New experimental installation mode


May 28, 2007


I’ve just added a new method for installing FreeNAS: It’s a real ‘install’ method that no more use the RAM drive.


For preparing these change, I’ve begin to rename the platform name:


Here are the new platform names:


  • FreeNAS-i386-liveCD: For the CD-ROM release (using a RAM drive) 
  • FreeNAS-i386-embedded: For the classical .IMG release (using a RAM drive) 
  • FreeNAS-i386-full: For the release installed with the new method (real install) 


These new name will permit to add ‘amd64’ release, or other architecture.



I think that it will be complex to add an ‘upgrade feature’ with the ‘full’ release, but possible.


Now I need to fix all bugs that I’ve added with these changes (I’ve just found that firmware upgrade doesn’t work with the ’embedded’ for example).


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