Results of TrueNAS Enterprise Customer Experience Survey


April 12, 2022

In recent posts, we shared satisfaction scores and user input & comments provided by more than 8,400 users of TrueNAS CORE and SCALE. In this post, we are happy to share how customers of TrueNAS Enterprise appliances rated their product, sales, and support experiences in a recent survey. We sincerely thank all of those who responded! iX pledged to make a charitable donation for every survey submission, and we are proud to report that $11,520 was raised from the survey to support the Red Cross.

The responses we received were largely positive across the board. We also received some great feedback and input on desired improvements and features for our products. iX is different, and we take pride in the success of our customer-centric approach. “Thinking people before profit”, we strive to help customers choose what is best for their environment, with clear and simple pricing and no hidden fees or upcharges.  Word of mouth from our satisfied customers will always be our best sales tool.

Of course, our interactions following purchase and deployment are just as important. In the survey, customers scored our Support Team highly. Again more than 90% of responses said they had a good or excellent experience, with several comments of praise for the knowledge and professionalism of the iX Support Team. Based on the “iXperience” built into TrueNAS Enterprise and provided by our support and sales teams, 4 out of 5 customers said they would recommend iXsystems to a friend or colleague. A similar percentage of customers said they would recommend TrueNAS Enterprise to someone in the market for storage.

In terms of the product itself, a majority 88% of customers reported a good or excellent experience using TrueNAS Enterprise systems. The open development model of TrueNAS allows for more transparency while delivering on our promise of true data freedom. This ultimately results in a product that delivers better stability, performance, and security without vendor lock-in or artificially-imposed limits, usually at a much better price.

While we are generally happy with these scores, we are never satisfied. We will continue to invest in areas to meet or exceed customer expectations, and prioritize feedback as we continually improve. We are following up with any customer respondents who had anything less than a positive experience to learn more about how we can improve things for them and future customers while hopefully earning their recommendation in the future.

From the survey, the most requested areas of improvement for TrueNAS have been included in the backlog of features and capabilities that feed our Engineering Roadmap. The top six areas that our customers want us to focus on are:

  1. Backup Integration
  2. VMware Integration
  3. Hardware Improvements
  4. General Ease of Use
  5. Documentation (Related to HA setup, installation, and replication)
  6. Clustering (coming in TrueNAS SCALE!)

We also received some feedback that we have taken to heart. Some of the common requests included things like faster support response times, NFS enhancements, and more advanced reporting. Expect us to invest in these areas as we strive to keep our customers highly satisfied, and work to earn a high score from all who buy TrueNAS Enterprise. 

A big thank you again to our customers for taking part in our survey. What’s more, everyone at iX is grateful for the business we earn from our customers. We have our customers to thank for being recognized as the fastest-growing storage systems vendor in 2021 and one of only two Open Source companies in the Top 25. We look forward to ongoing collaboration and doing great things together in the future. Thanks again for your help and feedback thus far!

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