May Newsletter: Supercharge Your Storage with TrueNAS SCALE Apps


May 4, 2023

Leveling Up TrueNAS SCALE Apps and Catalogs

Apps are always improving with each new release, and are available to run on SCALE using the TrueNAS catalog or any number of unsupported 3rd party catalogs. As a part of the latest TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin update, 22.12.2, a new set of apps have been made available in the TrueNAS Catalog. These new apps are also grouped into three “trains”: Enterprise, Official, and Community.

trains at TrueNAS Catalog

  • Community: The newest App Train. Considered “Community” supported, these Applications will receive periodic help from iX in reviewing changes submitted by users.
  • Official: The primary Train up until this point. Official Apps will be periodically tested and maintained by TrueNAS engineers.
  • Enterprise: Exclusive to TrueNAS Enterprise appliances. Enterprise Apps will be tested and fully maintained by TrueNAS engineers.

For full details, including the current list of Apps in the TrueNAS Catalog, check out our blog.

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All Aboard the App Train with TrueNAS SCALE!

Have a suggestion for an application you’d like to see added to the Community train of the TrueNAS Catalog? Check to see if it’s already been requested. If it’s already there, give it a “Thumbs Up” using your GitHub account – if it’s not, use your account to create a new request!

Video: How Much Memory Does ZFS Need and Does It Have To Be ECC? (Lawrence Systems)

Tom Lawrence walks through the memory requirements to run ZFS at the minimum efficiency as well as requirements for high performance. He also explains TrueNAS SCALE’s memory usage.

memory requirements to run ZFS

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TrueNAS Plugins

The Future of Plugins is Apps

TrueNAS CORE introduced one of the first generations of integrated applications and storage when “Plugins” were introduced back in 2007. They were subsequently revamped in 2013 and again in 2017. Plugins were then reimagined as “Apps” when TrueNAS SCALE launched in 2022, which TrueNAS CORE users can migrate to when the time is right for them.

By 2025, we expect SCALE will have as many, if not more, users than CORE. Until then, iX will provide support for the general Github infrastructure for managing TrueNAS CORE Plugins as well as the following Official Plugins: Asigra, Iconik, MinIO, Nextcloud, Syncthing, Tarsnap, and both the paid and free editions of Plex Media Server. Jails will continue to be supported. Check out the blog for all of the details.

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Q2 Featured Model: All-NVMe Starter Cluster

From now through the end of the quarter, we are featuring a special price on a 3-node starter cluster of high-performance all-NVMe TrueNAS R30 appliances. With 270 TB of storage capacity across three 1U R30 systems, these appliances are ready to expand as your data grows. This starter cluster of R30s is an excellent fit as a Kubernetes storage target, for media-production workloads, and much more.

NVMe TrueNAS R30 appliances

  • Designed for TrueNAS SCALE clustering
  • Unified File, Block, Object, and Apps
  • 3 x 1U rackmount systems, each with 16 Cores
  • 2 x 100GbE optical and 1GbE Base-T ports each
  • 18 x 15 TB NVMe drives
  • High-uptime with clustering
  • Room to expand with 10 drive slots in each
  • Scale-out by adding nodes to cluster



This offer is good through June 23, 2023. You can get 270 TB of raw all-NVMe Enterprise capacity at just $74,700. We are here to answer any questions and support your immediate projects with systems in stock.

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54% of Fortune 500 Companies Use TrueNAS

The iX Team did a research study and found that the majority of Fortune 500 companies run on TrueNAS! 54% of the Fortune 500 and over 40% of the G500 choose TrueNAS for their data storage.

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Tech Tip #123

Scheduling regular snapshots is an easy and effective way to safeguard your data on TrueNAS against accidental deletion, overwrites, or even a ransomware attack. Use the Data Protection menu under TrueNAS SCALE, or the Tasks menu under TrueNAS CORE to set up a Periodic Snapshot Task on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and set a retention period to let you wind the clock back in case of emergency.

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