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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. N

    hardware or software raid.

    Server HP ML150 GEn9 8 x 2 TB Disks. Should i create the raid on the server or just use JBOD and create a raid with Freenas? Freenas will be installed on esxi environment grts N
  2. M

    Ran Out of Sata Ports

    Hey all. I've got a system running FreeNAS-11.2-U7 (Build Date: Nov 19, 2019 0:4). My mobo has 6 sata ports total and I have a problem. 2 years ago I didn't plan for the future very well and installed 3 drives and one boot drive. So I currently I have 2 sata ports open. I would like to install...
  3. iliak

    help needed configuring 1027R-72BRFTP with AOC-S3008L-L8e

    we have recived the hardware (hopefully i did not order the wrong items) mother board 1027R-72BRFTP raid controller AOC-S3008L-L8e how i can connect the ssds (sas 3) to the controller? can i connect the drives directly to the onboard ? or what cable do i need to connect it
  4. C

    Will disabling / turning to AHCI built in RAID card work for Freenas?

    Hey guys! I recently purchased a Dell r720 off facebook, and now that I am messing with it, I see that the drives go directly from the backplane to a slot in the MOBO, with the raid card beside it. I asked in the LinusTechTips forums if I would be able to just disable the raid card for the...
  5. S

    RAID is not faster than single disk

    Hi, I recently get a HP Gen10 ProLiant Microserver to build a NAS. I bought 4 HDD to build a ZFS pool using RAIDZ, however the write performance is lower than expected. I also tried mirror/stripe, or RAID10, they all seem to have the similar performance, so I wonder the bottleneck might not be...
  6. poobear85

    Error getting available space (volume)

    Hi, I have a freenas system running 11.1-U7, it has 4 volumes, each volume is created from dedicated disks using raid-z2 with an additional spare per pool. A disk failed in one volume, I identified the disk and the serial number, shutdown the system, replaced the failed disk and when it turned...
  7. K

    Raidz3 OR (raidz2 and hot spare) for VM storage?

    Hi, Server for FreeNAS: HP ML 350 G5, controller e200i (each disk as RAID0). Disk: 8 x 300 GB SAS. Destination: iSCSI for VM. It is better add all disk to pool, example: - RaidZ2 => (8 x 300) - (2 x 300) = 1800 (two disk can die) - RaidZ3 => (8 x 300) - (3 x 300) = 1500 (tree disk can die) or...
  8. Daniel Augusto H. Jr.

    Erro ao importar discos

    Olá amigos! A algum tempo meu freenas apresentou problema e com ajuda dos amigos aqui do fórum eu resolvi substituindo um dos discos. Fato é que a um tempo atrás apresentou outro problema, tipo aquele monte de códigos e o sistema nem estartava. Ai reinstalei o freenas em um pendrive novo e os...
  9. G

    sas controller raid or hba and proxmox or freenas?

    Hi, I am a bit stuck here trying to decide, I'm just stuck between 2 stones. i have a hp proliant dl380 g7 server i will use but since it has so much power i will run everything on it. But here it starts :-( should i run it on raid or to hba mode? since i need vm, should I run proxmox with...
  10. B

    Backup Volume

    Hi All, I have not played around with ZFS a lot do sorry for this question. I saw lots of threads with similar question but I could not find the answers I was looking for. My problem is I have 3x3TB raidZ1 setup. As the disks have already reached 83% capacity I wanted to move to raidZ2 and move...
  11. R

    Where to setup RAID when using VM

    I have been fooling around with NAS devices for a while now. The FreeNAS interface seem pretty self explanitory, and I have been able to create one in VMWare. My question is in regards to the RAID array. I would like to manage the RAID in FreeNAS, but I think that requires pretty much a...
  12. baby27784

    need some help to implement iscsi san

    hello everyone i,m gonna to use our old server as iscsi san for vmware machine( SQL 2012-windows server 2012 ,2016-exchange 2016-file server-crm) and need some guide to do that: my server DL380 G7 16 bay cpu : 2*5620 ram : 16 gig nic : 4*1 gig hdd: 7*146g 10k 5*300g 10K...
  13. K

    3 newbie questions about: 1 tb missing, what raid, change existing raid

    So, newby here. 1) I have 2 4tb WD Red that show as 7 tb max, i understand that ZFS takes up some space and that 4tb isn't REALLY 4tb. But almost 500 gb less per disk? 2) I have created this pool 1.5 years ago but after that didn't have time to do anything with it, now i'm trying to figure out...
  14. T

    Set up RAID before installation and boot off of it

    Is the step where you choose a separate drive to put the OS on and boot from it an absolute requirement? I'm coming from years of setting up Linux servers with 4 drives set up for bootable software RAID and I'm hoping to do the same with FreeNAS. My server has four 2TB drives, but no room for...
  15. Conor Calby

    Backing up data to second hard drive

    Hello All, I have a Freenas server (home built Intel Celeron CPU G465 @ 1.90GHz with 4GB of RAM (works fine!!) running FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201412090314) I use the server for a variety of things but mostly as a home cloud storage system. It hosts things like family photos, various software...
  16. J

    FreeNAS do not found 8 Hard Drives

    We want to install FreeNAS on a server in our company, which will be equipped with 8 HDDs, each of which has 6 terabytes of volume. We are using this system configuration: DELL PowerEdge R510 Server 2X Intel XEON X5650 32GB DDR3 Ram 1333MHz Raid-Controller: PERC H200I Adapter-Properties --...
  17. K

    A little confused over mirroring

    Hi. This week, I've been lucky(?!) enough that, despite two drive failures in my ZFS pool, I'm managing to save most of the data. I've brought a couple of 8Tb drives and am about half way through copying my data over to the new drives. To save anything embarrassing in future, I want to make...
  18. A

    File transfer while using RAID-Z2

    Hi I got new FreeNAS and software installed. I have a NAS with 4 4TB hard drives. I want to use it for Fileserver storage, like storing of user data and other files. Can you help me with what Raid should I use and what type of File transfer protocol should be used for that. My NAS specs are: 4...
  19. S

    Cannot find disk

    Hi Guys, i would like to get some advise. We just bought a Quanta QCT server which preinstalled with Avago Megaraid SAS PCI Express ROMB-QS-3516B. We try to install the server with latest FreeNAS. However, we find that the installer are not able to detect the disk installed to the Raid...
  20. H

    Home NAS Build Configuration Advise

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and need some advice. I have been reading this forum and the documentation in preparation to build a home NAS for family photos, videos, music and local pc backup along with using Jails and VMs. I see many posts about different raid configurations and...
  21. B

    NAS down, I can't reboot it

    Hi all, I have a problem with a FreeNAS, last night fall down and now I can't reboot it, how can I do? In attached I put some photos.
  22. N

    Upgrading FreeNAS from 9.3 to 11.1 U1 degrades software RAID

    I tried upgrading FreeNAs from 9.3 to 11.1 U1. I had software RAID configured through FreeNAS itself. However, upgrade process even though successful, it degraded the RAID. At the time of upgrade using iso, installation shows lists of disks. Disk0 and Disk1 are in RAID. Disk3 is data disk. If I...

    BUILD Recommend configuration for hard drive.

    Hi I got a used FreeNAS mini shipped to me. I am looking for a good ways to configure it. Especially what RAID for ZFS I should use. I ready everything in Cyberjock's FreeNAS guide, but not sure how should I organize my hard drives. Motherboard: C2750D41 ASRock Intel Avoton C2750 Memory: 8gb...
  24. C

    RAID options, speed, recommendations

    Hello community, I'm a little new with servers, FreeNAS, and networking so please bear with me. I have some questions on raid options, and backup along with the speed that goes with it. I'm hoping I'm posting this is the right location. I've tried to do some searching, and haven't come up with...
  25. J

    RAID 100?

    I hope this is the right sub-forum. Forgive me if its not.. I havn't been able to find an answer anywhere yet. I set up small-medium sized businesses with file servers up to 70TB but I've recently gotten the opportunity to offer 1PB servers to a larger client. Ive always used RAID 0,1 and...
  26. C

    Recommendation Requested

    Hi there. So I'm putting together a system with the goal of running FN along with others as vms on esxi. I've installed an lsi 9211-8i card which I've flashed to IT mode. Currently, two spinning drives are connected to the lsi card which will be passed through to FN. I think that is good to...
  27. E

    Софтовый рейд

    Ребят, встал вопрос о выборе, сборке, настройке и внедрии FreeNAS в одну маленькую компанию, но с очень объёмным файловым хранилищем. В общем, есть 800 Гб файловой инфы с прогнозируемым ростом в дальнейшем, сейчас FreeNAS крутится на бюджетном сервере в виртуальной среде под Hyper-V (знаю, что...
  28. horizonbrave

    can I flash the H310 card by using the Dell R710 server itself?

    Hi, I just wonder if it's possible to achieve flashing the H310 LSI RAID card in JBOD/IT mode by placing inside the Dell R710 itself. I read somewhere else the people usually flashes it inside other machines/motherboards (at the moment I don't have other machine where I could install the card)...
  29. Kennyvb8

    expand raid somehow?!

    Hey there dont know what went wrong but somehow i'm not using the Full potential size of my raid look at the screenshot is there anyway i can expand so that the dataset uses the full raid ? also the Md0 at top is actully on 14TB (7x2tb) disks?!? where is all my space?! i think i'm useing 1...
  30. C

    High Capacity With Expandability

    Hi All Im looking into a first real NAS system i have am currently running 3 separate store bought boxes but have run out of storage on all and am needing a better solution for all my needs. I have a collection of hard drives im going to be using and would like a build that will accommodate all...
  31. J

    Storage in FreeNAS 11

    Hi Guys i am just setting up my first nas and i have 3x2tb WD red and 1x3TB WD red Drive and looking to create a large array to use but want to have redundancy so i dont lose data of a drive fails. can someone guide me please? cheers in advance.
  32. N

    Dell R320 RAID Controller

    Hi We are thinking about buying a Dell R320 rack server to be our new FreeNAS server. We will want to use ZFS with no intervention from a hardware RAID controller. The server we are looking at, comes with a H310 mini controller which as standard is a hardware based controller which would cause...
  33. D

    SOLVED how to check what RAID is used?

    I know it sounds silly, I might have already the answer, but need to have some knowledgeable person telling me to confirm ;-) Thanks a lot for all your help ;-) Dirk
  34. nmarmon

    RAID, RAM and Cache

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use part of the RAM of a motherboard as a cache of a RAID controller. It may sound a little absurd, but I've seen RAID cards out there that apparently have not, and I wondered if they were pulling RAM. Another question I have is if, for that, said...
  35. D

    SOLVED Newbie Hardware Recommendation

    Hi everyone, I'm new to FreeNAS and I was hoping to get some help on a new build. I've read the most recent FreeNAS Community Hardware Guide 2016-10 Edition Revision 1e) but I'm still confused about a few things. Namely, the SAS/SATA controllers and advise with regards to RAID. The guide...
  36. O

    IBM M1015 gezocht

    Hallo allemaal, Ik ben opzoek naar een IBM M1015 controller. Deze kan ik via eBay bestellen voor 50 tot 60 euro incl. verzendkosten, maar dan komt dat uit China en duurt het veel te lang voordat ik hem thuis heb. Reden waarom ik deze controller wil hebben: Ik heb een Dell R710 V1 met 6 x 8TB...
  37. F

    SOLVED RAID1 Mirror detached and attach not possible

    Hi everyone, Tomorrow I see on my FreeBSD interface that my raid 1 is degraded because one disc is failed. My mainboard a gigabyte j1900 support hot swap on Sata ports. Then i change the failed drive (hot swapped) and i connect a new clean formatted disc without partitions. The new clean...
  38. Borja

    SOLVED Is a snapshot a complete backup?

    I' planning to do backups to a remote FreeNAS system. So I read probably the best option is to create a replication task. But, at first, i created a snapshot and it only takes a small amount of Mb and in refer column some GBs but my volume has about 5TB space used. So, this is great to rollback...
  39. tinachte

    Problems with RAID array

    I'm new to the server world, but I'd like to get more into it. I recently picked up this used Primergy RX300 S6 server (Intel Xeon E5506, 16GB RAM). It runs and all that and got FreeNAS installed, no problems. Now, the server came with four SAS drives configured in some sort of RAID array...
  40. F

    SOLVED Detecting drive + Raid

    Hello folks, I have been looking for a while to solve this but didn't work . I have a server with 4 SAS hard drive the problem is either doesn't detect my disk or detect only one: When I use RAID 1+0 : Detect one disk (suppose 2) When I use RAID 5 : I have been able to install FreeNAS but...
  41. L

    Adding Additional Drives Post-Installation

    Hello, I'm new to FreeNAS and will be setting mine up shortly, as the parts are on the way. I'm starting with 2 3tb WD Red Drives in Raid 1 (or RAIDZ1) for 3TB usable space with 1 disk redundancy. My question is, later on I want to add another set of 3TB Drives and have it be run in RAID 10 or...
  42. T

    Promise SuperTrak EX4350 work with FreeNAS?

    Dear all I'm building home FreeNAS (using RAIDZ2) with following components: MSI H81M-E33 Intel® Celeron® Processor G1840 8GB Memory Cooler Master Elite 343 Cooler Master Elite Power 350W WD RED 1TB x8 Want to check whether Promise SuperTrak EX4350 PCIe x4 would work with FreeNAS well or...
  43. R

    Is ZFS.setup the same as RAID?

    Hi thar. Bear in mind that I am relatively new to NAS in general :confused: I installed FreeNAS on a 3 SSD-disc setup. Installation went smoothly, and was easy and quick to set up for web-interface. immediately when engaging the interface, I had the option (from the Wizard) to set up my disks...
  44. Vidis

    BUILD Dell R720 with PERC H710P Mini - RAID Settings?

    First of I’m new FreeNAS so please don’t flame if I say something wrong. I have just inherited 3x Dell R720 that I have configured the following way. 2 x ESXi 6.5 that are connected to a shared iSCSI storage. 1 x Free server that I want to install FreeNAS on and share storage through FC. I...
  45. R

    Ayuda, se me rompio uno de los discos duros de mi servidor FreeNAS

    Hola un saludos para todos, soy nuevo en el uso de freenas y aun tengo grandes dudas, por favor si me pueden ayudar, se me rompio uno de los discos duros (tenia 2 HDD 500gb en RAID) y por supuesto no perdi la información gracias al RAID pero ahora: 1. puedo ponerle un nuevo disco de 500gb al...
  46. F

    RAIDZ Config With 16 x 8TB Disks

    Hello, I need to setup a FreeNAS server with 16 disks of 8TB. I would like to know what is the best way to configure my array, I need to have at least 95TB available for data. Thanks.
  47. C

    SAS controller

    Hello, first time posting. I just installed 9.3 and wanted to create a zfs pool. I was using a raid card for my previous freenas installation and just spent all night reading threads about flashing IT firmware on it but i'm afraid i bricked it. However i learned the difference between IR and IT...
  48. D

    RAID Question

    I wasn't to build a freenas server and I was given 8 new hard drives that are pretty awesome so I would rather not have to buy anymore to add to the ones I just got. 2 x 1TB WD Se 2 x 2TB WD Se 2 x 3TB WD Se 2 x 4TB WD Se I am not sure what RAID to use for this...
  49. X

    SOLVED Hardware raid to software raid

    I was just wondering if I had a raid controller fail if I could switch to software raid to and still be able to get to my data?