TrueNAS Enterprise outscores Dell, HPE, and NetApp on Gartner Peer Insights


October 6, 2022

TrueNAS debuted on the Gartner Peer Insights Enterprise business-to-business product review site in June 2021 in the Primary Storage Category, amongst more than 80 other products. In the short time since, TrueNAS has already moved into the top 20 in number of reviews (currently #18) and has sustained an exceptional rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, among the category’s elite.  

We’re just getting started, but a tremendous thanks goes out to our incredible customer base for taking the time to share their TrueNAS experience with Gartner and the world.

As the list’s only open source solution offering True Data Freedom, we also could not be happier to be the only vendor with 100% of reviewers stating they would recommend iX and TrueNAS. What’s more, reviewers reported they considered the “who’s who” of classic storage vendors in the market before selecting TrueNAS Enterprise. Nearly 4 in 5 considered Dell, and more than half considered HPE and NetApp, and were clearly very satisfied with their choices.

Products from these companies make up half of the top 20 list in the Primary Storage category. According to the reviews, iX outscores Dell, HPE, and NetApp, with these cited advantages:

  • Better at service and support
    • Enterprise support from US-based engineers
  • Easier to integrate and deploy
    • One common software,  UX, and learning curve that can cover all storage tiers vs. different solutions for each tier or application (i.e. – Dell: PowerStore, Unity, VMAX, Isilon, and the list goes on and on)
  • Better evaluation and contracting
    • Fast and free to evaluate, fundamentally lower in cost

While iX is not yet as large of a company as these vendors, many of our customers are. 34% of customer reviews came from large or very large organizations, and 35% from medium-sized ones. Organizations of all sizes are choosing TrueNAS Enterprise for their data storage needs, evidence that Open Source Economics are important in smaller deployments and even more valuable in larger ones.

From a recent piece of research from Gartner published last month, Open Source software [OSS] is used within mission-critical IT workloads by more than 95% of IT organizations worldwide, whether they are aware of it or not. Among the key findings, IT organizations leverage OSS to gain cost savings, flexibility and innovation benefits over homegrown or third-party commercial alternatives.

We invite you to check out all Gartner Peer Insights reviews, as well as other user experiences on our updated TrueNAS reviews page. For customers who invested their time in sharing their experiences, we thank you! Thank you in advance to customers who consider sharing your experiences on any review site, to keep the momentum growing for the Open Storage Era!

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