What I Wish Everyone Knew About iXsystems’ White-Glove Support


March 31, 2017

The iXsystems Customer Service Team is committed to ensuring our customers attain the best value from our products. We are organized to assist with iXsystems’ TrueNAS and server product lines, ensuring maximum productivity is achieved, while also providing aid during those tough situations.
The TrueNAS Storage Array is based on the same underlying technology as FreeNAS, the world’s most popular Open Source Software-Defined Storage operating system. There are many benefits that come along with TrueNAS. One of the most important is the white-glove support experience for the TrueNAS Storage Array software and hardware which directly contributes to the accolades we have received. While FreeNAS is supported by the community, TrueNAS solutions are designed for 24/7 enterprise-grade support from iXsystems.
We leverage a three-tiered approach in delivering the white-glove experience, which allows us to focus our collective skills accordingly in the most efficient manner. A support issue begins with our triage staff carefully evaluating each situation and assigning the issue to the appropriate support resources. We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible problem resolution, leveraging the entire team’s experiences and perspectives as warranted. By taking on this approach as a team, we start the white-glove experience right from first contact, ensuring the proper attention is brought to bear.
Tier 1: Our Tier 1 support engineers are well versed in basic TrueNAS troubleshooting (including storage infrastructure), and typically handle front line assignments from Triage. Tier 1’s will bring in our Tier 2 or Tier 3 engineers should the customer need help with the integration of other systems to the TrueNAS.
Tier 2: These are our storage experts who can assist with application integration situations, to include virtualization and backup. If the situation involves integration with a specialized application, then Triage can fast track the situation to a Tier 2 Support Engineer. These engineers are versed in applications like virtualization and backup to work with you in ensuring your integration needs are met.
Tier 3: Our Tier 3 Support Engineers work closely with our engineering organization with a primary focus on support. In cases where the issue requires engineering assistance, the Tier 3 Engineer with experience in the area being supported will be involved. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support Engineers will consult with Tier 3 engineers on issues such as performance tuning, code investigation, and network infrastructure situations.

Customers rated the support they got from iXsystems’ Support Team 4.6 stars out of 5 stars in the areas of Response Time, Quality of Communication, Knowledgeability, and Overall Satisfaction. Whether it is identifying failed components to working through issues with other manufacturers or infrastructure/integration challenges, the iXsystems Support Team is committed to assisting our customers with iXsystems products. We are proud of providing customers with a white-glove support experience and will continue to work diligently towards our goal of consistently helping our customers with their unique needs.
Chiu Szeto, Director of Customer Service

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