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November 19, 2014

NOTE: This is historical content that may contain outdated information.

Hi Folks!
With 9.3-RELEASE just around the corner, we thought it was time to give the folks still running 9.2.1.x a little early Christmas present – an update release to the 9.2.1-BRANCH which fixes just a few strategic bugs that are nonetheless impacting folks (the ZFS memory leak in particular).  All of these fixes are also in the 9.3-BETA train, of course, but not everyone is ready to jump on a BETA, particularly in production, and we don’t blame them!
Please get it from the usual place:
This should, knock on wood, be the very last release on the 9.2.1-BRANCH and also the last 32 bit version of FreeNAS, so if you’ve got some older hardware you just have to keep using, this is the release to run!
Please see for all bugs addressed in this release, though the list is very short:

  • Fix a bug preventing Directory Server mode from working.
  • Fix a memory leak in ZFS that is triggered by having a compressed dataset and an L2ARC device.
  • Preserve the Samba SID across reboots and upgrades.
  • Fix two problems in the config file generator for CTL:
    1. Unbreak device extents when using physical devices or multi path devices.
    2. Unbreak the case when target auth or discover auth is set to Auto.
  • Fix a priviledge escalation issue.
  • Save debug now includes the output of zpool history.

Again, this release is intentional very minimal and attempts to fix only the most significant and impactful bugs from 9.2.1.x  We hope it serves its intended user community well and gives folks on the fence the luxury of more time to consider when they’re ready to jump on the 9.3 train.
The FreeNAS Development Team

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