Vmware Alternatives

Beyond VMware: Virtualization Alternatives & Hypervisor Replacement

TrueNAS is certified storage for VMware, making it a preferred choice among users in VMware environments. As you explore alternatives to VMware hypervisors, consider solutions including KVM-based or Xen-based hypervisors in addition to traditional proprietary solutions such as Hyper-V. TrueNAS excels as a storage option, providing seamless integration and compatibility with various virtualization platforms. Explore these choices and refer to resources for evaluating and testing alternatives to VMware.

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VMware Alternatives

Top VMware Alternatives on TrueNAS (As voted by our community)

Use Cases License Learn More
KVM-Based A popular open-source solution, the KVM hypervisor is used by both free and paid hypervisor solutions Open Source hypervisor
(Products may vary)
Xen-Based Admins with Citrix familiarity Open Source with Paid Hosting & Support Link
Hyper-V Microsoft-focused virtualization, hybrid cloud options with Azure Proprietary, free basic plan with paid options Link

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