M-Series, R-Series, X-Series, H-Series Mini Family, R-Series, 3rd Party Hardware Mini X+ / XL+ / R , R-Series, M-Series, 3rd Party Hardware
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  Enterprise CORE SCALE
Virtualization Citrix, Veeam, vCenter Plugin, Built-in KVM / Kubernetes bhyve Built-in KVM, Kubernetes
GPUs for VMs & Apps On Request No Yes
File Protocols SMB v1/v2/v3, NFS v3/v4, AFP, FTP, WebDAV, rsync, GlusterFS SMB v1/v2/v3, NFS v3/v4, FTP, WebDAV, rsync SMB v2/v3, NFS v3/v4, FTP, rsync, GlusterFS
Multi-Channel SMB Yes (24.04) No Yes
Block Protocols iSCSI with VAAI support, Fibre Channel iSCSI with VAAI support iSCSI with VAAI support
Object Protocols S3-Compliant API, Minio clustering, Multitenancy, Cloud Sync S3-Compliant API, Minio single node, Cloud Sync S3-Compliant API, Minio clustering, Multitenancy, Cloud Sync
Base OS FreeBSD (13.0) or Linux (24.04) FreeBSD Debian Linux
FIPS 140-2 Security Yes, with KMIP management No No
Deployment Services Deployment Assistance & Performance Tuning + Proactive Monitoring option Self-deployment Self-deployment
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  Enterprise CORE SCALE
File System OpenZFS
Built-In RAID Protection Mirrors, RAIDZ1/Z2/Z3, dRAID (24.04)
Snapshots and Clones Unlimited, Copy-on-Write
Read/Write Acceleration ZFS Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC), Second-Level Read Cache (L2ARC), Non-Volatile Write Logging (SLOG)
Fusion Pools High-Speed access to Metadata and Deduplication Lookup Tables
Bit-Rot Correction Integrated Secure Checksums with Automatic Data Scrubbing
Replication ZFS Send/Receive, rsync, Cloud Sync, Syncthing
Encryption At-Rest and In-Flight
Data Reduction Inline Compression, Deduplication, Thin Provisioning
Alerts & Reporting Email, Syslog Alerts, GUI Dashboard and Reports, Netdata (24.04)
System Management SNMP, Syslog, REST API, GUI
Directory Services Active Directory, Google 2FA, Kerberos, LDAP, FreeIPA (24.04) Local users and groups
Supported Clouds iX-Storj, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, BackBlaze B2
Manage Multiple Systems With TrueCommand*
Team-based Administration Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Configuration Auditing via TrueCommand*
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