Build Your Filecoin Infrastructure with TrueNAS Storage

  • High Availability
  • Impeccable Data Integrity
  • Best Pricing

TrueNAS is quickly becoming the de facto choice for companies running a highly available and profitable Filecoin operation.

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TrueNAS M50-compressor


The Software: Reliability all starts with the underlying filesystem, and TrueNAS is built on top of the very best one, ZFS. Also known as the ‘billion dollar filesystem’ it was originally developed by Sun Microsystems and since open-sourced as OpenZFS. OpenZFS is all about storing files with impeccable data integrity. No matter how a drive fails, ZFS ensures your data integrity is preserved.

TrueNAS is the world’s most popular storage operating system with over a million deployments. These users collectively create the largest storage operating system QA team ever assembled. The result is extremely high quality data management software with many tools for data recovery.


The Hardware: TrueNAS Enterprise builds upon the reliability of CORE by adding enterprise features like High Availability (HA), enclosure management, super reliable hardware, and 24/7/365 support. The TrueNAS M-Series Enterprise storage appliances go even further with the highest quality enterprise-grade components. Each appliance uses ECC RAM, NVDIMMs, hot-swappable dual controllers, and the industry’s longest-life Helium 18TB drives.

The result? Rock solid, highly available storage that ensures the most profitable Filecoin operation.

Hot swap controllers


  • Hot swap controllers
  • Hot swap power supplies and fans
  • Hot swap drives
  • SMART drive management and detection of failing drives
  • Hot spares and advanced replacement of parts
  • 24/x365 support with onsite support when required
  • TrueCommand manages filecoin storage across many data centres around the globe

What We Believe

We believe in a decentralized present and future. TrueNAS CORE has been fully open source and freely available since 2005 and is the standard for the democratization of storage. The spirit of TrueNAS and Filecoin share a common mission and are a perfect marriage.

Over the course of time a profitable filecoin storage operation will continue to grow to have many servers and the ability to manage them from one place becomes very important.


What Is ZFS?: A Brief Primer

TrueNAS M40 TrueNAS M50 TrueNAS M60
TrueNAS M40 TrueNAS M50 TrueNAS M60
Dual Controllers (HA) Optional Optional Optional
DRAM Per Controller 128 GB 256 GB - 384 GB 768 GB
Max Ethernet Speed 2x 40GbE 2x 100GbE 4x 100GbE
Fibre Channel (option) 4x 16Gb 4x 16Gb or 2x 32Gb 4x 32Gb
Expansion Shelves 2 8 12
Max Drives Supported 144 504 1248
Hybrid Storage (HDD + Flash)
Max Capacity 2 PB 9 PB 20 PB
Max Effective Capacity* 5 PB 22.5 PB 50 PB
Max Read Cache 3 x 800 GB SAS SSD 4 x 3.2TB NVMe 4 x 3.2TB NVMe
All-Flash Storage
Max Capacity 1 PB 2 PB 4 PB
Max Effective Capacity* 5 PB 10 PB 20 PB
Certifications Citrix Ready, VMware Ready, Veeam Ready, Asigra Integrated
Max Throughput 5GB/s 10GB/s 20GB/s
Performance Up to 1M IOPS. Varies based on configuration. Contact us.
Pricing Starting at $10,000. Grow HDD capacity at less than $75/TB, All-Flash at less than $395/TB
Datasheets TrueNAS M-Series Datasheet, TrueNAS Expansion Shelf Datasheet
* Maximum effective capacity assumes typical data reduction through compression and deduplication.