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13.0 Release Notes

Software Lifecycle

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical UseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC4Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE6General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U17Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+8Larger SystemsSuitable for higher uptime deployments

The Software Status page shows the latest recommendations for using the various TrueNAS software releases.


All release dates listed are tentative and are subject to change. The items in this list might not show every deadline or testing cycle that iXsystems uses to manage internal effort.

The progress and specific work is being tracked through tickets opened in Jira. If you have a feature suggestion or bug report, create a Jira account and file a ticket in the TrueNAS or TrueCommand projects. TrueNAS SCALE tickets are also tracked in the TrueNAS Jira Project.

VersionCheckpointScheduled Date


December 7, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U6.1!

This is a small update to 13.0-U6 to update OpenZFS to version 2.1.14 and fix a data integrity issue discovered in that project (NAS-125356). While this bug has been present in OpenZFS for many years, this issue has not been found to impact any TrueNAS systems to date. This TrueNAS Community announcement has further details.


November 21, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U6!

This is a maintenance release and includes an update to the Asigra plugin, updated ports for ZFS, and fixes issues found in earlier releases. The improvements include:

  • Asigra plugin updated to
  • ZFS ports updated

Due to security vulnerabilities and maintainability issues, the S3 service is deprecated in TrueNAS CORE 13.0 and scheduled for removal in CORE 13.3. Beginning in CORE 13.0-U6, the CORE web interface generates an alert when the deprecated service is either actively running or is enabled to start on boot. Users should plan to migrate to a separately maintained MinIO plugin or otherwise move any production data away from the S3 service storage location. See the MinIO Plugin tutorial for detailed migration instructions. See also Feature Deprecations, for more information.

TrueNAS 13.0-U6 Changelog

New Feature

  • NAS-121411 Update Asigra plugin with newer packages
  • NAS-123123 ZFS-2.1 Update for Scale Release (Replication Hotfix) and Update ZFS Ports for Core
  • NAS-124062 Remove Minio/S3 for 13.1 – S3 service is deprecated in 13.0-U6


  • NAS-122595 UI does not allow REMOVE operations on single-device data vdevs
  • NAS-123294 Update and Test Core 13.0/13.1 Ports to the latest ZFS
  • NAS-124244 NVDIMM Alert update AGIGA8811-016BCA for scale/core


  • NAS-115410 system/ssh connections/add has “freenas” text
  • NAS-122538 ixnas_fsetxattr fails to open sparsebundle directory resulting in failed timemachine backups
  • NAS-123367 Merge FreeBSD SA-23:04-23:09 EN-23:05-23:07
  • NAS-123419 Middleware restarting WireGuard on successful connection
  • NAS-124036 Update rsync port to 3.2.7+ in 13

Known Issues

  • The Asigra plugin does not deploy in 13.0-U6. The underlying issue is being addressed by the plugin provider and will be pulled into TrueNAS CORE at a later date.


July 26, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U5.3!

This is a small hotpatch to address a ZFS issue that appears in specific circumstances with encrypted ZFS replication tasks. When the replication source system is updated to SCALE 22.12.3, a mismatch in indirect block size (IBS) values can cause kernel panics when an encrypted replication task attempts to receive ZFS snapshots to the destination system. See OpenZFS 2.1 Pull Request #15073 for more details.

Users are encouraged to update any TrueNAS CORE system used as replication destination to 13.0-U5.3 to avoid this issue. It is also recommended to update any ZFS-based systems currently used as a replication destination.

  • NAS-122583 Crash on ZFS replication receive with different indirect block size


July 11, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS 13.0-U5.2!

This is a hotpatch release to fix an issue with the SNMP service, SMB with alternate data streams, and prevent an issue when Active Directory is faulted on a High Availability (HA) system.

  • NAS-122487 net/samba - fix setting ADS on dirs
  • NAS-122650 Fix net-mgmt/net-snmp and net/samba for 13.0-U5.2
  • NAS-122689 Allow sysdataset move if AD is faulted


June 6, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS 13.0-U5.1!

This is a hotpatch release to fix an NVDIMM alerting issue found with certain TrueNAS Enterprise platforms and a fix for crashes related to the recycle bin in SMB home shares.

  • NAS-122242 NVDIMM Alert has typo for vendor: c180 device: 4e38 for firmware check
  • NAS-122250 Crash in SMB recycle bin


May 30, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS 13.0-U5!

This release includes one new feature that adds a method to report ARM status information from ACPI tables, and update of the Asigra and Iconik plugins to the latest publicly available release, several NVDIMM improvements, and fixes many issues found in earlier releases. The improvements include:

  • Enclosure management for the R50
  • Asigra/Iconik release upgrade to 13.1-RELEASE
  • NVDIMM reporting statistics
  • NVDIMM 2666 Micron 2.6 firmware qualified

This release fixes a bug with dataset encryption where it was possible to create an encrypted storage pool or dataset and unencrypted datasets within that pool or dataset. Beginning with 13.0-U5, it is no longer possible to create an unencrypted dataset when the storage pool or dataset is created with encryption active. Datasets created in this manner are not affected by this fix. If the original intention was for the dataset to be encrypted, please migrate any data from the unencrypted dataset to a new encrypted dataset.

TrueNAS 13.0-U5 Changelog

New Feature

  • NAS-121358 need method for userspace to report arm status info from acpi tables


  • NAS-119243 Collect all relevant data output from mprutil on CORE/Enterprise for all connected HBA into debug
  • NAS-120350 Optionally read AFPInfo xattrs directly when generating SMB2 AAPL readirattr response
  • NAS-120605 Add reporting of NVDIMM Operational Statistics.
  • NAS-121150 Update R50 dashboard picture in webui
  • NAS-121443 Nvdimm 2666 Micron 2.6 firmware is ONLY qualified firmware


  • NAS-121871 Make sure an unencrypted dataset cannot be created inside an encrypted dataset
  • NAS-112093 ZFS ashift on vdev addition for pre-12 pools
  • NAS-118157 NFS read operations cause X10-S system to crash
  • NAS-119515 hot-spares do not auto detach from zpool after they have been activated and the failed drive replaced
  • NAS-119783 Creating replication task results in Error: [schedule] A dict was expected
  • NAS-120007 Replication fails with “ssh_dispatch_run_fatal”
  • NAS-120113 Do not toggle ZFS_ARCHIVE on mtime updates
  • NAS-120203 Discrepancies between GUI an command line output of dataset checksum
  • NAS-120250 GUI brings up *wrong* page when clicking “Edit” button (Rsync Modules)
  • NAS-120570 TrueNAS-13.0-U4 “TRUENAS-MINI-3.0-XL+” is not a supported model. (METHOD: createEnclosure). Please contact support for help.
  • NAS-120572 Kernel panic in tcp_output()
  • NAS-120602 Uncommanded reboot from logging into the web interface
  • NAS-120615 SMB_ASSERT on fsctl on alternate data stream
  • NAS-120659 abort() due to failure to cancel pending aio write
  • NAS-120672 Fix disk_resize to work with solidigm (Intel) P5430 (D5-P5316) 30TB NVMe drives
  • NAS-120976 TrueNAS-13.0-U4 - FREENAS-MINI-3.0-E - “View Enclosure” is blank
  • NAS-120987 Unexpected ARC drops
  • NAS-120996 strtoul and strtol wrappers in Samba are broken on FreeBSD
  • NAS-121021 NULL de-reference kernel panic in dbuf_dirty()
  • NAS-121261 S3 Service Breaks rc.conf.freenas if Secret Key contains a “.
  • NAS-121492 TrueNAS Reboot On Snapshot Rollback
  • NAS-121694 NIS Failure to bind ypmaster on Failover
  • NAS-121771 Can’t install Minio plugin; 13.0-RELEASE was not found!
  • NAS-121883 Do not allow to replicate unencrypted datasets beneath encrypted datasets


February 28, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS 13.0-U4!

This release includes an update of the Iconik plugin to the latest publicly available release, several improvements, and fixes many issues found in earlier releases. The improvements cover:

  • Enclosure management for the Mini R
  • Zfs-2.1.8 and then zfs-2.1.9 merged

TrueNAS 13.0-U4 Changelog

New Feature


  • NAS-119744 Enclosure Management for Mini-R Core/SCALE
  • NAS-119749 Enclosure Management for Mini-R Core/SCALE (UI)
  • NAS-119958 Merge zfs-2.1.8
  • NAS-120026 Merge zfs-2.1.9
  • NAS-120350 Optionally read AFPInfo xattrs directly when generating SMB2 AAPL readirattr response


  • NAS-115994 Idmap issue with “OWNER RIGHTS” SID
  • NAS-118439 IPMI VLAN ID unable to be un-set
  • NAS-118566 net/netatalk3 - additional regression fixes
  • NAS-118660 Cloud sync task “Bandwidth Limit” pop-up help text appears to be incorrect
  • NAS-118726 SMB_ASSERT() during tevent_aio_cancel()
  • NAS-118754 Dashboard missing widgets when vlan is configured
  • NAS-118842 CRITICAL alerts for seemingly nothing on TrueNAS 13.0-U2
  • NAS-118844 “name servers not configured” error after reboot (static IP config)
  • NAS-118852 Merge FreeBSD SA-22:15-23:03 EN-22:21-23:04
  • NAS-118870 Sharing/SMB/Add Name field not updated after first folder click
  • NAS-118887 Can’t remove/change certificate for disabled S3 services with no disk, thereby certificate can’t be deleted from System > Certificates
  • NAS-118903 Access attempt by unauthorized user may trigger SMB_ASSERT in vfs_recycle
  • NAS-118991 EC certificates not supported for WebUI
  • NAS-118999 impossible to delete old default self signed cert
  • NAS-119096 Certificate set to none is not possible
  • NAS-119178 HTML in text/plain part of the pool is DEGRADED email
  • NAS-119201 Replication tasks “waiting” for unknown reason
  • NAS-119246 Don’t work Yandex Disk Cloud integration
  • NAS-119254 asyncio task references not kept
  • NAS-119287 Merge zfs-2.1.7
  • NAS-119296 fix memory leak in py-libzfs/ZFS.find_import
  • NAS-119354 Rsync Tasks always in Waiting status
  • NAS-119407 Fix panic in ZFS at boot
  • NAS-119602 Unhandled exception; Task Manager reports disk.sync_all failed.
  • NAS-119609 bsd_attr_list in samba can read off end of buffer
  • NAS-119612 extattr_list_file() usage in netatalk also does not properly handle truncated returns
  • NAS-119635 Limit rx/tx queues to 8 in Aquantia Aqtion driver for FreeBSD
  • NAS-119657 minio plugin still uses EOL 12.2 Release
  • NAS-119692 Fix LDAPError parser issue
  • NAS-119780 CamControl Error Expanding Pool
  • NAS-119781 The ticket link in alert is incorrect
  • NAS-119785 NFSv4 doesn’t support >16 groups even if option is selected
  • NAS-119905 atrun is duplicated in /etc/cron.d/at and /etc/crontab
  • NAS-119906 Traceback when rejoining domain if Kerberos Realm field isn’t cleared
  • NAS-119908 SMB_ASSERT() in vfs_fruit when connecting user has no share fs access
  • NAS-120133 Cloud Sync Task to Google Drive fails 50% of the time
  • NAS-120245 UI does not respect user’s choice for update file upload location


November 16, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueNAS 13.0-U3.1.

This is a small maintenance release to patch an issue found in the upstream Samba project.

TrueNAS 13.0-U3.1 Changelog


  • NAS-118951 don’t SMB_ASSERT() on mixed case sensitivity settings in vfs_shadow_copy_zfs


  • NAS-118926 SMB_ASSERT() on FSCTL on alternate data stream


November 1, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to announce the release of TrueNAS 13.0-U3.

This is a maintenance release with some improvements for ACLs and rsync, updates Samba to 4.15.10 and updates the Asigra plugin. It adds Enclosure Management integration for the 3rd generation R50 and Storj as a new Cloud Sync provider.

TrueNAS 13.0-U3 Changelog


  • NAS-118437 Update net/samba to Samba 4.15.10
  • NAS-118341 libzfsacl - add function to convert ZFS ACL to string
  • NAS-118216 Record midclt enclosure.query in debug (Core/Enterprise/Scale)
  • NAS-118199 Update rsync port in 13
  • NAS-117828 Add Storj as Cloud Sync service (13 and Angelfish)
  • NAS-116185 Enable trains redirect for 12.0 to 13.0

New Feature

  • NAS-118505 R50BM needs to be added to webUI codebase
  • NAS-118068 Add R50BM to enclosure mapping code and to keyserver
  • NAS-117923 Upgrade Asigra plugin
  • NAS-117827 New cloud sync provider: “Storj iX” (13 and Angelfish)


  • NAS-118787 Asigra Install fails
  • NAS-118717 CVE-2022-3437 (Heimdal des/des3 overflow) Samba 4.15
  • NAS-118563 fix service.restart and journal sync race
  • NAS-118562 nameservers not propagating to standby nodes
  • NAS-118546 Disable some cloud sync buckets
  • NAS-118370 Merge FreeBSD SA-22:13 EN-22:20
  • NAS-118166 Box (TrueNAS 13.0-U2) spontaneous reboot during install of nextcloud plugin
  • NAS-117976 NIS does not start on it’s own after failover.
  • NAS-117975 hwpmc(4) kernel panic on Proxmox
  • NAS-117972 No error message when trying to delete snapshot with hold
  • NAS-117964 VM created in TrueNAS 12.0 fails to boot or edit on TrueNAS 13.0-U2
  • NAS-117957 netcli cannot edit lagg interfaces
  • NAS-117899 TC Cloud Connection causing a Kernel Panic with R10
  • NAS-117760 [13.0:U1.1] smbd.core when connecting from a macOS
  • NAS-117710 ZFS space efficiency on devices with huge physical blocks
  • NAS-117290 NAS-1 had an unscheduled system reboot. The operating system successfully came back online at Fri Jul 22 08:29:53 2022.
  • NAS-115559 Use O_RESOLVE_BENEATH for opens in FreeBSD


August 30, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to announce the release of TrueNAS 13.0-U2. This is a maintenance release with some improvements for pool import and failover times, hardware compatibility, community plugins, and updating the version of OpenZFS used by the software. There are also bug fixes for various software features, including SMB, replication, plugins, and virtualization.

Due to a bug with an upstream networking driver causing data corruption issues with iSCSI sharing configurations, 2.5GigE Realtek NICs are unsupported in 13.0-U2 by default. Warning: at a risk of data corruption, especially if the system is used for iSCSI sharing, the offending driver can be manually loaded. See the Known Issues entry for NAS-117663 for more details and the workaround.

TrueNAS 13.0-U2 Changelog



  • NAS-117897 webUI isn’t showing what controller the alert was generated on
  • NAS-117876 netif.iface.cloned can set errno 2 (FileNotFoundError)
  • NAS-117738 sysutils/openzfs*: Revert “Add snapshots_changed as property”
  • NAS-117711 Increase vfs.zfs.zfetch.max_distance to 64MB.
  • NAS-117683 Merge FreeBSD SA-22:09-12 EN-22:16-19
  • NAS-117679 Kernel module usbhid fails to load
  • NAS-117663 iSCSI data corruption with RTL8125 NICs
  • NAS-117600 add back recoverable APEI alert
  • NAS-117463 Fixed missing comma in pytest command list
  • NAS-117441 Added better support for python virtual environment
  • NAS-117436 stop running file IO in main event loop
  • NAS-117433 Backport support page OAuth to 13.0
  • NAS-117396 error message when changing SMB permissions in share with recent version 13.0-U1.1
  • NAS-117349 Missing loader tunable for Intel E810 NIC (ice)
  • NAS-117272 Unable to supply JIRA credentials via GUI to submit a report
  • NAS-117263 Add test for disabling ACL auto-inheritance via SMB
  • NAS-117244 13U1 if ‘Additional Domains’ are specified, the primary domain is not searched
  • NAS-117213 Can’t change permissions on shares on 13.0-U1
  • NAS-117209 smb.status parse blocking event loop
  • NAS-117180 ZFS scrubs can cause very long pool import times
  • NAS-117163 add “Not Installed, Swapped” element status for X
  • NAS-117115 Upgrade to 13.0u1 fails to detect data drives
  • NAS-117112 Failing disk blocks GEOM event thread
  • NAS-117077 Some drives not showing in Enclosure View when moved between enclosures
  • NAS-117075 NextCloud fails to install TrueNAS Core 13U1
  • NAS-117071 Shadow Copies In Nested Datasets Not Visible in 13.0-U1 vs 12.0-U8.1
  • NAS-117070 Upgrade to 13.0-U1 breaks SMB Permissions
  • NAS-117032 No limit on collectd memory cache
  • NAS-116920 S3 service configuration refuses to accept AWS-generated secret key
  • NAS-116868 Cloud Sync (rclone) fails against newer OpenSSH 8.8+ servers.
  • NAS-116767 Add test coverage for SMB ACL “map modify” behavior
  • NAS-116270 Cache reporting is always 0, regardless of state of ARC
  • NAS-115938 Try into replicate ix-systems
  • NAS-112995 Alert reads “…replication from scratch…” but entry is called differently in GUI


July 21, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to announce the release of TrueNAS 13.0-U1.1! This is a hotpatch meant to address a few bugs found after release, primarily in share permissions.

TrueNAS 13.0-U1.1 Changelog


  • NAS-117213 - Can’t change permissions on shares on 13.0-U1
  • NAS-117163 - add “Not Installed, Swapped” element status for X
  • NAS-117071 - Shadow Copies In Nested Datasets Not Visible in 13.0-U1 vs 12.0-U8.1
  • NAS-117070 - Upgrade from 13-U1 breaks SMB Permissions
  • NAS-117077 - Some drives not showing in Enclosure View when moved between enclosures


July 5, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to announce the release of TrueNAS 13.0-U1.

TrueNAS 13.0-U1 Changelog


  • NAS-116743 - Optimize backward overlapping memmove()
  • NAS-116648 - Show explicit warning before allowing selecting SCALE train
  • NAS-116647 - Enable back SCALE trains for migration
  • NAS-116203 - TrueNAS Capacity Monitoring via Proactive Support
  • NAS-116126 - optimize reporting_db alert
  • NAS-116053 - cache truenas.get_chassis_hardware results
  • NAS-116049 - cache dmidecode -t0 data in dmidecode plugin
  • NAS-115740 - Azure Custom Endpoint
  • NAS-115713 - new api endpoint to be used for recordsize choices for webUI


  • NAS-116986 - Update
  • NAS-116967 - add enterprise upgrade safeguard
  • NAS-116904 - rate limit disk.temperatures endpoint
  • NAS-116903 - Update FreeBSD release version to 13.1
  • NAS-116887 - afp core
  • NAS-116850 - zfs.pool_events hook traceback
  • NAS-116739 - sysutils/openzfs*: Bump to nearly zfs-2.1.5
  • NAS-116735 - net/samba - fix map_modify behavior
  • NAS-116728 - Unable to backup Lightroom Classic Catalog directly to mapped drive on TrueNAS SCALE
  • NAS-116714 - net/samba - re-sync with stable/angelfish
  • NAS-116667 - Upgrade to 13.0-RELEASE fails to detect data drives
  • NAS-116654 - Update fenced to not hold read mode on geom device for NVMe drives
  • NAS-116643 - Unable to expand pool
  • NAS-116626 - fix AttributeError crash in disk.sync_all
  • NAS-116623 - Pool upgrade error is not displayed
  • NAS-116585 - Incorrect Sort by Date
  • NAS-116531 - Fix AD debug script
  • NAS-116520 - Allow setting gid 0 on new groups
  • NAS-116500 - Remove widelinks from list of sample aux params for CI
  • NAS-116486 - Simplify process of adding NFS SPNs
  • NAS-116461 - Unsetting “UPS - No Communication Warning Time” gives error
  • NAS-116420 - Deselecting all Metrics in Disk Reporting freezes page.
  • NAS-116374 - Fail to create manual ssh connection
  • NAS-116366 - Load vendor’s Realtek NIC driver for RTL8125 support
  • NAS-116365 - Exception while calling periodic task (smb.sharesec.synchronize_acls)
  • NAS-116361 - minor improvement in disk.sync_all
  • NAS-116325 - zfs: Make libspl getmntent and getmntany thread-safe for FreeBSD
  • NAS-116310 - Remove automatic quota on TM preset
  • NAS-116283 - fix pool.is_upgraded_by_name
  • NAS-116275 - Remove osc plugin from boot_/
  • NAS-116266 - Disable vfs_shadow_copy_zfs if snapdir is visible
  • NAS-116220 - Cannot update dataset options in UI
  • NAS-116217 - Replacing a disk in TrueNAS Core 13.0 fails with a JavaScript error
  • NAS-116208 - i225 FW1.79 support issues in Core and Scale, fixes in FreeBSD 14 and Ubuntu 22.05
  • NAS-116178 - login.conf and motd need updating to FreeBSD 13
  • NAS-116142 - TrueNAS 13 error upgrading pool xyz
  • NAS-116070 - SSH login failures notifications
  • NAS-116066 - fix IoThreadPoolExecutor
  • NAS-116063 - optimize system_is_enterprise_ix_hardware calls
  • NAS-116029 - smb.sharesec.query returns list index out of range
  • NAS-116015 - bhyve VirtIO driver incompatibility: Windows 10 21H2 cannot be freshly installed in a bhyve VM using VirtIO drivers on TrueNAS 13.0 RC1.
  • NAS-115884 - Unable to perform cut operation inside SMB share
  • NAS-115875 - 13 RC1 reports a collectd error in boot
  • NAS-115834 - disk.swaps_configure is being called 3 times on pool.do_update
  • NAS-115826 - hook_sync_geli is unnecessary
  • NAS-115825 - disk.sync_all takes ~6-12mins to run on ~1.2k + HDD system
  • NAS-115823 - disk.sync_zfs_guid is being called, minimally 4 times on pool.do_update
  • NAS-115771 - Add oneshot alert for deprecated services that are running
  • NAS-114926 - collect.d is consuming all RAM
  • NAS-114924 - Import CSR errors out on passphrase
  • NAS-114798 - NIS alert after OS upgrade to 12.0 U7
  • NAS-113750 - isp driver changes to role 2 initiator after update
  • NAS-113514 - Core files found
  • NAS-113513 - Files Copied to SMB Shares Have File Modified Time Adjusted
  • NAS-113441 - Replication with dedicated user broken TrueNAS Core -> TrueNAS Scale /usr/sbin is not in PATH
  • NAS-113393 - crash during snapshot enumeration in zfs_fsrvp - regression in port to samba 4.13
  • NAS-113359 - Minio service deletes bucket metadata on startup
  • NAS-113336 - Samba Panic after update to TrueNAS-12.0-U6.1
  • NAS-112344 - SSH alert scraping matches a .fail tld
  • NAS-112049 - Properly initialize service announcements on boot
  • NAS-109751 - regression: folders with / (slash) in name appear empty over SMB shares


13.0-U1 Security Report


May 10, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to announce the release of TrueNAS 13.0-RELEASE.

TrueNAS 13.0-RELEASE Changelog


  • [NAS-102782] - Allow Default or Previous ZVol Location in VM wizard
  • [NAS-105814] - Dashboard grouping for Credentials section
  • [NAS-105815] - Dashboard grouping for Storage section
  • [NAS-105816] - Improvements to main dashboard
  • [NAS-105817] - Dashboard grouping for Data protection section
  • [NAS-105818] - Dashboard grouping for Network section
  • [NAS-105819] - Dashboard grouping for Applications section
  • [NAS-105820] - Dashboard grouping for Shares section
  • [NAS-105821] - Dashboard grouping for System settings section
  • [NAS-105822] - Dashboard grouping for Reporting
  • [NAS-105868] - CPU dash widget, temperature colors
  • [NAS-110523] - When ZFS dedup is enabled on a pool, use SHA512 as the checksum algorithm
  • [NAS-111124] - cache static info and optimize on TN CORE
  • [NAS-111972] - enclosure rewrite on CORE
  • [NAS-111974] - get/set SES cython module for CORE
  • [NAS-113285] - Use O_EMPTY_PATH when converting pathref FSP to IO FSP
  • [NAS-115640] - Use NDFREE_PNBUF if available on FreeBSD
  • [NAS-115700] - Add "zpool list -v" output to debug
  • [NAS-115720] - Azure Custom Endpoint
  • [NAS-115743] - Move plugins using 12.2-RELEASE to consume 12.3-RELEASE
  • [NAS-115880] - update intel-pcm port fbsd 13
  • [NAS-115928] - bsd.geom eating too much memory for no benefit
  • [NAS-115931] - use defaultdict in geom.cache plugin
  • [NAS-115970] - fix restart_services method in

New Feature



  • [NAS-106381] - get rid of /tmp/failover.json
  • [NAS-108666] - netcli operation hangs on uniq
  • [NAS-108777] - replication allows mountroot to be set to /
  • [NAS-112460] - fix memory leak in py-bsd/enclosure.pyx
  • [NAS-112465] - fix edge-case memory leak in py-bsd/enclosures.pyx
  • [NAS-112480] - failover.internal_interface.detect broken on 13
  • [NAS-113211] - Merge FreeBSD and Linux samba repos
  • [NAS-113284] - Samba CVE-2021-20316. Symlink race error can allow metadata read and modify outside of the exported share.
  • [NAS-113368] - Jail stopped working after upgrade to 12.0-U6.1 with utf-8 decoding error
  • [NAS-114261] - Fix KeyError for edge case where backup of domain secrets is incomplete
  • [NAS-114370] - MacOS SMB clients may behave badly on inode reuse
  • [NAS-114380] - ctl collectd plugin has static sized arrays based on CTL_MAX_PORTS
  • [NAS-114778] - atime not handled properly in SMB transfers
  • [NAS-114952] - WS-Discovery not working after reboot
  • [NAS-114960] - Long SMART Extended Self Test stuck at 90% for more than 48 hours
  • [NAS-114986] - Replication fails with: can't compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes
  • [NAS-114987] - Can not create pool
  • [NAS-115011] - 13.0 beta 1: Configuration file format is too old
  • [NAS-115110] - Webui userquotas / groupquotas improperly requires users to exist on server in order to remove a quota in bulk change tool
  • [NAS-115426] - Active Directory doesn't allow saving or warn when NetBIOS name > 15 characters
  • [NAS-115511] - SMB GUI for Recycle Bin Advising Bad Config
  • [NAS-115514] - Incorrect Units used in Network Repoting (Octets vs Mb)
  • [NAS-115607] - Kernel panics on I/O to spun down disks
  • [NAS-115633] - Network graph: incorrect legend units
  • [NAS-115639] - scale - zfs recordsize artificially capped at 1M. Should be tunable to 16M
  • [NAS-115663] - in Sharing / SMB / Edit Share ACL, first entry cannot be deleted even if multiple present
  • [NAS-115790] - Backport FreeBSD VOP error code fixes
  • [NAS-115847] - Community plugins may fail due to 12.2-RELEASE EOL
  • [NAS-115863] - 13.0-RC1 did not attach my geli data drives
  • [NAS-115865] - `middleware.block_hooks`
  • [NAS-115881] - fix recordsize schema
  • [NAS-115913] - Secure temporary dir with `generate_ssh_key_pair`
  • [NAS-115915] - Reduce the vulnerability to timing attacks
  • [NAS-115938] - Tryinto replicate ix-systems
  • [NAS-115947] - Ignore I101 in flake8 linter
  • [NAS-115952] - Update samba to 4.15.7
  • [NAS-115956] - SMBD Core Dump after transfer of huge data volume (time machine backup 800GB)
  • [NAS-115964] - Fix integration tests
  • [NAS-115969] - Permit case-insensitive renames in Samba 4.15
  • [NAS-115977] - Add `ReplicationContext.remove_dataset` so we don't forget to update …
  • [NAS-116024] - net/netatalk3 - enable debugging
  • [NAS-116028] - Netatalk asserts on symlink reads due to uninitialized adouble metadata
  • [NAS-116089] - import by name on failover event


April 19, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to announce the release of TrueNAS 13.0-RC1.

This is a an early release meant for previewing and testing features and is not recommended for production use.

TrueNAS 13.0-RC1 Changelog


  • [NAS-111551] - Slight optimization possible in fsavl_create
  • [NAS-114372] - Reduce shutdown/reboot time
  • [NAS-114412] - Add "yellow" pool status
  • [NAS-114564] - Increase default number of NFS servers in TrueNAS 13 and SCALE
  • [NAS-114628] - multipath.query needs to use geom.cache plugin on 13
  • [NAS-114629] - DeviceService needs to use geom.cache plugin
  • [NAS-114773] - Make xattr_compat a tunable, zfs_xattr_compat
  • [NAS-114779] - simplify device_* related plugins
  • [NAS-114783] - cache camcontrol_list in geom.cache plugin
  • [NAS-114966] - Reduce context switches during GEOM taste
  • [NAS-114968] - Optimize write protection MODE SENSE in da(4).
  • [NAS-114970] - optimize overprovisioning logic when creating zpool
  • [NAS-114992] - gpart add and gpart bootcode generate xml
  • [NAS-115236] - Merge zfs-2.1.3
  • [NAS-115362] - Include ZFS upstream fixes for 13.0-RC1

New Feature

  • [NAS-114275] - Replication: Provide understanding for the scope of the "Encryption" options usage
  • [NAS-114714] - cache get_storage_devices_topology in geom.cache plugin


  • [NAS-113981] - make middlewared scale on large systems


  • [NAS-111109] - Changing Network settings disconnects Jails and VMs
  • [NAS-111550] - holds nvlist leaked in zfs send
  • [NAS-111553] - Incorrect libzfs vdev path handling
  • [NAS-113231] - Pool import slow after large amount of data written
  • [NAS-113781] - TrueNAS Scale - iftop is taking huge CPU load
  • [NAS-113904] - WebUI - Services / UPS / Settings: Save button remains disabled after setting changes
  • [NAS-114176] - Cloud Sync Fail with snapshots enabled and existing Zvol
  • [NAS-114349] - The following system core files were found: zfs.core
  • [NAS-114533] - Replication no longer works on nightly build
  • [NAS-114536] - truecommand.poll_api_for_status jobs can queue up
  • [NAS-114555] - Ensure that zpool handles are freed in iterator
  • [NAS-114594] - After update to 12.0-U8 S3 fails to start
  • [NAS-114616] - Packets length validation in CTL HA
  • [NAS-114623] - fix get_smartd_schedule_pieces
  • [NAS-114627] - cache multipath disks in geom plugin
  • [NAS-114676] - Dry run action fails in Cloud Sync Task edit mode
  • [NAS-114682] - Unable to select 0 in special vdev for metadata size
  • [NAS-114718] - WebUI menu not working consistently
  • [NAS-114724] - Minio Service does not start from UI
  • [NAS-114748] - vmstat json output format has been changed in TrueNAS 13.0
  • [NAS-114750] - S3 Service "TLS Server URI" is wrong/misleading. It should be "TLS Server Hostname"
  • [NAS-114761] - Incorrect wildcard certificate parsing during creation
  • [NAS-114780] - update geom.cache on devd events
  • [NAS-114794] - Replication failed, None Command failed with code 1..
  • [NAS-114808] - fix acltype logic in sysdataset plugin
  • [NAS-114871] - net/samba - make socket listen backlog configurable on FreeBSD
  • [NAS-114895] - Fix enclosure alert 13
  • [NAS-114898] - Fix `hold_pending_snapshots` feature allowing for incremental base to…
  • [NAS-114899] - Fix unit tests
  • [NAS-114904] - Improve `zfs.snapshot.query` `{"count": True}` performance.
  • [NAS-114922] - FusionIO Card (PCI Passthru to underlying VM) Blocks Automatic Update in Web GUI
  • [NAS-114945] - Expand warning for shell modifications
  • [NAS-114978] - Default to enabling SA-based xattrs
  • [NAS-114986] - Replication fails with: can't compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes
  • [NAS-114995] - snmp-agent.service: Main process exited
  • [NAS-114998] - net/samba - fix zfs_space related crash
  • [NAS-115024] - VSS integration is broken in nightlies
  • [NAS-115027] - Local User creation taking over 4-5 minutes to Save
  • [NAS-115053] - TrueNAS-13.0-BETA1 does not report hostname to DHCP server at boot
  • [NAS-115059] - Optimize SMB passdb sync
  • [NAS-115071] - Improve user.query and group.query performance
  • [NAS-115113] - Fix validation for raw uids / gids in pool.dataset.set_quota
  • [NAS-115136] - Update deprecated package ng2-validation
  • [NAS-115140] - Convert webdav etc group to use render_ctx
  • [NAS-115188] - invalidate geom cache on failover event (13)
  • [NAS-115198] - Reuse fd in etc file generation and run unlink in thread
  • [NAS-115203] - Improve permissions handling in temporary keytab files
  • [NAS-115205] - fix number_of_disks logging logic
  • [NAS-115215] - Remove pwd and grp lookups from minio etc file
  • [NAS-115217] - Expand Pool gives traceback if there's a pmem devicein the pool
  • [NAS-115234] - import zpools by guid on failover event
  • [NAS-115240] - Job leak in middlewared
  • [NAS-115247] - Fix checking if public and private key match on SCALE
  • [NAS-115273] - Employ `flake8-import-order` to ensure correct import orders accordin…
  • [NAS-115277] - Fix `replication.list_datasets` crashing when `SSH+NETCAT` transport is used
  • [NAS-115290] - Bug fix for attaching disk
  • [NAS-115352] - Memory leak in zettarepl
  • [NAS-115408] - Add option to enable shares on pool import
  • [NAS-115422] - fix typo in disk_/ causing KeyError
  • [NAS-115432] - net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_inc was removed in 13
  • [NAS-115523] - fix disk.get_part_xml
  • [NAS-115524] - fix disk.list_partitions and disk.gptid_from_part
  • [NAS-115532] - net/netatalk3 - fix multiple CVEs
  • [NAS-115575] - fix graphics/drm-fbsd13-kmod
  • [NAS-115580] - Fix AD join failure messages
  • [NAS-115604] - connecting to TC is broken on 13 (potentially stable/master too)


February 9, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to announce the release of TrueNAS 13.0-BETA1. This is the first major testing release which kicks-off the TrueNAS 13.0 release cycle.

Highlights of the 13.0-BETA1 release include:

  • Updated to OpenZFS 2.1
  • Optimizations for large systems with heavy disk usage (NAS-111659 / NAS-112553)
  • Improved Machine Check Architecture support (NAS-113731)
This is a an early release meant for previewing and testing features and is not recommended for production use.

TrueNAS 13.0-BETA1 Changelog


  • [NAS-103353] - Update dns/inadyn-troglobit to 2.5
  • [NAS-105264] - Create ses device for all ahci
  • [NAS-107326] - Documentation link should point to
  • [NAS-110202] - OpenZFS: Rebase on zfs-2.1-release
  • [NAS-111179] - improve system.dmidecode_info
  • [NAS-111552] - Add option to control number of iterations of
  • [NAS-111594] - improve wipe_disk/delete_partitions
  • [NAS-111659] - Optimize FreeBSD CPU scheduler for large systems and high IOPS.
  • [NAS-111757] - UEFI console refresh while loading modules
  • [NAS-112445] - Re-implement zilstat SNMP MIBs to avoid using DTrace
  • [NAS-112553] - Number of CPU scheduler improvements
  • [NAS-112781] - Create pools with atime disabled by default
  • [NAS-112821] - clean up interface/
  • [NAS-113263] - Rebase 12.0 branches on top of 13.0
  • [NAS-113731] - Improve Machine Check Architecture support
  • [NAS-113766] - Remove leading zeroes from kern.msgbuf sysctl
  • [NAS-113796] - Update ports tree for core 13
  • [NAS-113802] - Provide correct file generation number
  • [NAS-113915] - Merge OpenZFS 2.1.2 and a few other commits
  • [NAS-114028] - Add an input field for "tls_server_uri" into in S3 configuration form
  • [NAS-114060] - Increase maximal CTL (iSCSI/FC) I/O size to 8MB
  • [NAS-114137] - Add an input field "console_bindport" into in S3 configuration form

New Feature

  • [NAS-112124] - vmd(4) driver for Intel Virtual RAID on CPU
  • [NAS-113982] - cache geom information in middlewared
  • [NAS-114103] - Include igc(4) driver for I225 Intel NICs
  • [NAS-114229] - add get_sectorsize_with_name to py-bsd
  • [NAS-114241] - Replication configuration


  • [NAS-106585] - enclosure descriptor key not being parsed in alert
  • [NAS-106633] - Cron tasks are run on wrong time zone after initial setup
  • [NAS-107055] - Forums user reported logs filled with fruit error messages
  • [NAS-107087] - investigate TCP_KEEPALIVE in middlewared client
  • [NAS-107272] - traceback in generate_ha_syslog method
  • [NAS-107292] - Unable to Delete Expired ACME Certificate
  • [NAS-107316] - UPS Settings Saving Bug
  • [NAS-107608] - ACL changes can fail when snapdir is visible
  • [NAS-107884] - "Network connectivity will be interrupted." message is incorrect
  • [NAS-108939] - Dashboard Memory legend changes color
  • [NAS-109397] - Failed to connect to RRDCacheD
  • [NAS-110137] - Update ABI metadata for ZFS libraries with send progress reporting patch
  • [NAS-110140] - upgrade to python 3.9 in 12.0-U4
  • [NAS-110596] - net/samba - handle EINTR properly in tevent_kqueue
  • [NAS-110606] - Update zettarepl port
  • [NAS-110631] - Fix building py-netif on FreeBSD 13.0
  • [NAS-110634] - handle_request_update: Could not read RRD file
  • [NAS-110666] - top output in debug doesn't show any processes
  • [NAS-110763] - middleware install failure on 13.0
  • [NAS-110853] - Export keys from dataset does not render json output
  • [NAS-111093] - Memory Reporting does not match TOP
  • [NAS-111098] - Manual update stuck at 0 percent from core to scale
  • [NAS-111142] - The following system core files were found rrdcached.core
  • [NAS-111249] - net/samba - sync with upstream merge requests
  • [NAS-111336] - Bump OpenZFS
  • [NAS-111449] - inadyn reports Fatal error in DDNS server response, keeps retrying
  • [NAS-111530] - Bump OpenZFS ports for xattr_compat cleanup
  • [NAS-111569] - Upstream D31207
  • [NAS-111667] - fix minor typo in
  • [NAS-111800] - Replication failed: cannot receive resume stream: space quota exceeded.
  • [NAS-111996] - Rebase 12 on 13
  • [NAS-112025] - Fix PCI bridge window expansion
  • [NAS-112084] - Add accepts to do_ldap_query
  • [NAS-112207] - Fix dataset listing for cases of zvol and unmounted datasets
  • [NAS-112307] - CPU Reports in Dashboard broken, when using a proxy host
  • [NAS-112371] - Misleading and ambiguous description for creating a new pool with encryption
  • [NAS-112408] - Merge OpenZFS 2.1.1
  • [NAS-112547] - sysctl.filter python module off by one
  • [NAS-112552] - ciss(4): Properly handle data underrun
  • [NAS-112666] - WebUI was all blank except the menu on the left
  • [NAS-112667] - Core was generated by python3.9: middlewared (zettarepl)
  • [NAS-112709] - System / Support page broken in 12.0-U6
  • [NAS-112728] - AD/SMB fails after U5.1 -> U6
  • [NAS-112776] - update py-libzfs in 13 to latest commit
  • [NAS-113034] - less verbose about sql related logs in journal_ha
  • [NAS-113036] - Bump OpenZFS ports
  • [NAS-113080] - cannot write file to smb share
  • [NAS-113240] - smbd crashes while freeing tree connection if user can't chdir() into connectpath
  • [NAS-113280] - `{"ha_sync": False}` option for queries that should not be synchroniz…
  • [NAS-113281] - don't run ssh.save_keys if nothing changed
  • [NAS-113287] - Fix `Attribute` constructor arguments typos and fix the bug that made…
  • [NAS-113300] - fix typo for schema kwarg
  • [NAS-113310] - Work around flaky NIS domains
  • [NAS-113351] - After upgrading to TrueNAS U6.1 I am seeing an abnormal log message in 'alerts'
  • [NAS-113409] - iSCSi Initiators not showing any connected after 12.ou5 update
  • [NAS-113460] - Shift order nsswitch generation in LDAP plugin
  • [NAS-113466] - Manage LDAP service state during service start
  • [NAS-113479] - Update middleware for Samba 4.15 changes
  • [NAS-113492] - Plugin install impossible
  • [NAS-113494] - Disk wipe very slow on some disks
  • [NAS-113577] - Fix handling of partially replicated snapshots
  • [NAS-113614] - Fix/improve APEI driver for AMD systems
  • [NAS-113631] - Fix bug in initializing hwm in winbindd_idmap.tdb
  • [NAS-113646] - Unable to see/edit SMB shares in web-GUI
  • [NAS-113727] - Web gui unresponsive after a few days
  • [NAS-113735] - Update TrueNAS 13 and SCALE to Samba 4.15.3
  • [NAS-113744] - regression in hook_setup_ha on CORE
  • [NAS-113760] - Export keys from dataset does not render json output
  • [NAS-113776] - /usr/local/etc/rc.d/minio needs to set MINIO_SERVER_URL before launching minio service
  • [NAS-113811] - TrueNAS can offer to use HDDs of one zpool in creating another!
  • [NAS-113814] - Graphs are empty
  • [NAS-113852] - catch up dmi parsing in 13
  • [NAS-113856] - SQLAlchemy 1.4 does not use `default=` when adding a column through alembic
  • [NAS-113861] - SQLAlchemy 1.4 compatibility
  • [NAS-113868] - Fix SyntaxError: 'await' outside async function
  • [NAS-113875] - EFI frame buffer not detected correctly
  • [NAS-113967] - Update TrueNAS failed
  • [NAS-113984] - Fix zvol open locking for FreeBSD
  • [NAS-114020] - Despite NAS-110600 being marked as resolved, the same bug continues to prevent me from disconnecting two outdated pools.
  • [NAS-114027] - Fix TLS certificate issue on Minio web console (cherry-picked from 12.0-stable)
  • [NAS-114029] - Print full name of the plugin being initialized
  • [NAS-114042] - net/rsync - roll back to 3.1.3
  • [NAS-114047] - core file found
  • [NAS-114052] - Checkboxes on Alert Services Page have strange behavior
  • [NAS-114076] - Pool shows up as unhealthy when replacing drive in pool
  • [NAS-114079] - wsdd doesn't start in TN 13
  • [NAS-114080] - SMB quotas don't work on TN 13
  • [NAS-114113] - Memory leak in zettarepl
  • [NAS-114116] - Make minio console port configurable
  • [NAS-114125] - Memory leak in
  • [NAS-114146] - "Create Pool" dialog improvements
  • [NAS-114171] - Scale and Core: "Serial Shell" French translation
  • [NAS-114177] - fix disk.sync with multipath disks
  • [NAS-114188] - Use correct parameter for base user quota
  • [NAS-114230] - fix typo in
  • [NAS-114231] - fix off by one in Mini XL enclosure mgmt on 13
  • [NAS-114246] - Empty graphs in Reporting
  • [NAS-114310] - Update zettarepl port
  • [NAS-114320] - Fix handling of errors from dmu_write_uio_dbuf() on FreeBSD
  • [NAS-114323] - Memory leak in py-libzfs
  • [NAS-114333] - Expand `__[POSTCOMPILE_encrypted_provider_1` into valid SQL syntax
  • [NAS-114335] - Virtual machines do not start
  • [NAS-114356] - Make sure we close opened snapshot handle
  • [NAS-114384] - Update to Samba 4.15.4
  • [NAS-114398] - Properly use call_sync in synchronous method
  • [NAS-114427] - Load ctl.ko at boot
  • [NAS-114457] - Fix edge cases in xattr compat handling
  • [NAS-114468] - CVE-2022-44142 (SMB) - update samba to 4.13.17 (12.0) and 4.15.5 (13.0 and SCALE)
  • [NAS-114469] - Fix zvol_cdev_open locking
  • [NAS-114502] - Can't Run VMs on 13.0-BETA.1
  • [NAS-114510] - pylibzfs - add checks for memory allocations
  • [NAS-114513] - Fix 13.0 freenas/webui in nightlies build
  • [NAS-114529] - Fix memory leak in py-libzfs iterators
  • [NAS-114578] - smbd.core dump

Known Issues

Known issues are those found during internal testing or reported by the community and are listed in three tables:

  • Notices that provide more detail about Bluefin specific changes.
  • Issues from a release that will be resolved in a future targeted release(s).
  • Issues resolved in a particular version.

Notices without a Resolution Release

Notice or BehaviorDetails
S3 Service deprecatedDue to security and maintainability issues, this service is deprecated and scheduled for removal in the next TrueNAS CORE major version. See Feature Deprecations for more details.
SAS Multipath deprecatedDue to maintainability issues, SAS multipath scenarios are no longer receiving maintenance updates. See Feature Deprecations for more details.
Virtual Machine display devices appear to be insecure.This is under investigation and resolution is TBD. To secure the system, disable any VM display devices after configuring the VM.
Netatalk deprecation in 13.0-U3Netatalk is deprecated in 13.0-U3 and users should begin migrating away from using it with TrueNAS.
Nextcloud (official) plugin does not install.Recommend users migrate to SCALE which provides a better experience with running applications.
TrueNAS 12 cannot replicate to or from TrueNAS 13By default, TrueNAS 12 cannot initiate a replication to or from TrueNAS 13 due to an outdated SSH client library. Allowing replication to or from TrueNAS 13 to TrueNAS 12 requires allowing ssh.rsa algorithms. See OpenSSH 8.2 Release for security considerations. Log into the TrueNAS 13 system and go to Services->SSH. Add the SSH Auxiliary Parameter: PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms +ssh-rsa.
Replication fails between legacy TrueNAS 9.10 systems and 13.0-BETA1 systems.Due to numerous improvements in the replication engine and ZFS, TrueNAS 9.10 systems (or earlier) cannot replicate to or from TrueNAS 13.0-BETA1. Update the legacy TrueNAS system to 11.3 first, then 12.0, and then 13.0.

Resolved Known Issues

Seen InResolved InKeySummaryWorkaround
13.0-U413.0-U5NAS-120570TrueNAS Mini XL+ does not display on Enclosure Management screen.No workaround. Update to the latest 13.0 release when available.
13.0-U313.0-3NAS-118787Asigra Install FailConfiguring the Asigra plugin on HA systems requires assigning a static IP address rather than using DHCP to assign the node IP addresses. The Asigra plugin does not install correctly on HA systems that rely on a DHCP-assigned IP addresses.
13.0-U213.0-U3NAS-117899TrueCommand connection causing a kernel panic with unscheduled system reboots.Updated wireguard-kmod to correct error handling, excessive threads, memory leaks, etc.
13.0-U213.1-ALPHA1[NAS-117891]( login fails the first time after failover before succeeding.
13.0-U213.0-U2NAS-1176632.5GigE Realtek NICs not supported in 13.0-U2 due to the Realtek NIC driver causing iSCSI data corruption and the driver now disabled by default.When not using the system for iSCSI sharing but NIC support is required, it is possible to enable the Realtek NIC driver by going to System > Tunables and creating two new tunables. Enter if_re_load in Variable, YES in Value, and loader in th Type fields, then save. Add another tunable. Enter if_re_name in Variable, /boot/modules/if_re.ko in Value, and loader in the Typefields, then save. To verify the realtek driver loaded, reboot the system, go to the Shell, and type kldstat -n if_re.ko. The command returns the file name and details when it is loaded.
13.0-U1.113.0-U2NAS-117663iSCSI data corruption with RTL8125 NICs.Unlike FreeBSD native re(4) driver the vendor driver does not properly handle physically non-contiguous mbufs used by our iSCSI target to avoid extra memory copy in TCP stack transmission path. Some chip models might work due to other workarounds applied, but those are exceptions. With the lack of time for a fix on a planned 13.0-U2 freeze day, we decided to re-disable the vendor driver to avoid the data corruptions. Unfortunately it means loosing support for 2.5GigE Realtek NICs. People not using iSCSI can still re-enable the driver with loader tunables by setting if_re_load=“YES” and if_re_name="/boot/modules/if_re.ko".
NAS-117071Shadow Copies in nested datasets not visible.Previous Version only shows items accessed through SMB shares directly linked to the dataset. Implemented a fix that simplified arguments passed into function to resolve shadow copy paths.
13.0-Release13.0-U1NAS-116217Disk replacement fails with JavaScript error.Use the CLI to manually replace the disk: CLI method.
NAS-116262NFS nconnect feature not stable on 13.0During multi-client usage with the client-side nconnect option used, the NFS server becomes unstable. This feature is verified to work on SCALE.
13.0-Release13.0-U3)NAS-11618513.0 Train shows Community Release Only - Not Enterprise Supported.While CORE users can use this train to upgrade from the UI this release is not suitable for enterprise customers, and no support is provided for enterprise customers. Removing this notice in a future release.
13.0-Release, 12.0-U8.113.0-U1NAS-116160Netatalk 3.1.13 introduced an edge-case bug where AFP metadata can be stripped unexpectedly on file readDeployments that rely on AFP sharing should avoid upgrading to 13.0 until the 13.0-U1 release. Snapshot any AFP-shared datasets before attempting to upgrade to a 13.0 release.
13.0-Release13.0-U1NAS-116090Mini 3.0 E+ View Enclosure showing populated drive bay as empty.The enclosure view for all Mini 3.0 platforms shows the top bay as unpopulated even when a drive is inserted.
12.0-U8.1 and 13.0-BETA113.0-U5
NAS-115838Plugin install failures due to end of life (EoL) 12.2 FreeBSD release.Resolved separately from TrueNAS releases on April 19, 2022.
13.0-BETA113.0-U1NAS-114160Connection interrupt when managing jails or plugins.This behavior, seen in early testing. No workaround is necessary as the connection resumes after a brief interruption.
13.0-BETA113.0-U1NAS-114595VNC cannot connect to bhyve VMs.Update to 13.0 nightlies or 13.0-U1 (when available).
NAS-114480Unable to connect to TrueCommand Cloud.Avoid connecting 13.0-BETA1 systems to TrueCommand Cloud.

CLI Disk Replacements

These instructions apply to systems installed with 13.0-Release only.

CLI commands are meant for advanced users and, when improperly applied, can result in serious system instability or production down scenarios. Please use CLI commands carefully and always back up critical data before attempting this kind of procedure.

  1. On a system with 13.0-RELEASE installed, access the TrueNAS shell either by logging in to the web interface and clicking Shell or accessing the CLI remotely using SSH. Type in the commands formatted in these code blocks and replace any <text> strings with data unique to your system.
  2. Find the pool and disk to replace:
    • zpool list shows the name of the pools on the system.
    • zpool status <pool name> shows the specific pool and disk state for the pool. Replace with the name of your specific pool.
    • copy or note the gptid/#### identifier for the disk to replace.
    • Example:
       root@examplemini[~]# zpool list
       tank	2.72T	444K	2.72T	      -	       -	  0%	 0%	1.00x	ONLINE
       root@examplemini[~]# zpool status tank
         pool: tank
        state: ONLINE
         NAME											STATE	READ	WRITE	CKS
         tank											ONLINE	   0	    0
           mirror-0										ONLINE	   0	    0
         	gptid/c7a10e6d-ca3d-11ec-8ec6-d05099c356a4					ONLINE	   0	    0
         	gptid/c7acbd9e-ca3d-11ec-8ec6-d05099c356a4					ONLINE	   0	    0
      errors: No known data errors
  3. curl -s -o downloads the disk replacement tool.
  4. python3 <pool_name> <gptid/####> <ada#> replaces the named disk in the pool with the designated spare. Replace <pool_name> with the name of the pool with the disk to be replaced, <gptid/####> with the disk identifier noted above in step 2, and <ada#> with the name of the unused disk to use as the replacement. Example:
    root@examplemini[~]# python3 tank gptid/c7acbd9e-ca3d-11ec-8ec6-d05099c356a4 ada3
    Replace initiated.
    root@examplemini[~]#zpool status tank
    	    pool: tank
        state: ONLINE
         scan: resilvered 13.0M in 00:00:01 with 0 errors on Thu May 19 14:12:21 2022
     	tank											ONLINE	   0	    0
     	  mirror-0										ONLINE	   0	    0
     		gptid/c7a10e6d-ca3d-11ec-8ec6-d05099c356a4					ONLINE	   0	    0
     		gptid/5e10e97f-d7b8-11ec-889a-d05099c356a4					ONLINE	   0	    0
     errors: No known data errors