Why I Chose FreeNAS When I Started My Own Landscape Architecture Firm


November 11, 2015

After fourteen years of working in the field of landscape architecture, I decided to start my own firm. I have always considered myself a quick learner when it comes to software programs and enjoy the challenge of learning new ones. Knowing my way around computer hardware, on the other hand, was another matter. I did not have a lot of experience in this area at first and found it much less approachable. That all changed about a year and a half before I started my own firm when I had an opportunity to help start and run a small branch of another landscape architecture firm. The main office of the firm purchased and/or built all of the computers, software and related computer equipment. They also purchased and built a server using FreeNAS software. I was given a quick 30 minute tutorial and showed how it worked and how to oversee it. Not long after, using screen sharing, I was instructed in how to set up separate volumes, how to control permissions, and how to add new users. I found the interface easy to use and soon had a much better understanding of network servers.
A year and half later, when I started my own firm, I decided to buy and set up a server right away so that it would be easy to grow the firm when the time came. Based on my experience with the FreeNAS software, I chose to go with the FreeNAS Mini, a server from iXsystems that comes with FreeNAS already installed. It came at a good price and was easy to set up. In fact, I had it up and running in just a few hours despite no real training in information technology. The machine came with a quick setup guide that was clear and easy to follow. Within no time, I had set up my volumes, users and access. It has been up and running now for eight months and I have had only one issue, which I was able to quickly resolve by calling a person recommended by iXsystems who specialized in FreeNAS software.
As a new business owner, it is nice to know that my data is stored on a secure and reliable system whereby I don’t have to worry about it and can instead spend my time focusing on growing my business.
Mary Moore Wallinger, RLA, ASLA
LandArt Studio

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