FreeNAS 9.2.1-BETA Now Ready for Download


January 20, 2014

Jordan has announced the release of FreeNAS 9.2.1-BETA.
What’s new in this build:
*Samba (SMB/CIFS support) upgraded to version 4.1.4. This adds support for SMB3, the ability for FreeNAS to be a Windows Domain Controller, and advanced features like server-side copy support in Windows 2012 and later, along with multiple years worth of improvements over the version of Samba that shipped in 9.2.0. It also enables SMB protocol version 3. Previous versions of FreeNAS limited samba to SMB2 because of random crashes that would occur using SMB3.
*Added the LSI 12G SAS driver as a module to the build. This can be enabled by adding a tunable for mpslsi3_load with a value of YES. This driver is still under development and not yet committed to FreeBSD. It is provided for beta testing only. For production use, please consider using a 6G SAS adapter, such as the LSI 9207.
*Fixed a bug with netatalk that prevented share browsing from working in the finder on OSX. Also enabled options for fuller-fidelity AFP copies with Mac OS ACLs (ACEs) now stored as ZFS ACLs. Removed the non functional share password field from AFP shares.
*Switched from Avahi to mDNSResponder for Zeroconf network configuration, giving better Mac interoperability for share browsing.
*Brought back the FreeNAS 8.x volume manager as a “Manual Setup” option. This volume manager allows manual vddv building and offers no seat belts. Unless you know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it, using the standard volume manager is highly recommended by the development team!
*Fixed a bug that prevented building an encrypted volume using multi-path devices.
*Update django (used by the WebUI) to 1.6 and dojo to 1.9.2
*Add reporting graphs that show individual disk activity.
*Add the following ZFS features: enabled_txg hole_birth, extensible_dataset bookmarks
*Add trafshow to the image. This utility gives a CLI view of connections and usage to the FreeNAS box.
*Fix kernel module load for fuse. This is needed for importing NTFS volumes.
*Add the ability to use a keytab for AD joins. This eliminates the need to use the AD Administrator account to join FreeNAS to AD, closing a long standing issue of needing the AD Admin password in the FreeNAS configuration database.
*Miscellaneous bugs that didn’t make the cut-off for 9.2.0
Bugs currently filed against 9.2.1 can be found here:
Please feel free to file bugs against this build, taking care to note in your bug report that you saw it in 9.2.1-BETA and also note the datestamp of the build, since we will continuing to release 9.2.1-BETA nightly builds and it’s otherwise very hard to tell which build you saw the problem in if you don’t tell us.

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