NAB Wrap Up


April 25, 2017

NAB exhibits

Media & Entertainment is Hot! In fact, it is hotter than ever when it’s 88 degree in Las Vegas and NAB is in town. After walking miles and miles of exhibits, one thing is perfectly clear–Media and Storage are joined at the hip.
Brad Meyer, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer and I are at NAB right now. What we are seeing is storage utilized in every stage of media production. From camera, to editors, to production, post production, transcoding, and distribution, storage is indispensable.
Because of this, storage vendors are ubiquitous at NAB. Some are fledgling start ups with nothing more than an idea, to industry giants with specialized products and everything in between. However, viewing these products objectively is difficult, especially when you represent the best in what storage has to offer–TrueNAS.
I’m not joking about TrueNAS. Brad and I couldn’t find one other storage system that was: simple to operate, self-healing, flexible, expandable, and most of all, affordable–hey, not everyone is Steven Spielberg with a $100 million budget.
Flexible storage is the name of the game with M&E. Each of those media processes I mentioned earlier, use distinct and disperate protocols, like: SMB, FC, iSCSI, and NFS (okay, a few dinosaurs are still on AFP). But guess who handles them all, and on the same machine and at the same time?  If you guess TrueNAS, then you guessed right (give me your address and we’ll send you a few leftover squeezy balls, lighted pens, and maybe a T-Shirt).
Well, it’s time to get back to work. I heard that booth 1165 is serving Free Beer! Who ever said working trade shows was easy? Seriously though, if you want to hear just how TrueNAS for M&E stacks up against the (cough) competition, then give me a call at 408.943.4100 Ext. 135 (after happy hour of course).

David Valencia
Channel Sales Manager

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