Joshua Parker Ruehlig’s FreeNAS plugins


February 7, 2013

The FreeNAS team would like to highlight the efforts of Joshua Parker Ruehlig from the FreeNAS Forums who, in the true spirit of open source, recently published several new plugins for FreeNAS.

Joshua had already been using sickbeard and Sabnzbd on a windows-based NAS. When he found out about the plugin system in FreeNAS, Joshua started to experiment.

Since then, here’s a list of all the plugins he has developed:

  • headphones – music downloading for sabnzdb
  • gamez – video game downloading for sabnzbd
  • lazylibrarian – automated ebook downloading
  • sabnzbd – usenet automation
  • sickbeard – internet personal video recorder
  • maraschino – frontend for XBMC
  • couchpotato – media search automation

The plugins that Joshua created can be found at

For release information, please refer to the notes here: [Release Thread] SAB / SB / CP / HP / Maraschino / LL / Gamez

Support information is available here: [Support Thread] SAB / SB / CP / HP / Maraschino / LL / Gamez

We’d like to thank Joshua again for contributing plugins to the FreeNAS project. FreeNAS would be nothing without the support of its wonderful community. If you’d like to make your own plugins, why not check out the official documentation? We’d love to hear about your progress on the Plugins forum.

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