#StorageEnvy: TrueNAS M-Series – The Next Generation


April 12, 2018

For several years, iXsystems disrupted enterprise storage with its TrueNAS Z-Series product line. iXsystems shifts the spotlight over to the TrueNAS M-Series as the TrueNAS M40 and TrueNAS M50 replace the TrueNAS Z30 and TrueNAS Z35. The TrueNAS M-Series represents the next generation of TrueNAS and meets the performance and data growth needs of file serving, backup, virtualization, media production, and private cloud users.

The M-Series uses a 4U form-factor with 24-drive bays and advanced flash technology for read/write cache. The TrueNAS Z35 was scalable to up to 5 Petabytes while the TrueNAS M50 can deliver up to twice that amount of storage.
The TrueNAS M-Series is fast. As a true enterprise storage platform, the TrueNAS M50 supports very demanding performance workloads with up to four active 100GbE ports, 3TB of RAM, 32GB of NVDIMM write cache and 12.5TB of NVMe flash read cache. This gives the TrueNAS M-Series superior performance over other NAS systems based on SSDs or those that use SSD-based caching.

The TrueNAS M-Series gives customers an alternative to the public cloud. It is built on OpenZFS and is economical, having a low cost per GB and IOPS, democratizing enterprise storage. The TrueNAS M-Series is a cutting-edge solution for demanding enterprise workloads, including those that use 40/100 GigE and 16/32Gb Fibre Channel. Look no further, the TrueNAS M-Series is the next evolution of enterprise Open Source-based storage for the datacenter!
The TrueNAS M-Series supports up to 744 drives and provides the infrastructure needed to build a private enterprise cloud or big data repository. Its dense storage capacity supports application growth, from 288 Terabytes in a single 4U to 10 Petabytes in less than a rack and a quarter.

The TrueNAS M-Series supports different storage capacities to provide the right amount of performance and capacity at the right price, all in a unified storage solution. iXsystems also offers models that are ideal for small/medium businesses and remote office/branch office environments. The TrueNAS product line currently offers the X-Series, designed for the economically minded, and the Z50 all-flash storage array that provides the ultimate in flash-based performance.
For more information on the TrueNAS M-Series, call 1-855-GREP-4-IX or email us at info@ixsystems.com for a no-risk quote.

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