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March 7, 2018

NOTE: This is historical content that may contain outdated information.

Hello FreeNAS Users!
Spring has arrived along with new and interesting projects! From Pi-Hole to Let’s Encrypt, we love seeing all the awesome things you’re doing with FreeNAS. Keep them coming!
The FreeNAS Team

FreeNAS at SCaLE 16x
FreeNAS development sponsor iXsystems will once again have two booths in the Expo area of the Southern California Linux Expo ( SCALE) to be held in Pasadena, CA on March 8-11. Drop by the FreeBSD booth to learn more about FreeNAS and its parent operating system, FreeBSD. At the iXsystems booth, learn what we’ve got planned for the upcoming year and talk to the team for a chance to win an Apple HomePod.

FreeNAS Release Notes Archive
Comparing the changes between each FreeNAS update has never been easier. Starting with FreeNAS 11.1, release notes are archived in a single location for your convenience.
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Let’s Encrypt on FreeNAS 11.1
User Danb35 from the FreeNAS forums wrote a useful guide for setting up Let’s Encrypt on FreeNAS 11.1. This tutorial shows how to use HTTPS for the Web UI. It also shows how to automate the process so it only has to be set up once.

Whole Home Ad Blocking with Pi-Hole on FreeNAS VM
Check out this video from Craft Computing demonstrating how to install Pi-Hole on a FreeNAS VM to block ads on all devices under a home network.
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On-Demand FreeNAS Training
iX University provides a series of free online training modules presented by Senior Analyst and FreeNAS expert Michael Dexter. These modules are designed to quickly get you up to speed on the key concepts and techniques that will help you become an expert in FreeNAS and OpenZFS.
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TechTip #51
Cloud Sync was introduced in FreeNAS 11.1. Link your Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Backblaze B2 account to securely synchronize your files and directories to the cloud.

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