1. X

    11.2-U4 to 11.2-U5 SMART Temperature Issue

    After upgrading to 11.2-U5, I've lost the ability to read back drive temperature, all show as N/A, the SMARTD service is running though. Sort of at a bit of a loss on what might have happened or how to resolve it? SMART tests still run as far as I can tell, just no temperature graphs, no...
  2. Theapplefuture

    Plugin Updater Automation

    Hello Everybody, At the moment I have two Plugins installed (Plex and Emby) and I want to keep them up to date. So my first question is, what is the best way to update a plugin - to press the plugin button via the GUI or with the CLI-command iocage update plugin? In FreeNAS 11.1 I heard that...
  3. E

    Windows 10 VM Update Not Enough Memory

    I have a Windows 10 Pro VM running on a dedicated 500GB SSD with 4 cores & 6GB of memory set. This shows properly in task manager & CPU-Z. However, when running the Windows 10 Update Assistant to update from version 1607 it says it doesn't have enough memory (2GB minimum). Has anyone else...
  4. V

    Update a plugin that received modifications

    Hi all, I have a pretty standard setup: FreeNAS 11.2-STABLE with some iocage plugins. For one of them, transmission, I made a modification to install nginx as a reverse proxy in order to enable TLS. However, whenever I update my jails with iocage update, it removes any extra package (including...
  5. BlakeNagel07

    SOLVED 11.2-U2 Update Broke UNIX Permissions

    Seems like this last freenas update broke permissions. If i try to delete a file in a folder that im apart of the group of with full read/write permissions, i get error message saying i need permission from Server\*User Here of share* I haven't changed any of my permissions ever since i...
  6. M

    Error When trying to update FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE

    I'm currently running FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE. I tried to install the update that's available and I get this error message "Cannot remove file /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.26/mach/CORE/handy.h". I'm new to FreeNAS and could use your guys help on this, what do I need to do so that I can get my FreeNAS to...
  7. I

    how to upgrade from command line?

    Hi, GUI crashed and I'd like to upgrade as I need to reboot anyway. How to upgrade over ssh? I noticed there was freenas-update command, which listed the stuff to update: # /usr/local/bin/freenas-update check Upgrade package base-os...
  8. nikkon

    Update plex on 11.2

    Hi guys, Did anyone manage to update plex via PSM_Updater.sh script or any other way on FreeNAS 11.2 ?
  9. zer0bitz

    Update seems to be failed!

    Hello! Last night I tried to update my Freenas box from 11.1-U6 to the newest possible update, but something went badly wrong. I tried to make the update from the web gui. It started downloading and installing it, but after awhile playing games in other room I come back to see message that...
  10. M

    cannot update from 11.2 RC1 to RC2

    Good morning everyone! whilst trying to update I am getting this error [MiddlewareError: Cannot remove file /usr/local/www/dojo/dojox/lang/functional/sequence.js.uncompressed.js] Any ideas? I repurpose an old cad workstation to be used as a backup server to our production freenas server...
  11. RJGamer1002

    how to update plex on 11.2 -rc2?

    I have tried to update plex using this way https://www.ceos3c.com/freenas/manually-update-plex-freenas/ but it does not work and have look at other forms and that did not work ether. i added a picture if that help.
  12. S

    FreeNAS 11.2 - update plugins

    update: same problem for Plex it seems: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/updating-plex-plugin-in-11-2.70757/ --- Hello everyone I recently updated to FreeNAS 11.2 and I'm mostly using Docker for all my Plugins / additional software now. However, I used the Emby plugin since I was...
  13. B

    Plex pkg updating

    I know Plex updating is talked about a lot but my searches did not help me find the answer. Im running 11.2 beta 3 with a plex jail and its working well enough though I could use some of the TV tuner updates in the newer versions. I installed plexmediaserver-plexpass through the freenas...
  14. Tekz

    SOLVED Ansible play for updating FreeNAS

    This thread was initially a different question. I am updating it and the post below to show the Ansible play I've built to manage FreeNAS updates.
  15. Quiltface

    11.1 U6 issues

    So I have seen some posts on here about SMB issues but I haven't really found a solution that works for me. I am using windows 10 and I cannot access my shares by either name or ip. If I boot into U5 everything works fine. Also I get errors when trying to check for updates in U6 but not in...
  16. N

    How do you update jails?

    I'm new to both FreeBSD and FreeNAS, but so far I quite like the jails and have already accumulated about 6-7 jails, with plans to double or triple that number in the next month as I'm transitioning various things to FreeNAS. But with that I'm starting to get worried about stale packages in...
  17. L

    don´t understand 11.2 beta and 11.2 stable-train

    hello, please, can you explain me if freenas 11.2 from the stable train is safe for production use? I don´t understand why there is first a beta-version you have to install and from this beta-version you can switch to 11.2-stable train and do an update. Is this update then beta too or is that...
  18. F

    Update auf 11.2 fehlgeschlagen

    Hallo Leute, nach dem sich die Probleme mit dem Update auf 11.1 U5 häuften wollte ich Nägel mit Köpfen machen und habe die 11.2 mit Hilfe des systemeigenen Updaters eingespielt und nach einem Reboot das neue System auf aktiv und booten gesetzt. Seit dem leuchtet zwar die Powerleed aber der...
  19. kaub07

    Transmission upgrade broke plugin

    I recently allowed FreeNAS to update my Transmission plugin via the GUI from 2.92 to 2.93 and now the plugin fails to start. The jail is running, but not the plugin. I see that it still has the “old.transmission-2.92....” but I can’t figure out how to make the system use the old version /...
  20. JoshDW19

    Forum Update July 3rd, 2018

    There will be a brief interruption to service at 6:00 PM PST, July the 3rd, while the team works to update the FreeNAS Forums to Xenforo version 2.x. Please expect that some functionality will be limited for the first week while I work to audit plugins and services across the forums. If you...
  21. M

    cannot rollback to U4 after updating to 11.1 U5

    Hi all, I've decided to update my FreeNAS 11.1 from U4 to U5. I've had a lot of issues so I wanted to roollback to U4. so from the web UI went to System > Boot, select U4 and set it to activate. It does say Active on reboot but it is not loaded when I reboot from Web UI. it keeps loading U5...
  22. D

    SMB Shares broken with 11.1-U5 update?

    All was working well, but now I can no longer browse to the FreeNAS shares on Windows machines (\\freenas\sharename). Web interface works fine and it's still connected to the domain. I read some previous threads regarding similar reports in the past and they mentioned that some VFS Objects...
  23. S

    Unable to create boot-environment 11.1-U5

    Hello! Trying to update from 11.1-U4 to 11.1U5 got Unable to create boot-environment 11.1-U5 Here is full exeception log: Environment: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U4 (89e3d93bc) Request Method: POST Request URL...
  24. Guinea

    Update Plex in jail for FreeNAS 11.1 install manually...failing

    So I followed the popular "Install Plex in a jail for FreeNAS 11.1" instructions to clear up some permissions issues I was having. Everything worked great, including my camera sync functionality. In doing so, I blew away my original PMS_Updater.sh script. So I went back to follow the...
  25. BlakeNagel07

    Transmission Update changed permissions

    As the title says, I just installed the update to transmission (version 2.93). Anything that i have downloaded since this update today that creates its own folder inside where transmission downloads go, has a different permission and i am no longer able to delete these newly created folders for...
  26. odragon

    update Radarr/Sonarr

    I am fairly confident that this exists somewhere but it seems like the search for the forums isn't working properly. Does anyone know what command to run in my radarr and sonarr jails to update them to the current version? Or a link to where it is would be greatly appreciated!
  27. M

    FreeNAS 11.1-U3 Update: "MiddlewareError" - no install

    On a Proliant Microserver Gen8 with 16 GB RAM, this message showing up when trying to install the new update via the FreeNAS-UI: Environment: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U2 (c636d1f4b) Request Method: POST Request URL: http://192.168.x.yy/system/update/apply/?uuid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
  28. A Bull With Yogurts


    Mod note: Other threads discussing this: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/u3-seems-to-kill-permissions-on-shares-don't-upgrade.62519/ https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/11-1-u3-user-passwords-reset.62527 If you see interesting information there that is missing in this...
  29. F

    FreeNAS-11.1-U2 update using console, GUI "Shell", or SSH session?

    I recently installed FreeNAS-11.1-U2 on a new server without any problems. This was a new, bare-metal installation on freshly-wiped drives. This was not an upgrade. The installation completed successfully. Using the FreeNAS GUI, I set up networking (IP address and default gateway) and the DNS...
  30. j0hnby

    Update from U1 to U2 fail (Unable to mount boot-environment 11.1-U2)

    When I trigger an update on my U1 server to go to U2 I get the following error generated Environment: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U1 (f7e246b8f) Request Method: POST Request URL: Traceback: File...
  31. B

    Networking Problem after 11.1 U2 Update

    Hello, I updated my FreeNAS System from 11.1 U1 to U2 yesterday. Since the update my nextcloud (apache24) and jenkins server doesn't work any longer. The apache server is running, but I can't connect to my nextcloud. In the browser I only get a blank site (but no "connection failed" error). When...
  32. Le Souricier Gris

    FreeNAS 11 - Update - Download Only

    Hello, I've got a FreeNAS (version 11) with a very low connection. Also, when I want to update FreeNAS, I've got a TMOUT. I've resolved this problem on Debian with the option download-only of apt. How can I do this on FreeNAS ? Is FreeNAS Update work behind a proxy ? Thanks
  33. Le Souricier Gris

    FreeNAS - Download Only

    Bonjour, Je dispose d'un FreeNAS avec une connexion lente voir très lente. De ce fait lors de la tentative de mise à jour, je me retrouve avec un TMOUT. J'ai résolu ce problème dans le passé sur Debian en faisant un download-only mais n'arrive pas à trouver comment faire sur FreeNas. Pourriez...
  34. GLaDER

    New motherboard, boot USB seems not to be detected (FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6)

    Good morning, I became a victim of the C2750 BMC memory bug and had to retire my old motherboard. Today I installed my new SuperMicro A2SDi-4C-HLN4F with an Atom C3558 and the system POST fine. However, my old boot USB seems not to work. I have tried both the onboard USB-3 contact on the...
  35. V

    SOLVED Trouble updating mineOs

    Yes I have tried this guide - https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/freenas-9-plugin-mineos.20122/page-22#post-300032 (I am new to FreeNAS) I have tried multiple times to install and update mineOs and each time I am trying to update the plugin refuses to update at this step - pkg install...
  36. L

    Every update from 10.0.4 to 11 Fails

    Hello, I am currently on FreeNas 10.0.4 or 10.4, and I'm trying to update to FreeNas 11 STABLE. Everytime I update, it applies it and then restarts, loads usb devices, and when it tries to connect to the database: It says: /data/freenas-v1.db unable to open database file then a whole bunch of...
  37. Simon Mackenzie

    Backup and Erase 9.10 --> Install 11.0 and Restore Backup

    Is it ok to backup my 9.10 configuration and then erase the FlashDrive and then install 11.0 and restore the backup configuration? Is this a safe option as my mirrored FlashDrives are now too small and so I need to upgrade them to install 11.0, or will this cause problems. And clean up some mess...
  38. Nettuno_

    update a FreeNAS 11

    Buongiorno, ho da poco avuto a disposizione un treno di ram (2gbx4) per fare l'upgrade e passare da FreeNAS 9.2.5 o (giu di li) a FreeNAS 11. ho fatto una nuova installazione e ho imporato le configurazioni ed ho riscontrato qualche problemino, nulla di trascendentale. innanzitutto visualizzo...
  39. K

    SOLVED Change Default Boot Environment while on ssh connection

    On update from 9.10.2-U5 to 9.10.2-U6, a boot environment warning mentioned that the boot used space was more than 80% but didn't mentioned that failed to apply the update. I noticed that it didn't changed from U5 to U6 boot environment, so I manually set to U6 (later I saw that this was a bad...
  40. D

    NextCloud plugin - update

    Dear FreeNas Friends, just wondering, how and if plugins get updated and how does it work, through the normal system update? Thanks Dirk
  41. T

    Having trouble updating

    Hi all It appears my flash drive maybe to small to old the update Request Method: POST Request URL: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.0-RELEASE (a2dc21583) Exception Type: MiddlewareError Exception Value...
  42. ZodiacUHD

    Noip setup issue

    Hello everyone, i setup a noip account and i wanted to automatically update my Ip from my freenas box. I'm having some issues and i need your help. It's not updating. Here are the logs: [root@freenas] ~# cat /var/log/messages | grep dns Jun 15 10:03:30 freenas smbd: dnssd_clientstub...
  43. S

    MOD_LOAD error 19 after update to 9.10.2-U3 (e1497f269)

    Hi, I've updated from 9.10.2-U2 to 9.10.2-U3 and I got an error message that I didn't get before (from the daily security run): freenas.local changes in mounted filesystems: 17c17 < freenas-boot/ROOT/9.10.2-U2 / zfs rw,noatime,nfsv4acls 0 0 --- > freenas-boot/ROOT/9.10.2-U3 / zfs...
  44. T

    After update 9.10.1-U4 to 9.10.2-U3 the volume state is DEGRADED:

    After upgrading from 9.10.1-U4 to 9.10.2-U3, the freenas server restarted several times alone. The volume VOL_RAIDZ2 (ZFS) state is ONLINE: One or more devices has experienced an error resulting in data corruption. Applications may be affected. 11c11 < freenas-boot/ROOT/9.10.1-U4 / zfs...
  45. C

    Grub "Incompatible License" after Update

    Been running 9.10 on 2 Dell R610's and on a hand built Xeon/mini ITX board units with no issues until now. Updated all of them to FreeNAS-9.10.2-U2 (e1497f2) and one of the Dells comes up with Welcome to Grub! Incompatible License. Press any key... No OS found.... The system in question already...
  46. M

    SOLVED Can't change update train

    *UPDATE* Issue was resolved, as per dlavigne's suggestion, it was a DNS issue. My ISP's DNS service was down and after changing it, my network issues were resolved. Hi! Although i am new to the fourms, i have been using freenas 9.3/9.10 for over a year now and i have never had any problems...
  47. Borja

    Can't access CIFS share after update from 9.3 to 9.10

    I had a CIFS share on 9.3. Permissions over the files inside this share are controlled by windows server controller domain. Everything was working fine until i decide to update to 9.10. System reboots and when i try to access the share (not even the, also de host) a login promt appears and no...
  48. nojohnny101

    No 9.10 stable train option

    Ever since I updated to 9.10.2 (a476f16) the dropdown menu for selecting which "train" does not include 9.10 stable. I find this quite odd, because you can see from the screenshot that I'm on the stable train but now I don't know what train I'm on and am afraid to update (if there is one). Did...
  49. O

    Did 9.10.2-U1 break jails/plugins autostart?

    I just upgraded from FreeNAS-9.10.2 (a476f16) to FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 (86c7ef5) and it appears my jails won't autostart anymore. Anyone else notice this or do I have to dig deeper and figure out what makes my system different?
  50. nello

    SOLVED 9.10.1-U4 Upgrade Hung

    My machine has been stuck here for half an hour: Any suggestions on how long to wait or what to do next? I assume that power cycling is NOT recommended. Is there a soft restart at the command line that I should try? Something on the console? Thank you for your input. - nello