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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. N

    Can't save change to UPS Driver selection in FreeNAS GUI (Services > UPS)

    Please help! I'm having trouble getting my UPS service to run correctly, running under FreeNAS 11.3-U4.1 with a CyberPower (CST135XLU) UPS connected via USB. Basically, after configuring the UPS service in the GUI (using MASTER mode and the correct port: /dev/ugen0.4), saving configuration and...
  2. mpyusko

    Failover UPS's and montoring?

    My FreeNAS Box has Redundant PSU's. Each PSU is connected to it's own 900W/1500VA UPS. Each UPS has a 1500VA Extended Battery. I Have two Hypervisors in HA. Each Hypervisor has one PSU and is plugged into one UPS or the other. Each Switch has one PSU and is plugged into one UPS or the other...
  3. N

    PowerWalker UPS

    Hello Have a BlueWalker PowerWalker UPS VI 750 R1U, and I am trying to install on my FreeNAS, but is not doing so well. This model I have is not in the list. Tested with other models from PowerWalker and get the same problem: "Communication with UPS is lost". Does anyone know how to get UPS to...
  4. Exhorder

    Redundant UPS?

    Hi, I want to add redundant UPS to my FreeNAS server. Actually the UPS is already there, but of course I also want to shutdown FreeNAS (and other connected servers) when battery is low. Overview: There are two UPS, each connected to it's own RCD. The UPS are powering several servers, each...
  5. A

    Choosing UPS

    Hi everyone, as I'm waiting for the components of my new and first FreeNAS machine to arrive, I thought to myself "It'd be wonderful if the ups could send a shutdown signal to the server when the battery is running low in case of blackout" - obviously, the documentation answered me, and this is...
  6. M

    Execute jexec with user uucp / or how to execute jail commands from UPS service

    Hello community, I just bought a UPS (APC Back-UPS CS 350) which seems to work very fine to shutdown my FreeNAS server. But: I want more ;) I want to shutdown other critical devices in my network automatically too. Unfortunately, the other devices are really heterogenous, so I couldn't use any...
  7. B

    Turning off UPSMON

    Hi, I (tried) enabled the UPS service (through the WEB UI) and even though it is no longer running, on the console the below message keeps scrolling. Is there anyway to turn it off? upsmon[2503]: UPS [APC}: connect failed: Connection failure Connection refused Thanks, Byron
  8. S

    What config to enter for an APC UPS with 9630 network card?

    I've read every thread I can find on this, but none (including the guide and the NUT docs) actually say in clear terms, what config to enter on the UPS service dialog. So far I've never succeeded in getting the two communicating. I'm hoping someone who has got this working, can explain. The UPS...
  9. J

    UPS service stopped but /var/log/messages still loaded with upsmon messages

    Greetings, All - I searched the forum and did not se anything resembling my question. We are running FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (54848d13b) on a Virtual Machine. (I know this is not recommended.) Since it's running on a VM, our UPS service is Stopped and "Start on boot" is disabled. However...
  10. N

    SOLVED UPS shutdown 2nd server

    I have my main server and backup on the same UPS. The USB cable from the UPS is going to my main server. Is there a way to get the backup server to shutdown if the main server has a shutdown due to a low battery on the USP? My UPS is APC Backup-UPS Pro 1000.
  11. O

    What size UPS do I need

    Things I need the UPS to accomplish #1 condition the power. in TN we have many brown outages and power spikes #2 be able to shut down the NAS #3 give our editors enough time to save and shut down their projects before the NAS shuts down (I was thinking 15 mins max.) #4 Be as cheap as possible...
  12. M

    UPS connection failure

    Hi, after a server reboot the UPS connection failed. From /var/log/messages: freenas upsmon[33615]: UPS [ups]: connect failed: Connection failure: Connection refused /var/log/messages is spammed with that line, every five seconds! I thought the connection might have changed, so I tried...
  13. I

    Cannot access Web UI for Eaton UPS Network-MS card on 172.x.x.x network

    I have an Eaton 5PX1500RTN UPS with a Network-MS card installed and I could access the Web UI when I first set it up during initial testing on a network. I made sure that I used DHCP in the "Network" properties for the Eaton web card. Then I put the UPS on my actual network which...
  14. I

    UPS configuration - master/slave

    I recently bought a Eaton 5PX1500RTN UPS(1440VA/1440W) with a Network-MS card. I connected it via ethernet and can now see the Web UI for Eaton. This thread here gave me confidence that the UPS would work via the network instead of using the USB or Serial cable/driver. Now comes the part where I...
  15. I

    Compatible UPS

    I am currently looking at 2 different rack-mount online UPS(es?) and was wondering if anyone had any experience with either of them. Tripp Lite SmartOnline SU1500RTXL2UA (without a network card) APC SURTA2200XL (without a network card) Devices potentially connected to the UPS Primary NAS...
  16. D

    CyberPower CP550SLG / CP550HGa

    Wondering if anyone has been able to get one of these UPS's working? None of the CyberPower drivers that I have tried worked except the CPS 400e (usbhid-ups) which worked once, powered the system down correctly but when I started the system up again I am back to the same connect failed...
  17. Z

    UPS: FreeNAS takes some time to recognize it...

    Hi! Unfortunately I have that infamous Microsol Back-Ups BZ1200-BR. It is connected at the /dev/cuaU0 port and NUT is capable to read some values correctly through the "solis" driver: root@freenas:~ # upsc ups battery.charge: 100.0 battery.voltage: 27.1 device.mfr: Microsol device.model...
  18. M

    UPS email updates not working

    For some reason, my FreeNAS box stopped emailing me when the UPS went on battery power. We lost power at my home today (PC off, clocks reset) but I didn't get an email. First, is there a way to force it to send a test email? Second, where is the email address supposed to be configured for...
  19. A

    UPS Service not starting, Solved

    Hi My APC Backup-CS USB Stopped working this week, so I got the emails every 5 minutes. However it did not do this on every boot (power reconfigurations this week so rebooting a few times) Tried to manually restart the service, failed. Unplugged and re-inserted UPS usb connector, no go. Then...
  20. S

    How to set up my APC UPS + network card?

    I have an APC UPS with an AP9630 network card (not using USB). I'm having issues configuring it, because the official docs are pretty minimal and ambiguous, and unfortunately so is guidance in the forum. There is an entry in the drivers list for AP9630, but the rest is unclear. Rather than...
  21. fajung

    SOLVED UPS Lyonn CTB 800V connection refused

    Hello, yesterday I bought an a Lyonn CTB-800 UPS, to prevent any damages when the energy is cut off, which is quite often around here, especially during summer seasons. well, did a litle researh which ups I could buy, and found the ups supported list
  22. Archaniel

    Happy days

    Hi guys, I just had a first real-life scenario with my build and here's the logfile. The UPS pretty much went on for another hour after the shutdown with router, TV and other stuff hooked up: Mar 13 08:38:03 freenas upsmon[2229]: UPS ups on battery Mar 13 09:40:38 freenas upsmon[2229]: UPS ups...
  23. packinpennies

    Smartphone UPS Notifications

    Hi all, I am running the UPS service with email alerts currently set up to come from my Gmail. However, these emails usually get stuck in Spam until I check for them later and thus do not get notified when a UPS alert comes through. Has anyone been successful in implementing any remote...
  24. B

    FreeNAS upsmon: Poll UPS

    Hello, I have a problem with my PowerWalker VI 600 UPS. When the UPS is connected to my Server, after a while I get the following message: FreeNAS upsmon[15307]: Poll UPS [PowerWalker_UPS] failed - Driver not connected PowerWalker_UPS is the name I specified in the UPS service section. I am...
  25. helgew

    UPS configuration in FreeNAS VM (ESXi 6.5 host) with USB 3.0 controller

    I have FreeNAS (11.0-STABLE) running as a VM on an ESXi 6.5 host. When changing the assigned USB controller for the VM from 2.0 to 3.0, upsmon is no longer able to connect to the attached UPS (APC Back-UPS XS 1500G): Nov 27 20:50:43 freenas ugen0.4: <American Power Conversion Back-UPS XS 1500G...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] UPS Atlantis Land A03-HP851

    Ciao a tutti ragazzi e, come al solito, grazie in anticipo a chi vorrà darmi una mano. Ho acquistato un UPS modello Atlantis Land A03-HP851. Attualmente ho FreeNAS-11.0-U4 installato su un HP proliant Gen 8 e l'ups è collegato alle porte usb 2.0 (ma ho fatto la medesima prova sulle usb 3.0 sul...
  27. E

    ESX Portable Demo Lab, no UPS, clean shutdown optional

    Hi All, I've got a partial ESX Demo Lab consisting of 2 Intel NUCs, with 3.5GHz CPUs and 32 GB RAM each, and with ESX as the operating system for a 2 TB SSD in each box. I'm trying to demo things like vMotion that require shared storage, and am trying to figure out if FreeNAS is the best...
  28. G

    Large Rackmount UPS Recommendations

    Hey everyone, hopefully this will be my last plea for help before finally finishing my FreeNAS build. My rack finally came in (bought the one recommended by @BigDave in my other thread - thanks again!) and the server is installed in it, though I need an UPS system to power it and keep the...
  29. Jacopx

    UPS wrong notification every start or shutdown

    Buongiorno a tutti, a few weeks ago I bought a new APC UPS for my environment, everything works very well. The UPS is usb-linked to my pfSense box that it works like a NUT Server, FN is a NUT Client for the pfSense system. The system hasen't problem, when i need that the system going off it do...
  30. D

    BUILD Rackmount Recommendations Switch and UPS

    Hello everyone, So I'm in the process of starting my first FreeNAS. I have purchased the following with 8 x 8 GB DIMMs...

    Need help with UPS driver not listed

    Hello all would anyone happen to know what driver is compatible with the APC Back-UPS Network 40 (BACK-UPS BN4001)? I looked through the list of drivers and couldn't find the exact driver and the APC website has little information and not driver info.
  32. Hazimil

    SOLVED Unable to configure APC Smart-UPS 1500 (SMT1500I) with FreeNAS v11

    Hi, I'm doing my burn-in tests with my new NAS box (see signature for specification), and am having trouble configuring the UPS. I have run the command: dmesg | grep -i --color 'american power conversion' Which gave me the following result: So I then went to Services to configure the UPS...
  33. Luke_Rhok

    UPS Connection issue "failed - Driver not connected"

    I've been trying to get my FreeNAS server to communicate with a SOLA ups S1K520. Since this model only uses a serial connection I started out by connecting both the Server and the UPS with a serial cable (15ft DB9 M/F Extension Cable). When I found out that FreeNAS was having problems trying...
  34. StephenFry

    UPS fan replacement - electrical guidance needed

    Computer hardware is not something I'm usually scared of, but I know little to nothing of electrical components and until I do, will stick to the 'better safe than sorry' approach. My question comes from me being completely ignorant and confused about currents and amps and volts and the like...
  35. MaLaCoiD

    Redundant Power Supplies- Halt on failure

    Is there a method to trigger a graceful shutdown when FreeNAS loses power to a redundant power supply? I've got a Supermicro SC825 2U Rackmount Server case which has redundant Power Supplies. I've got a UPS with no USB data connection to signal power loss. I'd like to plug one PS into the UPS...
  36. J

    What to look for when buying a UPS

    I'm looking for a UPS to protect by fresh FreeNAS build. I've never owned a UPS before, so I'm not familiar with caveats and tradeoffs associated with this purchase. Anyway, I've heard good things about APC in this forum and others, and since I can source them locally it seems like a good...
  37. P

    Newbie's query regarding UPS setup

    Hi, I have a APC UPS (BR100G-IN) and I have setup my FreeNAS to switch off after its been on UPS power for 10 mins (600 secs). I had tested it and its working. I have a few queries: A) The problem is that FreeNAS does not turn ON after the power is back lets say by 15 to 20 mins and the UPS...
  38. J

    Do i need UPS?

    I have read Cyberjock's "ZFS Storage Design and other FreeNAS information" PowerPoint slide and stumbled over the following entry on page 35: The resultant improper shutdowns of your system can result in a corrupted zpool that will no longer mount. Now i am curious. Let's assume i do have a...
  39. Z

    Success: Eaton UPS 9130 on FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1

    Hi everyone I've successfully installed an Eaton UPS 9130 with 2000 VA on FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 I purchased it based on the published compatibility here:
  40. nojohnny101

    UPS sufficient protection from lightning strike?

    What is everyone's opinion about lightning strikes and protecting against them. You can see from my sig below I have my main FreeNAS box and my Backup FreeNAS box both behind their own APC BR1000G. My question is to what extent do these UPSs protect from surges due to lightning strikes (direct...
  41. M

    SOLVED Cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD is not working, FreeNAS system turns off after unplugging from the outlet

    Hi, Hardware: [URL='http://Hi, Hardware: Problem: When I unplug my UPS from the electrical outlet, the whole Freenas system turns off. Tests performed: Here is what I have configured: The port is correct since when I plugged in the USB from the UPS, the port ugen0.5 message showed up in my...
  42. D

    CUSTOM UPS system

    I am interested in developing a custom UPS. I have a series of FreeNAS systems but interested in making a device that will send a signal (I need to know what kind of signal FreeNAS accepts) so the FreeNAS will turn off. I am an expert electronics developer and I have a custom made UPS system...