Crypto Mining on FreeNAS, VMware Snapshots and much more, Issue #57


May 24, 2018

NOTE: This is historical content that may contain outdated information.

Hello FreeNAS Users

With the days getting longer, we hope you’re spending more time doing things you love (which includes FreeNAS, right?). In this content-packed edition of the newsletter, we’ll take a look at crypto mining, the difference between OpenZFS and XFS, various FreeNAS builds, and how to set up VMware snapshots on FreeNAS.
The FreeNAS Team

EconoNAS and HTPC System Builds with Brian Moses

Three Devs and a Maybe speak with Brian Moses about some of his recent FreeNAS builds, his process for selecting the hardware, and preview his upcoming 2018 EconoNAS build.

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Mining Monero on FreeNAS

If you’ve ever wanted to get into crypto mining, be sure to check out this tutorial from Joshua Ruehlig as he demonstrates his new XMR plugin for mining Monero on FreeNAS.

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OpenZFS vs XFS

Ranvir Singh takes a look at the pros and cons of each file system to determine which is better for storing your data.

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On-Demand FreeNAS Training

iX University provides a series of free online training modules presented by Senior Analyst and FreeNAS expert Michael Dexter. These modules are designed to quickly get you up to speed on the key concepts and techniques that will help you become an expert in FreeNAS and OpenZFS.

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TechTip #53

While FreeNAS automatically notifies you of failing disks, you can check your disk health at the command line with ‘smartctl -a /dev/<disk name> | more’. Substitute “disk name” with every disk you see with the ‘sysctl kern.disks’ command.

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