Evaluating TrueNAS SCALE

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The SCALE Evaluation Guide

Our evaluation guide details the easy process of downloading, deploying, and evaluating TrueNAS SCALE™ in less than one hour. TrueNAS SCALE is free to use on your own infrastructure and is also available on a family of appliances with enterprise support.

With traditional storage, evaluating its full potential is not possible without testing on proprietary hardware. This guide describes the easy steps that anyone can take, using any hardware (or virtual hardware) to experience the full potential of TrueNAS SCALE.

TrueNAS SCALE Evaluation Guide

Instructional Videos

In this video:
  • Navigating the TrueNAS Console
  • Selecting TrueNAS SCALE Install Drive
  • Selecting a WebUI Authentication Method

In this video:

  • Checking For DHCP – Assigning an IP Address
  • Changing Hostname, setting Gateway and DNS
  • Signing into the Web UI

In this video:

  • Confirming Disk Count
  • Build your First Pool
  • Make a Dataset
  • Creating a Group and a User
  • Share the Dataset over SMB

In this video:

  • Taking a Manual ZFS Snapshot
  • Going Back in Time
  • Automated Snapshots and Scheduling

In this video:

  • Simulating a Drive Failure
  • Removing a vdev
  • Adding a vdev

In this video:

  • Set up local replication between datasets/pools on the same system
  • Create a new dataset with increased compression
  • Configure replication task and monitor success
In this video:
  • Configure an SSH connection between two TrueNAS systems
  • Use replication to send data in a PUSH style replication to a second system

In this video:

  • Identify the advantages of a PULL style replication
  • Configure the SSH connection from your target machine back to the source
  • Understand the differences in PULL replication jobs and schedule replication

In this video:

  • Learn how to install a TrueNAS SCALE App
  • Understand and configure different types of volumes for App storage

SCALE Knowledge Check

This less than 10-minute knowledge check tests your understanding of key concepts covered throughout the SCALE Evaluation guide. Plus, you can earn a badge to feature on your TrueNAS Forums profile! All you need is to get a score of 80% or above.

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