FreeNAS 8 Nightly Snapshots


August 20, 2011

Earlier this week, Josh announced the availability of nightly snapshots. The FreeNAS Guide describes these snapshots as follows:  

Upgrading to a Nightly Snapshot

Changes to FreeNASâ„¢ occur daily as developers address the bugs and enhancement requests reported by FreeNASâ„¢ users. A new version that incorporates these changes is automatically built every day and is available for download as a “nightly”. If you wish to install or upgrade to the very latest version of FreeNASâ„¢ (i.e. the version that addresses all fixed bugs up to today’s date) or you need to upgrade to a version that incorporates a fix you are waiting for, you should download the latest nightly version.  

NOTE: it is possible that a recently implemented change will not work as expected or will break something else. If you experience this, take the time to add a comment to the applicable support ticket so that the developer’s can address the problem.

Nightly builds are available as either an ISO or as a full_install.xz. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of FreeNASâ„¢ 8.x, see the section on Upgrading FreeNASâ„¢ for instructions on how to upgrade.

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