TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 has the Fastest Growth Ever


December 20, 2023

TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 “Cobia” was released in October and already has over 30,000 deployments, setting a new record for TrueNAS adoption rate. The third major release of TrueNAS SCALE has delivered improvements in quality, functionality, security, and performance. Along the way, TrueNAS SCALE has reached the multiple exabyte milestone, with over 100,000 systems and 2,000 petabytes of storage managed. Today, we are releasing the first major update to Cobia, TrueNAS SCALE 23.10.1.

TrueNAS SCALE 23.10.1 includes almost 200 bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for the 15-year-old ZFS bug that was recently discovered. There are several improvements to GPU isolation handling, and the ‘statistics export’ API to Graphite has been reactivated. SCALE users can now make use of Apps such as Grafana and Prometheus for additional real-time monitoring and reporting of their TrueNAS statistics.

Please read the release notes before updating. This update is recommended for early adopters until there has been more testing and feedback from the Community. Visit the TrueNAS Software Status Page for our most up-to-date recommendations.

TrueNAS Enterprise appliances with 23.10.1 begin shipping in early 2024. These include the following TrueNAS appliances:

  • F-Series: New high-performance, all-NVMe HA systems
  • M-Series: Scalable systems with HA supporting up to 25PB
  • X-Series: 2U energy-efficient HA systems
  • R-Series: Single controller systems with the lowest price per TB
  • Mini Series: Ultra-quiet systems for home and SMB / SME

TrueNAS SCALE Cobia 23.10 showcasing storage and networking features

Major Features in TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 Release

Highlights of the all-new features in SCALE 23.10 include:


  • SMB and NFSv4 Compatibility
  • SMB Share import
  • SMB File Sync
  • Fast File Copy
  • SMB Performance and Scalability
  • Samba security updates


  • Linux Kernel 6.1 and improved hardware support
  • NVIDIA 535.54.03 driver updates
  • Netdata backend stats collection
  • Scale up to 1200 drives and 25 PB+ on a single system

Web Interface

  • Improved Apps UI
  • Improved Storage Pool UI
  • Simplified feedback and bug reporting

ZFS & Performance Improvements

  • OpenZFS 2.2.2 with many iXsystems contributions
  • ZFS Block Cloning (type of deduplication) for faster SMB & NFS file copies
  • ZFS dRAID Pool Layouts
  • Pause / Unpause ZFS Scrub Controls
  • Reduction of HA failover times by up to 70%

NVMe Platforms

  • All-new F-Series NVMe HA platforms
  • iSCSI improvements including ALUA support
  • Sub 20 Second HA failover times
  • General improvements in NVMe performance and management

TrueNAS SCALE “Cobia” 23.10 completed a very successful BETA, RC.1 cycle, and Release cycle. We wish to recognize and thank the more than 30,000 community members who have provided invaluable feedback. Many users have found the new bug reporting and webUI feedback built into Cobia to be very user friendly.

In addition, TrueCommand 3.0 has been released and includes full support for TrueNAS SCALE 23.10. It is available as a self-hosted container or hosted subscription service. To learn more about TrueCommand’s ability to manage your TrueNAS system fleet, visit and get started with your first 50 drives for free.

TrueNAS 13.1 Will Inherit Some Cobia Improvements

In addition, TrueNAS 13.1 is planned to follow with a release in early 2024. This update will include the many SMB and ZFS improvements that have been implemented and tested in TrueNAS SCALE Cobia. Nightly versions are available for testers and those who wish to help contribute to TrueNAS development. The link to the nightly versions can be found on the TrueNAS Software Status Page.

TrueNAS 13.1 includes additional features to simplify “sidegrading” from TrueNAS 13.1 to TrueNAS SCALE 23.10, especially for Enterprise HA systems. Additional information will be available for TrueNAS 13.1 when it reaches BETA status.

TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 is now the Default for SCALE

TrueNAS SCALE inherited storage functionality and automated testing from CORE. Based on Linux, KVM, and Kubernetes, SCALE offers a more robust environment for apps. To join the >100,000 users already using TrueNAS SCALE, download the installer here or use the System Update feature from within your existing TrueNAS install.

Work has already begun on the next TrueNAS SCALE release, codenamed “Dragonfish”. There will be updates on this plan in February 2024.

TrueNAS provides these choices and the ability to automatically migrate storage services and VMs from CORE to SCALE. Plugins and jails in CORE can be manually replaced with Apps in SCALE. We encourage anyone looking for further advice or answers to questions to visit our Community Forums or Discord Channel.

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