NEW Plugins: Crashplan and OwnCloud


October 1, 2013

The official Crashplan plugin is now available for FreeNAS. Crashplan is a cloud-based backup target. You can use it to back up the data on your FreeNAS to Crashplan and your data is kept safe in the cloud, making it easy to recover lost data later. The backup process takes place in the background on the schedule you set and all your data is encrypted before sending.
Check out the forum announcement for more information. This plugin requires more work to set up than the others, so make sure you’re comfortable using Linux emulation before trying the installation.
We also released a plugin for ownCloud. This plugin allows you to turn your FreeNAS box into an ownCloud server and sync your files across all of your devices. Any changes made to your files are pushed between all devices connected to a your ownCloud account. These plugins can be installed via the plugins menu of the GUI.

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