Introducing the Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance


October 23, 2018

Flow of Asigra and TrueNAS integration
The recent release of TrueNAS®️ 11.1-U6 introduces a new built-in service that seamlessly integrates with Asigra Backup software. With this integration, an existing TrueNAS system can be configured as backing storage for Asigra backup clients while simultaneously performing all the responsibilities of a traditional network attached storage system. iXsystems has also partnered with Asigra to deliver the Asigra TrueNAS®️ Backup Appliance, which was announced at VMworld in August.
Asigra Backup can collect data from a variety of different endpoints, including desktops and laptops, database and virtualization servers, cloud storage repositories, and even mobile devices. Asigra does not require any agent software on these endpoints and instead uses standard APIs and administrative credentials to securely retrieve data directly from the systems. Asigra supports global data deduplication, full encryption with FIPS 140-2 support, data compression, and file versioning. With multi-tenancy support included, Asigra is ideally suited to Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Click here for a full summary of Asigra Backup features and capabilities.
The Asigra Backup integration runs as a service on TrueNAS and can be enabled and configured from the web UI by clicking Services ➡️ Asigra DS-System. Asigra offers flexible licensing based on capacity, machines, or CPU sockets. Contact your iXsystems sales representative to learn more about the Asigra Backup solution and how it can simplify effective data backup in your organization.

Introduction to Asigra TrueNAS

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