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Migrating Instructions

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Last Modified 2022-07-29 09:13 EDT

This section provides information for CORE users migrating to SCALE.

Linux treats device names differently than FreeBSD so please read Component Naming for more information.

The ZFS flag feature merged into the TrueNAS fork of OpenZFS for developers to test and integrage with other parts of the system on June 29,2021 is also removed. Please read ZFS Feature Flags Removed for details on this change.

Migration Articles

  • Migrating from TrueNAS CORE
  • This article provides instructions on migrating from TrueNAS CORE to SCALE. Migration methods include using an ISO file or a manual update file.

    • Component Naming
    • This article provides information on disk and interface naming changes related to the change from FreeBSD storage and sharing in CORE to Linux in TrueNAS SCALE.

      • ZFS Feature Flags Removed
      • This article provides information on the removal of the ZFS feature flag merged into OpenZFS in June 29, 2021.