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Brea, CA
Security & MDR Provider

INTRODUCTION, formerly known as Milton Security, is a military veteran-founded company that has roots as a security appliance manufacturer, and today offers Threat Hunting-as-a-Service. Previously a manufacturer of security appliances like iX, they made the transition to a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provider in 2015. spent a lot of time analyzing the security of every part of the company’s services. In doing so, they recognized the need for a unified and universal data storage solution that would offer a completely secure data transmission and data-at-rest. The solution had to be robust and able to safeguard data at every level.

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Protect user data in several unique ways to prevent data loss and provide complete redundancy.

Enable scalability, starting with a smaller subset of drives with plenty of headroom to scale over the next ten years.

They began evaluating enterprise storage solutions, getting quotes from many different vendors and even integrators for their custom systems. Remembering that they were already using TrueNAS CORE, the free and Open Source Community version of TrueNAS, they began to gravitate towards a TrueNAS Enterprise system because it easily integrates with their existing TrueNAS CORE systems, as well as additional hardware and server needs down the road as their company grows.


  • Secure Data Transmission and Protection at every Level>
  • Unified Storage that can scale to Petabytes of capacity
  • Easy to Manage Transition from Community to Enterprise Product

TrueNAS Benefits

  • Ability to Scale Up and Out
  • Open Visibility of Code, Release Notes, Documentation, and more
  • Simple Upgrades from CORE to TrueNAS Enterprise
  • Straightforward and Transparent Pricing

TRUENAS ADVANTAGES chose TrueNAS by iX because of its ability to inherently protect data with the OpenZFS filesystem. It also can scale up or out with TrueNAS Enterprise, giving plenty of headroom and making adding additional petabytes of data easy.

As they looked at the different solutions available for their industry, they realized that TrueNAS doesn’t box you in with confusing licensing models like the other data storage solutions out there. Having been a FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE user in the past, it was an easy upgrade to the Enterprise edition of TrueNAS.

“We pick the best solution for the right job. TrueNAS was the right fit.”

“The experience transitioning to TrueNAS Enterprise was nice. Pretty flat, straightforward, and transparent.”

“Being in the business of risk mitigation, the TrueNAS platform fully supports our mission.”


The TrueNAS M50 with High Availability was an ideal fit for because it inherently protects critical customer data and offers all of the scalability, flexibility, and redundancy needed to secure their customers’ data, whether in-flight or at rest. This infrastructure supports’s services, systems, data sets, and data lake.

As experts in security, also found value in the openness of code, release notes, and documentation. This visibility gives them comfort that is not available with technology that is not Open Source. As the developers of TrueNAS, iX has the expertise to help by offering 24×7 white-glove support from our US-based Support Team.

In addition, TrueNAS removed the complexity of cloud-based subscription or usage-based pricing models for Many storage vendors have shifted to cloud-based subscription or utility-based pricing options, which has resulted in more complex pricing. iXsystems’ straightforward and transparent hardware, software, and support pricing allows for more accurate cost modeling to compare your savings with TrueNAS Enterprise versus other vendors.

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