FreeNAS now available


March 17, 2014

Hey folks,
It’s been almost 3 weeks, so it must be time for another FreeNAS build!
Come and get it from here, under “Legacy, 32-bit, and Other Downloads”.
See what we fixed here (though this list is not entirely definitive – some of the bugs here may also be fixed – we’re still waiting for some feedback!).
We probably won’t do a Release Candidate for because the changes are truly small, so please do test the BETA and see if we squashed your favorite bug, otherwise will come out and it will be too late!
Not much to post for Release Notes here. Samba was upgraded to 4.1.6 and Netatalk to 3.1.1, which should fix some Samba crashes and the 32 bit “Time Machine bug” that was in the Errata. We also fixed a bug with libinotify which accounted for some of the Samba spins that ate 100% CPU.
Again, please get it here:
Thanks, as always, for your testing!
– FreeNAS Engineering Team

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