TrueNAS Q4 Featured Models - All Flash R10 & R40


iX has most models in stock and a $100/TB special price on a high-capacity TrueNAS M40-HA

  • Unified storage with File, Block, Objects, and Apps
  • 4U System + 4U 60-drive expansion shelf included
  • 80 x Enterprise 18 TB HDDs, 1.44 PB raw
  • 2 x 10GBase-T ports, additional options available
  • 16GB NVDIMM for write acceleration
  • HA system providing over 99.999% uptime
  • Room to grow by adding a 2nd expansion shelf
  • Upgrade to the M50 or M60 as you grow

Special price = $99,000

This M40-HA is great for moving terabytes at maximum speed for file sharing, backup, or any high capacity workloads.

This exclusive offer is good through March 24, 2023, for TrueNAS customers and users. Contact us to learn more and lock in your delivery date today!