TrueNAS Minis Store More Than 100TB!


March 17, 2022

Our TrueNAS Minis have always been a storage powerhouse. Mini but mighty and now, even mightier! With the integration of 18 TB WD Red Pro drives, TrueNAS Minis are now configurable to support more than 100 TB, allowing you to store more video footage and data with a minimal footprint.

TrueNAS Mini Models

Mini E Mini X Mini X+ Mini XL+
Max. Hard Drives 4 x 18TB 5 x 18TB 5 x 18TB 8 x 18TB
Additional SSDs 2 x 7.6 TB 2 x 7.6 TB
Raw Capacity 72 TB 90 TB 105 TB 159 TB
Usable Capacity (without Compression) 47 TB 63 TB 70 TB 102 TB


More Power and Value for Your Money

When it comes to value, choosing TrueNAS is the right decision. With full NAS systems as low as $50/TB at >1W per TB, you get increased capacity along with effective power efficiency, less power at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality. You get the tried and tested maturity of TrueNAS software with the support from iXsystems and the devoted community who put their trust in TrueNAS.

TrueNAS and WD Red Pro

Western Digital is a long-standing partner of iXsystems and the WD Red Plus and WD Red Pro drives are the preferred drive for the TrueNAS Mini product line. These Western Digital HDDs are purpose-built, optimized, and tested for demanding NAS applications. They are engineered to handle heavy workloads so that users can stream, back up, organize their digital content, and manage data like a pro.

“We are honored to have these latest high-capacity drives included in the TrueNAS Mini products. The 18 TB Red Pro drives enable best in class capacity and a power profile that enables the Minis to be whisper quiet.” -David Jarvis, Senior Account Executive for Western Digital

TrueNAS Minis are compact and whisper-quiet when it comes to storing your valuable data in a secure environment. Now with the ability to be configured to more than 100 TB, allowing you to store more while maintaining a small form factor. Let TrueNAS safeguard what matters to you most by bringing professional-grade data protection and storage capabilities to your home or office. 

For a full specification table and drives compatibility list, please visit our Mini page at

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