June 12, 2007

Internet IPv6 migration seem very slow (in US and Europe), then here is my little contribution to this big task:
By continuing to improve the upgrade process of the new ‘full’ release, I’ve start on adding IPv6.
The actuall FreeBSD kernel used in FreeNAS support allready IPv6, the only change is to permit to configure IPv6 from the console and webGUI. This first step will be very easy.
The next step will be to check that all services (CIFS, FTP, etc…) can use IPv6 too.

Working on user validation input for IPv6, I’ve discovered an excellent PHP Filter Functions.
PHP provide a function for validing email/url/IPv4/IPv6/etc…. This will simplify a lot the FreeNAS code!!

At the BarCampNantes, I’ve meet Bertrand Florat (the project manager of the open source software Jajuk) .
And he gives me lot’s advices for managing an open source project, and the more important: To read this book Producing Open Source Software: How To Run Sucessful Free Software Project.

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