Robbie From NAS Compares Reviews The Best Free NAS OS (TrueNAS)


May 6, 2022

Robbie Andrews from NAS Compares has just wrapped up his time exploring TrueNAS where he published one of the most comprehensive sets of reviews we have ever seen! Robbie now holds the record for the most content created on TrueNAS in the shortest amount of time. He has long been fascinated with all things NAS so we knew we had to get a TrueNAS Mini in his hands. 

Overall, Robbie was very impressed with the maturity and wide range of features. This will come as no surprise to our community. Robbie is seeing what users have known for years about TrueNAS—Enterprise-grade, datacenter-proven, open storage software that is free for everyone, AND it works great at home!

As part of his series, Robbie was the emcee of a live Q&A about TrueNAS posing questions from his audience to iX’s SVP of Product Management, Morgan Littlewood. A wide variety of questions were answered that ranged from the basics of TrueNAS and ZFS to questions that may even stump power users. The full list of questions and their respective answers can be found here.

Overall, Robbie has created an immense wealth of content that TrueNAS users of any level can learn something new. He was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding amount of features that TrueNAS offers thanks to the power of ZFS 2.0 and Open Source technology. Plus, thanks to all the hard work from the TrueNAS team and our amazing community of over 250,000 members, Robbie had crowned TrueNAS with the title of being “in a class of its own”.

Give TrueNAS a shot and download TrueNAS CORE for free HERE.

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