1. D

    Seagate Ironwolf 6TB Write Speeds Below Single Disk Speed On SMB Transfers

    Hello, The title says it all. In TrueNAS Scale, I have a 2 drive mirrored pool for testing, with more to be added when the drives arrive. I am seeing 270MBps transfers until the cache dumps and then the transfers dip to below 100MBps and sometimes go as low as 30 or 40MBps. They never...
  2. fsociety3765

    Resource QEMU Guest Agent 2021-03-11

    DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstances will I be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities whatsoever (including, without limitation, any direct or indirect damages for loss of profits, business interruption, or loss of information)...
  3. G

    sas controller raid or hba and proxmox or freenas?

    Hi, I am a bit stuck here trying to decide, I'm just stuck between 2 stones. i have a hp proliant dl380 g7 server i will use but since it has so much power i will run everything on it. But here it starts :-( should i run it on raid or to hba mode? since i need vm, should I run proxmox with...
  4. D

    FreeNAS on virtualization hypervisor which is using ZFS

    Hi, I need to install a new FreeNAS system and I have to virtualise it. I'm using Proxmox as hypervisor and I have both some network storages (which are using qcow2 images) and some local storages which are using ZFS (and virtual machines are using some ZFS drives. I read the information at...
  5. Vincent Saelzler

    iSCSI Performance: Par for the Course?

    I am wondering whether IO the performance I am experiencing in iSCSI-backed VMs is expected for my hardware. I know the 5400 RPM drives are going to slow things down, but I still feel it might be slower than it should be. I've just started up a two test VMs to see how things work. I anticipate...
  6. zamana

    SOLVED Replication tasks: lz4c missing?

    Hi! I'm strugling to get my zpool storage replicated to another server, and after read this thread, I got a look in /var/log/debug.log e finally found this in several files in /tmp: root@freenas[/tmp]# cat repl-99191 /usr/bin/env: ‘lz4c’: No such file or directory cannot receive: failed to...
  7. J

    freeNAS 11.1 not coming back up after a reboot

    I was having trouble mounting hard drives from my proxmox server to my freeNAS server. I was getting some permission issues and it looked like adding no_root_squash in /etc/exports would fix it (temporary). After making the changes I rebooted from the GUI and almost an hour later it has still...
  8. B

    iSCSI / NFS / Snapshot KVM / Proxmox

    Hi, i use a freenas nfs stroage for my two node proxmox cluster for a while. But i asking myself why freenas don´t publish features for kvm ve whitch for VMware. I did not understand why there is no solution to use snapshots for kvm environment like for VMware. Or can you tell me to use Freenas...
  9. J

    Extreme slow downs while copying files > 40 GB

    I have this problem for a while but after upgrade to 11.1 this went to extremes. I have setup Proxmox with several VMs, most of them small 5-20 GB, but one of them little over 160 GB. For a few months I experienced weird slow downs of the Proxmox server while making backups to FreeNAS but in...
  10. V

    FreeNAS11 VM with Proxmox

    Hello did somebody try to create in FreeNAS a VM and install Proxmox to it? Would there be a problem to create inside Proxmox a VM if Proxmox is also in a VM? have a nice day vinc
  11. F

    New Supermicro FreeNAS / SOHO Server Build - What OS drives needed if running virtualized?

    Hi there Am just about to push the order button on a new FreeNAS build. This is my current part list: ----- MOBO: CASE: RAM: Kingston 32GB DDR4 2133...