🖥 TrueNAS & FreeNAS Simplified IT Operations with TrueCommand – Issue #67


May 14, 2019

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Take Command of Your NAS Fleet with TrueCommand™
TrueCommand is a “single pane of glass” management system for TrueNAS and FreeNAS, designed to simplify IT operations through administration, monitoring, and control of multiple systems. Try the public BETA of TrueCommand, available for download now.

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Special Price Preconfigured TrueNAS X20-HA and TrueNAS M40-HA
For a limited time, we have 132TB TrueNAS X20 and 1.7PB M40 systems pre-built and ready-to-ship! Order yours now and get enterprise-class storage and performance at the lowest TCO in the industry.

132TB TRUENAS® X20-HA $23,700 | 1.7PB TRUENAS® M40-HA $170,000

iXsystems Takes the Plunge with Liquid Immersion Servers
iXsystems has partnered with the foremost company in liquid immersion solutions, Green Revolution Cooling, to design a line of liquid-immersion-ready servers. These servers are submerged into horizontal racks filled with an eco-friendly dielectric (non-conductive) fluid to more efficiently dissipate heat.

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FreeNAS 11.2-U4.1 is available
The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the fourth update to FreeNAS 11.2. This is a bug fix release that also includes several fixes for security vulnerabilities.

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Creating FreeNAS Installation Media
Need help setting up a bootable installation media for FreeNAS? This video walks you through how to create one on Windows or macOS, along with some best practice tips.

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Next Batch of Updated Plugins and How to Recover from Failed Update
The latest round of plugin updates is here! Before updating a plugin, review its Release Notes to determine if the update will impact your configuration.

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eBook on Open Source Storage by iXsystems and ActualTech Media
This free eBook explains how proprietary and cloud storage falls short and why Open Source is a better development model for storage systems. Learn about the advantages of NVMe/NVDIMM storage for the modern enterprise and why businesses need a unified data platform.

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Storage Performance Reference Guide: Interconnect Maximum Effective Data Rates

When designing and evaluating performance for network storage, there is an entire chain of interconnects to consider along the data path. This blog has tables that show data rates for the most common storage interfaces and interconnects.

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On-Demand FreeNAS Training
Online training modules from iXsystems are designed to quickly get you up to speed for getting the most out of your FreeNAS system. Each training module is 30 minutes long and cuts to the core information you need to become an expert in FreeNAS and OpenZFS.

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Tech-Tip #64
FreeNAS email notifications are configured like an email client with username and password. Consider setting up a dedicated account for your FreeNAS systems!

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Quote of the Month
“We’ve been purchasing iXsystems servers for a few years now and couldn’t be more satisfied with their hardware, customer service and overall experience dealing with different teams within iX. Whether we’re ordering 1 NAS or 100 servers they always deliver in all areas. Their customer service is second to none; rarely have we experienced hardware or logistical issues and any issue has been resolved professionally, following up every step along the way until satisfactory completion. I would highly recommend iXsystems for any server and storage needs.”

– Carlos H, IT Specialist

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