September 13 Plugins Update


September 13, 2019


Today’s plugins update addresses a PHP security advisory, updates a few plugins to their latest available versions, and introduces the iconik plugin. More information about iconik, a getting started guide, and an offer for 300 free credits is available in the press release. The latest plugins versions should appear in Plugins ⇾ Available and existing plugin installations can be updated to the new versions using the instructions below.
Note: During testing we discovered an issue with the new version of GitLab and temporarily disabled GitLab from appearing in Plugins ⇾ Available. GitLab version 12.0.6 should now appear as available. We are working with the GitLab maintainer to resolve a Ruby issue needed for the newer version of GitLab.
Tip: if the iconik plugin does not appear under Plugins ⇾ Available, type this command from Shell to refresh the Plugins index:
midclt call jail.list_resource 'PLUGIN' 'true' 'false'
Before updating a plugin, review its Release Notes in the table below to determine if the update will impact your configuration. Then, determine the jail_name for the plugin:  go to Plugins ⇾ Installed and note the name of the plugin in the Jails column.
To update the plugin, type this command, replacing jail_name with the actual name shown in Plugins ⇾ Installed:
iocage update jail_name
Note that you will need to restart the plugin once the update is finished.
It is recommended to make a snapshot of your current plugin version before updating. Detailed instructions for creating a plugins snapshot and rolling back to a previous snapshot are available in this post.
Security Advisory

Package Description CVE Plugin Impact
php7.1 Don’t allow different encodings for onig_new_deluxe. CVE-2019-13224 Nextcloud, Zoneminder

Updated Plugins

Plugin from to Release Notes
Emby Changelog
Jenkins 2.192 2.194 Changelog
Plex Media Server Changelog
Plex Media Server (plexpass) Changelog
XMRig 2.14.4 3.1.1 Changelog

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