iXsystems Announces New Partnership with FreeBSDNews.net


April 9, 2014

iXsystems has announced a new partnership with Gerard van Essen, the creator of FreeBSDNews.net.
FreeBSDNews.net is a premier source of aggregated news for FreeBSD aficionados everywhere. Gerard has spent years gathering the best of FreeBSD content and news together in one place, making it easy to find information for a much underrepresented community. In fact, a lot of our blog posts, pictures, and news show up on the site.
So when we heard that Gerard wanted someone to help run the site, we jumped at the opportunity. As part of our agreement, iXsystems will now maintain and host FreeBSDNews.net. With Gerard’s continued involvement on the reporting and editorial side, our added efforts will allow the website to continue its growth and expand its coverage.
Needless to say, we’re very excited about this. As our regular visitors know, we eat, sleep, breathe, and live FreeBSD. With this newest venture, we’ve got the community’s best interests in mind. We are dedicated to the continued delivery of the high quality FreeBSD news, interviews, and announcements that FreeBSDNews.net is known for.
We invite all of our readers to check out FreeBSDNews.net now and subscribe to the RSS feed. This is a big day for the FreeBSD community and we hope you’re a part of it.

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