Resources for Using Nextcloud on TrueNAS SCALE


September 30, 2022

Using Nextcloud on SCALE Resources

NextCloud is a drop-in replacement for many popular cloud services, including file-sharing, calendar, groupware, and more. In addition to this, it is commonly used in the home environment as a media backup, organizing and sharing service.  NextCloud can be deployed as an App on TrueNAS SCALE or as a plugin on TrueNAS CORE.

We’ve been hard at work with the Nextcloud team producing resources to help guide you through the setup and configuration process, including how to use Nextcloud with TrueNAS SCALE. Below, you’ll find useful links to all of the TrueNAS Community and iXsystems resources currently available regarding TrueNAS and Nextcloud.

Most recently, we created a how-to guide for adding media previews to a NextCloud App on TrueNAS SCALE. Media previews make it much easier to navigate and search content within Nextcloud folders. Below is a screenshot with those previews activated.




There is also an App for Collabora which is installed separately from NextCloud. After installing both of these Apps, they can be logically connected giving users the ability to jointly edit documents, much like Google Docs. This functionality has been confirmed to work but needs Community testing to find any bugs or rough edges. We look forward to your feedback.

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