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sas controller raid or hba and proxmox or freenas?

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Jul 26, 2019
I am a bit stuck here trying to decide, I'm just stuck between 2 stones.

i have a hp proliant dl380 g7 server i will use but since it has so much power i will run everything on it. But here it starts :-(
should i run it on raid or to hba mode?
since i need vm, should I run proxmox with raid, or hba to create a zfs pool. And run freenas in a vm.
Or is it better to run freenas with hba and create vm in freenas, freenas and raid is not the best solution?
or should i build another type of freenas server with sata controller instead?

John Doe

Senior Member
Aug 16, 2011
you will want to have esxi/ proxmox with an HBA (raid adapter flashed in IT-mode).
connect the discs, that freenas shall use to that adapter.
boot for esxi and freenas shall be a drive not connected to the HBA